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Day 1 1115_alexander_kjerulf

  1. 1. Happiness at workAlexander Kjerulf Chief Happiness Officer
  2. 2. Arbejdsglæde Workhappiness (ah-bites-gleh-the)‫‏‬
  3. 3. Happiness at work is... A feeling of happiness you get at work!
  4. 4. Karoshi = Death from overwork
  5. 5. What is happiness at work? Why happiness→ profits. How to be happy at work. (With tools!)‫‏‬
  6. 6. Alexander Kjerulf Chief Happiness Officer. M.Sc. in computer science, from the University of Southern Denmark, 1994. Co-founder of Enterprise Systems (a super-happy IT- company), 1997. Founder of Woohoo inc., 2003. Snowboarder, wakeboarder, avid reader, film fan, Crossfit fanatic.
  7. 7. Bahamas Croatia Curaçao Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic England Estonia France Germany Greenland Guatemala Holland India Ireland Kuwait Norway Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Turkey USA
  8. 8. Anyone can be happy at work
  9. 9. What makes you happy at work?
  10. 10. Tell me about one of your very best experiences at work. One that made you very happy!
  11. 11. 1: Results
  12. 12. 2: Relationships
  13. 13. 1: Results 2: Relationships
  14. 14. Where is your focus?
  15. 15. Photo: © Thomas Lee
  16. 16. Photo: © Thomas Lee
  17. 17. Happiness at work is really, really good for you Time Life Health
  18. 18. Articles: The relationship between job satisfaction and health: a meta-analysis E B Faragher, M Cass and C L Cooper Occup. Environ. Med. 2005;62;105-112 doi:10.1136/oem.2002.006734 A meta-analysis of the relationships between individual job satisfaction and individual performance M M Petty, Gail W McGee, Jerry W Cavender Academy of Management Review, 1984, Vol. 9, No. 4 A meta-analytic examination of the relationship between job satisfaction and subjective well-being Nathan A. Bowling, Kevin J. Eschleman, Qiang Wang Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology Volume 83, Issue 4, pages 915–934, December 2010
  19. 19. Happy people are better: More productive More creative More helpful Better at service More focused on quality Better team-players More open More likable Show more empathy Sell more More optimistic More motivated More engaged More energetic Learn faster Better leaders
  20. 20. 1: Employees 2: Customers 3: Investors
  21. 21. Happy workplaces make more money!
  22. 22. Article: Well-being in the workplace and its relationship to business outcomes James K Harter, Frank L Schmidt, Corey L M Keyes Flourishing: The positive person and the good life, chapter 9, pp. 205-244 Books: The happiness Advantage Shawn Achor Crown Business, 2010 ISBN: 978-0307591548 The Service Profit Chain James L. Heskett, W. Earl Sasser Jnr, Leonard A. Schlesinger Simon & Schuster, 1997 ISBN: 978-0684832562
  23. 23. Happiness at work
  24. 24. Do or do not. There is no try.
  25. 25. Hire people who are already happy
  26. 26. Stop making people unhappy
  27. 27. Take 5
  28. 28. Celebrate success
  29. 29. ”Tell me about something really cool you've done at work recently”
  30. 30. How to make yourself and others happy! Happiness at work matters. Results and relationships
  31. 31. Book: Happy Hour is 9 to 5 More information Newsletter Web: Twitter: @alexkjerulf Blog:
  32. 32. The future belongs to the happy!