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Day 2 1400_rita_lawrence

  1. 1. “Engaging our People and delighting our Patients” Derek Williams – Founder of The WOW! Awards Rita Lawrence – Medway NHS Foundation Trust
  2. 2. About Medway NHS Foundation Trust • Acute NHS Foundation Trust, in Kent • Serving Medway & Swale – 370,000 patients • Income £215m, 720 beds • 3000 staff, 700 volunteers,26 Governors • Complex health needs • Patient experience and safety are important parts of our strategy • Engagement – LIA pioneers
  3. 3. Why these awards are important to us? • To acknowledge the work that people do • Happy people = happy patients • Create a Team Medway feel to our Organisation • Recognise, encourage and endorse our people to give the very best service they can • Creating a positive connection with our patients • Inspire others to do the same
  4. 4. Some facts …… • Launch in March 2011 • 885 Nominations, 608 Winners • Jan 2012 to date - 570 nominations • Averaging 50 per month, record month 110 nominations (April 2012) plus August - 97 and Oct - 90 • Who’s nominated: – Consultants, Nurses, Porters, Physiotherapists, Gardeners, Housekeepers, Clinical Support Workers, teams and individuals
  5. 5. What do The Wow! Awards help us achieve • Our patients have a voice and an easy, open way to comment on the care they have received • Opportunity to highlight individuals and teams • See the good and be proud of what people achieve every day • Improve morale and encourage consistency • Inspire others • Reminds our people of the impact they have on others
  6. 6. Some of our Amazing Winners
  7. 7. A recent nomination…. • From the moment I arrived at A&E scared, stressed and vulnerable these two absolute angels went above and beyond to make me feel as comfortable as is possible when you have a health scare. They were very kind and gentle and so very patient and understanding. They listened to everything we said so we felt human for the 1st time in a long time. This paragraph barely expresses what a difference they made to my life and future. I would never have sought the treatment I urgently needed without them. My grateful, eternal thanks to their excellence ”
  8. 8. One of our Ward Managers • “The WOW awards are different to any previous awards available to Medway Staff. They are from the patient and this makes it extra special. We working in nursing as we love to care for those less fortunate and when our excellent practice is noticed and nominated for an award by the very people we care for, it doesn’t get any better. We have our awards in pride of place at the entrance to our ward as we are proud of our team and team members who have won individual awards ”
  9. 9. What winning means….. • “ It has been a huge morale booster for the Imaging Reception staff to be nominated for this award. Sometimes it is difficult being on the front line, but to receive this WOW means that the staff feel they are appreciated by our patients ....I am very pleased that they have achieved this, it means a lot to all of the team.....”
  10. 10. A winner’s reaction • “ Then as I realised that this recognition was missing from my nursing career. This realisation touched me deeply and I promised myself I would get a 'WOW' nomination for my team. I thought we deserved it and in many ways I considered it to be what was what was missing from my time in the NHS ” • Carolyn Lory, Medway, Wow! What a team 2011
  11. 11. Plaster Theatre
  12. 12. Spotlight on one of our incredible teams • Team of 5 • Most number of nominations to date and have won over 30 WOWs and counting • They really love their work and it shows • Special, different and personalised care – union jacks! • PRIDE and a sense of the patient is at the centre of everything they do…. • They will “fix you”…
  13. 13. Big or small ?? • Coming in on your day off to take a patient to a loved ones funeral • Stickers, glitter plaster casts, union jacks • Making a special cup of coffee every morning • Being informative and answering patient concerns • Treating patients as individuals • Personally delivering medical supplies to their patients on their way home • Always having a smile • Working well as a team on the ward
  14. 14. Impact of WOW! • Individuals/Departments/Organisation • On our patients and our staff • Every one who these awards touch is a winner • Improved Patient survey results • Our Cancer Service and care has recently put us as one of the top 10 improved hospitals in the country • Our patients continue to be at the centre of everything we do • Our CEO / Director of Nursing continues to be strong and show visible commitment to these awards • Everyone likes to know they are doing well