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Could you be using Google Plus to grow your business?

You may assume that not many people are using G + to grow their business yet – but dont make the mistake of dismissing it as this social platform is in the same stable as the number one and number two search engines, Google and You Tube – and that should make you sit up and pay attention.

Using Google Plus properly will definitely improve your search engine rankings – and that is one very good reason to come along on Friday and learn the basics of how people interact on this unfamiliar platform.

Circles, Communities and Ripples - Emma will talk about using these to grow your audience and network online. She will also introduce you to some basic apps that make using G+ a whole lot easier and demonstrate an interactive G+ hangout !

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Introduction to Google Plus

  1. 1. Social Google – are you paying enough attention?? Google Plus 10 Reasons your Business should not dismiss Google Plus A Presentation by
  2. 2. WWhyh yG Goooogglele P Plluuss??  Google Plus is like Twitter with pictures, video, phone and email added  You can set up video conferencing Hangouts for up to 9 people plus unlimited audience numbers for live broadcasting direct to You Tube  Content can be seen and searched by Google Search and YouTube  It is linked to Gmail
  3. 3. So what can you do in Google +?
  4. 4. Anatomy of a Post We’re going in…
  5. 5. You can unsubscribe from these …
  6. 6. But your audience will still get a notification….
  7. 7. Build a relevant audience … • How to build your audience – posts and circles Always post to Public (this allows re shares and search) Anything not marked ‘public’ is private Also share with specific circles – these people will be notified TIP: Bring other people’s whole public circles into your circles TIP: create a special circle just for your ‘engagers’ - people you don’t know who share and +1 your stuff. Share everything with them.
  8. 8. Share publicly…to be searchable
  9. 9. ..and to enable re shares …
  10. 10. You can email everyone in your circles from G + …
  11. 11. Communities Communities are cool If you follow the rules… Communities work really well if they are active and your topic is relevant But there are rules and if you don’t follow them you’ll probably be ignored. Always read the ‘about’ post before you post anything. Always introduce yourself . It is best to do a lot of chatting and getting to know people before you hit them with your promotional post! Categorise your post – are you asking a question, introducing yourself or sharing something of value? Ask questions . A lot. Always reply to anyone who engages with you and tag (+1)_ them in your response, then they will be notified.
  12. 12. Community posts are categorised… And can be filtered…
  13. 13. Questions can get a lot of engagement…
  14. 14. And if you click on the little green icon top right of the post you can see who has engaged TIP: You can then hover over people and add them to your ‘engaged’ circle
  15. 15. Circlecount Circlecount is a great Chrome add on… (You really need to be using Chrome for G + by the way)
  16. 16. Adding Circlecount gives you these cool icons …
  17. 17. …and is a really easy way to track post activity (These are Google Ripples…)
  18. 18. This is another Google extension I don’t yet use it… Although I am told its very useful…
  19. 19. Why Google Plus? So now you’ve grasped G+ - what’s next??  Google Plus combines the best features of Facebook and Twitter and also boasts better graphics and greater photo and text display.  You can set up video conferencing or video Hangouts for up to 9 people plus unlimited audience numbers for live broadcasting direct to You Tube  Content can be seen and searched by Google Search and YouTube
  20. 20. (You saw it at the Hub first….)