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Official story board


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Official story board

  1. 1. Story Board Here is EAMES giving the clarification of the mission, whilst holding a folder from a mid- shot angle. A folder being thrown on the table; with an overlook of the production company TEAM CROAK Here is Moriarty receiving the folder with document, flicking through the pages of the enemy and accepting the mission. The first sight of the gun being loaded from a mid-shot camera angle when Moriarty is clicking the gun in placeHere is Moriarty running down stairs andreloading the gun from previous shootingframes whilst coming down stairs.
  2. 2. The enemy is talking on the phone by showing his emotions and realising that something is not right from the usage of the mid shots being used from the camera.A High shot of the enemy on the phone talking with his theist clinch together whilst theother picture frames shows the anger and emotions from the eyes and actions of thehand movement slice to the throat. Here is a picture of the Phone on the hands of the enemy when DEGAULLE disconnects the phone when he stops talking to the person.
  3. 3. This is a mid-shot of the enemy and the MI6 agent, when the agent swings the gun to the face of the enemy. This is the start of a 360 degrees shot, where the camera goes around both characters to show a degree of control, Here it shows Moriarty holding the gun to the head of DEGAULLE.Two shots of the Eyes of the fierce competitiveMI6 agent and the Eye shot ofDEGAULLEwhere the gun is being pointed to his forehead. Two-shot and over the shoulder shots being used to emphases both characters and the facial expressions in the frame of the picture of the character Moriarty. Here is the Two-shot and over the shoulder shots being used to emphases both characters and their facial expressions in the frame of the picture. In this case, it would be DEGAULLE.-the enemy.
  4. 4. Here is the ending from part of the bible script with OPERATION CROAK appearingat the end of the title sequence after the gun shot. Sounding of the events and illustrated into the scenes to have dramatic effect on actions of the characters and the surroundings.