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Improving Checkout on the Mobile Web


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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Improving Checkout on the Mobile Web

  1. ImprovingiPad Checkouton the Mobile Web.
  2. Tablets will outsell PCs by 2015.Source: Gartner ResearchHuge | TheFind
  3. Shoppers already use theirtablets to shop more at homethan they use either a PC ortheir phone.Source: comScore!analysis of eBay Traffic PatternsHuge | TheFind
  4. Despite the investment,only 12% of tablet shoppersuse retailers’ native iOSapps for shopping.Source: *Q1 2013 Harris Interactive survey commissioned by TheFindHuge | TheFind
  5. The biggest pet peeve oftablet shoppers is thatretailer sites aren’t optimizedfor their screen.Source: *Q1 2013 Harris Interactive survey commissioned by TheFindHuge | TheFind
  6. What’s a retailer to do?Huge | TheFind
  7. 10 ways to improvecheckout on themobile web for iPad.Huge | TheFind
  8. 1.Design for the uniquedimensions of the device.Huge | TheFind
  9. The iPad is not just a larger phone(nor a smaller PC).Mobile site displayedon an iPadHuge | TheFind
  10. 2.Avoid unnecessaryscrolling and zooming.Huge | TheFind
  11. Everything can be legible and still fit onone screen.Huge | TheFind
  12. 3.Avoid unnecessary popupsand new page opens.Huge | TheFind
  13. More steps means more work & greaterchance the shopper will abandon.Huge | TheFindThis flow has 3 steps beforea user can start checking out.
  14. 4.Add 3rd party payment optionsat the beginning of the flow.Huge | TheFind
  15. Huge | TheFindGoogle WalletExpress CheckoutAmazon Payments
  16. 5.Order form fields logically.Huge | TheFind
  17. Auto populate as much as possible alongthe way.Zip CodeStreetCityStateHuge | TheFind
  18. Auto populate as much as possible alongthe way.90210StreetBeverly HillsCaliforniaHuge | TheFind
  19. 6.Only include required fields.Huge | TheFind
  20. Optional fields add unnecessary length.This credit cardapplication could be10 fields shorter.Huge | TheFind
  21. 7.Use the right keyboards.Huge | TheFind
  22. Special keyboards expedite data entry.Huge | TheFind
  23. 8.Turn off autocorrect.Huge | TheFind
  24. It gets in the way.Huge | TheFind
  25. 9.Be finger-friendly.Huge | TheFind
  26. Checkboxes are hard to hit. Go big.Huge | TheFind
  27. 10.Don’t create dead ends.Huge | TheFind
  28. Give tablet shoppers ways to completetransactions later or in another channel.Huge | TheFindAdd to wish listSave items for laterShare this itemCall usEmail usChat now
  29. A recap.Huge | TheFind
  30. 10 ways to improve checkout on themobile web for iPad.1.  Design for the unique dimensions of the device.2.  Avoid unnecessary scrolling and zooming.3.  Avoid unnecessary popups and new page opens.4.  Add 3rd party payment options at the beginning of the flow.5.  Order form fields logically.6.  Only include required fields.7.  Use the right keyboards.8.  Turn off autocorrect.9.  Be finger-friendly.10.  Don’t create dead ends.Huge | TheFind
  31. Examples to learn from.Burton.comOneill.comNixon.comVsco.coSkinnyties.comUnitedpixelworkers.comabookapart.comTattly.comHuge | TheFind
  32. hugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com1160 Battery Street, Suite 375, San Francisco, CA 94111+1 415 813 6777thefind.comstore@thefind.com2301 Leghorn St. Mountain View, CA 94303+1 650 641 0127