Saudi arabia and islam final project powerpoint #1


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Saudi Arabia and Islam Project

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Saudi arabia and islam final project powerpoint #1

  1. 1. Islam and Saudi ArabiaFinal Project<br />By:<br />Jeanne,<br />Isabella,<br />&<br />Cara<br />
  2. 2. Symbols<br />Saudi Arabia<br />Islam<br />Saudi Arabia and Islamic people worship the Kabba. Here is some information about Saudi Arabia and Islam.<br />
  3. 3. Geography of the Arabian Peninsula<br />Oases {Riyadh,al-Hasa}<br />Oases are wet areas surrounded by deserts<br />People in oases normally eat vegetables.<br />Mountains{Hejaz Asir Mountain Range}<br />Mountains stretch along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula.<br />The climate of a mountain region is normally mild.<br />Coastal Plains{Al Jubayl, Jiddah}<br />Coastal plains lay along oceans and seas.<br />People who live in or near coastal plain regions are farmers who grow crops.<br />Deserts{An Nafud, Rub Al Khali}<br />Animals such as camels and jackrabbits live in desert regions.<br />Most desert regions have sand dunes and are made of very small particles of sand.<br />
  4. 4. The Life of Prophet Mohammad<br />Facts About Prophet Muhammad<br />Muhammad was born into the Family of the Quraysh sometime between the years 570 and 580 a.d.<br />Muhammad married Khadija at 25 when she was 40.<br />Muhammad and Khadija had 7 children and only one lived to marry and have children.<br />Muhammad’s call to prophethood came when he was after he was40 years old.<br />Muhammad was probably illiterate but he was known for his solitude and spirituality.<br />Muhammad would go to a cave to get away from the chaos of the city.<br />One day when he was in the cave he had to recite:<br /> <br />Recite- in the name of thy Lord<br />Who created man from blood coagulated<br />Recite! Thy Lord is wondrous kind<br />Who by the pen has taught mankind<br />Things they knew not ( being blind)<br /> <br />Muhammad went home to tell his wife, his wife took him to the wise man and the wise man told him he was a prophet.<br />Muhammad would get these revelations for a long time and told it to people who soon wrote it down.<br />Why is Prophet Muhammad Important to the History of Islam?<br />Prophet Muhammad is important to the history of Islam because he changed the way people in Islam thought. He also spoke the revelations of Allah. This made the Qu’ran which many people in Islam worshiped.<br />
  5. 5. The Five Pillars of Islam<br />Shahada[شهدا]<br />The profession of faith<br />“there is only one god (Allah) and Muhammad is his Prophet."<br />Salat[سلت]<br />Daily worship<br />Worship and pray to god 5 times a day<br />Zakat[زكت]<br />Almsgiving<br />Giving half of your total wealth<br />Sawm[سوم]<br />Fast-Sunrise to Sunset<br />They do this to be thankful for their lives<br />You eat until you are full ( breakfast and dinner)<br />Hajj [حج]<br />Pilgrimage to Makkah<br />Every person who is able to has to take a pilgrimage to Makkah<br />Its so that all Muslims get closer to god<br /> They all wear white clothes to be equal<br />ShahadaSalat<br />ZakatSawm<br />Hajj<br />
  6. 6. Contributions of the Muslim World<br />Hospitals are important because it is a place to cure illness.<br /> Medicines are important because it cures illness.<br /> Chess was important because it was a game of difficulty and intellectual challenges that gave knowledge.<br /> <br /> Wells were important because this is how the fresh water was brought through the kingdom.<br />The city of Baghdad was the center of the empire.<br /> Banking systems were important because it helped so, when you were on the Silk Road, you wouldn’t get robbed for all your money and you could just write a check so they could go get the money and give you the item you were trading for.<br />Hospitals Medicine<br />Chess Wells<br />City of Baghdad <br />Banking Systems<br />
  7. 7. Conclusion<br />I learned that Muhammad spread Muslim traditions. Saudi Arabia has many different physical features . The Muslims have given us great contributions to the world we know today. We thank the Muslims.<br />
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