The Franchise Maker Brochure


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The Franchise Maker Brochure

  1. 1. Are you…Looking for ways to grow your business, but don’t want to spend tons of money to open other locations? Eager to expand but don’t want to be tied to more employees? Tired of training your competitors? Our clients will attest that we will take your business to the next level as we guide you through our franchising program. In as little as 90 days, you will be in the position to offer your business model as a franchise nationwide. We do all the work and jump through all the hoops associated with franchising, so you can focus on what you do best as you grow into your role as a franchisor. A Franchise Maker Client: Camp Run A Mutt San Diego, California
  2. 2. o Are your services and/or products unique and different? o Is there a demand for your services and/or products? o Are you profitable? o Have you created a unique way of doing things? o Does what makes you different from your competitors directly contribute to your success? o Are you passionate about what you do and want to teach others? o Is your business currently in operation? o Do you have “copycat” competitors popping up? If you answered YES to any of these questions,let’s determine if franchising makes sense for you.
  3. 3. Franchising can seem scary, intimidating, expensive, confusing and unobtainable. That is simply not thecase. The first thing we will do is talk with you to determine if franchising is the right solution for yourbusiness. We will explain exactly what you need to know about the process to franchise your businessand the seemingly daunting Franchise Disclosure Documents.When you’re ready to franchise your business, we will:• Complete a market analysis of other companies franchising similar like-and-kind franchise models;• Identify the total investment required by a franchisee to open your business;• Identify your Franchise Fee, Royalties, Territory and Term of your franchise opportunity;• Define your obligations to each franchisee;• Define the franchisee’s operational responsibilities;• Define what Services and Products the franchisee is required to offer in the franchised business;• Define what constitutes an automatic termination of the franchise by you; A Franchise Maker Client:• Define the non-compete obligations of the franchisee; Cleaner4Less• Create indemnity provisions to protect you against any and all actions of the franchisee including Leesburg, Virginia their employees;• Review all documents with you word-for-word, page-by-page so that you fully understand your Franchise Disclosure Documents;• Provide you with a Franchise Operations and Pre-Opening Manual for you to customize. Does this look intimidating? No worries. We will walk you through every step of the process. By the time we are done, you will have a comprehensive A Franchise Maker Client: franchise program that is affordable and attractive. Healthy U Snacks Chicago, Illinois
  4. 4. The Franchise Maker is unlike any other franchise development company. First, we offer a unique “step by step” program to franchise your business. Next, our team of professionals will continue to help you through our ongoing services for marketing and development. As a client, you have access to: 4 Advertising Solutions 4 Internet Marketing 4 Graphic Design Services 4 Franchise Qualification Programs 4 Funding Resources 4 Franchise Marketing Collateral Packages 4 SEO & Social Media 4 Website Design Since, The Franchise Maker team has been with you from the beginning of the franchising process,A sample of our ongoing services: all of our experts understand the way your business works! There is no new learning curve like whenJoey Bag A DonutsMount Pleasant, South Carolina you hire a new company. It’s all under one roof! Why spend tons of money and time to find a new company when we have the experts who will do it all for you for less!
  5. 5. Each day you pour your heart and your soul into your business. You work hard to be the best and toprovide superior service and products to your customers and/or clients. Naturally you have begun tothink more about growing your business and you know that now is the time to expand.So why would you want to franchise? What do you get out of it? What does franchising do for youthat opening more locations won’t? Franchising is the portal to: Money u Franchise Fee: When you decide to franchise, you will receive a one-time fee from each franchisee in return for training them on how to successfully operate your business. u Royalties: This is a fee you will receive from franchisees each month. u Products/Services you provide to franchises. Growth u Franchisees are entrepreneurs who take on ALL the responsibilities of operating your business in their area. As a result you will grow your brand faster which makes branding your business easier. u Franchising allows you to open more locations at a faster pace without the headaches of all the overhead. Loyalty u A measure of success in franchising will be how well franchisees are doing operating your business on their own. Once franchisees start to experience success, their loyalty to you, your brand and your system becomes immense. And that is how greatness happens!Are You Ready to Take the Next Step? Let Us Show You How Powerful Franchising Can Be For YOU!
  6. 6. No fear! We make it Quick, Easy and Affordable.“I was really nervous about starting the process of franchising my boxing and kickboxing business. I researched other franchise competitors for over a year and even flew half way across the countryto visit one. One day I put my info in at The Franchise Maker’s website and immediately got a call.After one talk on the phone I knew this would be the company for me. We clicked immediately. Aftertalking with my wife we decided to get started. We worked fast and got it done on a faster schedulethan we planned for. The great thing about this company is they don’t take on too many clients atone time, so they can focus 100% on me and my business. I can call or email them anytime andthey get the job done. Now they have opened up their contacts to me and I have everything I needincluding web developers, attorneys, marketing developers, etc. You name it and they have it. I willalways keep The Franchise Maker in my speed dial. I look forward to a long relationship with them.” Shannon “The Cannon” Hudson, CEO, 9Round South Carolina