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  1. 1. Manage Your Time ‘How to manage email and calendar’ A Presentation for the Farnham Hub by Suzanne Driver of MCT Limited Date 23rd January 2015 Your pic here
  2. 2. Introductions • Suzanne Mini Biog • How many email accounts/how many devices? • What is your primary email? • How many calendars do you work with? • Name and Company
  3. 3. ‘What I hope you will takeaway from my talk today’ 1. Efficiency 2. Time Saving 3. Goal of Managing your Mail Objectives
  4. 4. Composing EMails • 5 Do’s • 5 Don’ts
  5. 5. Reading E-Mail • Email Slaves • Be Productive with Email • Email Schedule • Plan • How many emails do you receive every day? • How many emails currently in your inbox? • How long do they stay there?
  6. 6. Manage E-Mail Information Only Move to Read Later Actions Immediate Reply Mark for Action E-Mail In Read IT Delete Junk (Mark)
  7. 7. Use To Do Lists and Calendar • Plan in Activities – To Do or Calendar • Use Calendar on devices • Email Schedule • Plan
  8. 8. Clear your Clutter • What techniques to clear your clutter • Emails • Old Appointments • Old Tasks
  9. 9. Email Goal • Write out what YOU are going to do in next 7 days to be more productive • What email habits can YOU change?
  10. 10. Summary • Turn off Alerts • Clear your Clutter • Compose Email – Considerations • Maximum Clicks on Email x3 • Your Email Inbox is your Doormat • Plan Email time • Design workflow system • Use Task Lists and Calendar
  11. 11. Your logo here
  12. 12. • To learn more, why not book one of our Modularised Training Courses? • Go back and apply your email goals to your inbox! • Thank You!