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How to find, recruit and motivate champions

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How to find, recruit and motivate champions

  1. 1. The main thing to do to attract and recruit the best staff for your business is to highlight the benefits of working for your company. You need to remember you are not ‘doing them a favour by interviewing them’. This is a two way business relationship. Some points to consider: • Belief in staff abilities. See them as part of the success of the business • Listening and inclusive • Open and understanding • Pleasant office space, free parking • Reward and appreciate staff • Sense of humour and like to have FUN even if we are hardworking and serious about the business • Can offer reasonable amount of flexibility around hours and holidays • Pay is fair and above national average • I like cakes and dress down Friday HOW TO FIND, ATTRACT AND RECRUIT THE BEST STAFF FOR YOUR BUSINESS
  2. 2. THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS Its true that you never really know what a person is like until they start work. Some companies invest an enormous amount of money screening, assessing, psychometric testing of staff and still do not always get it right! Interviews have their flaws. People are very different on paper to how they are on the phone and most importantly how they are in person. The recruitment process should be an opportunity for both parties to get to know as much as possible about the following: • Skills • Abilities • Suitability for the role • Fit in the company It is true you can try someone out and if they aren't a good fit then ask them to leave, but this is time consuming and de moralising. It is the better option to try and make sure they are right before they start. Remember this is BUSINESS.
  3. 3. BETTER TO HAVE… Its better to have the following points in place: • Proper Job Specification • Proper interview questions, preferable qualifying questions. And YES everyone who attends should have researched and know something about the company! • Skills assessment (these can be bespoke to your company) • 2 stage interview process (the second being a longer stay in the office, being shown the work and meeting the other staff) • Perhaps a trial day where possible • Proper referencing is really useful (i.e. from a previous employer) You NEED to make sure your staff are up and running and adding value to your business as soon as possible. You have to be clear on duties and performance areas that you are expecting staff to meet and in what timeframe. EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT!
  4. 4. 1. Settle staff in Remember your first few days at a previous job. It is a really stressful and worrying time for anyone. Unknown, unfamiliar especially for candidates who want to make a good impression and do well. You NEED to make sure your staff are up and running and adding value to your business as soon as possible. You have to be clear on duties and performance areas that you are expecting staff to meet and in what timeframe. 2. Have a weekly, monthly review 3. Get feedback 4. “MAKE YOUR STAFF STICKY” EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT!
  5. 5. ORACULUMS TOP 10 TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL RECRUITMENT: 1. Plan 2. Job Description 3. Company Profile 4. Recruitment Methods 5. Seek Expert Advice 6. Recruitment Procedure 7. Interview Questions 8. Meet the Team 9. First Day 10. Progress Checks
  6. 6. 1. FINDING THE RIGHT STAFF IN THE FIRST PLACE: If you are happy to poach and headhunt… LinkedIn can be a great place. If you can get introduced to someone and let them know there is an opportunity ( if they are ever in the market…) In the right way most people will be polite even if they are not interested. Speak to contacts in your industry, your network of people. List reasons why you would make the best employer? • Adaptable • Training • Easy to reach. Public transport/Parking • Part of success ongoing career development • Growing, exciting • Vision • Authentic • Award winning • Progression
  7. 7. 2. PLACEMENT YEAR FOR GRADUATES You can certainly look at a placement year for graduates. They need to be paid about 15k a year but it can be a way of having some really talented and capable individuals, who are grateful for the opportunity and will often surprise you by just how much they are capable of. New graduates are happy to take a role on a shorter contract if you want to see how the work levels go. They are often a lot more flexible about how workloads change when you are first establishing a role. If you ask them to do something, given a bit of direction they will often go with it and do their best. Contact for advice on this: Mike Higgins- Professional Training Senior Administrator University of Surrey
  8. 8. 3. APPRENTICESHIPS Apprentices may need a bit more direction, but they are great to offer an opportunity to and you can be clear as to the minimum level of skills you are happy with. • There are several organisations that are in partnership with The Apprentice scheme. • You do get a grant if you take on an apprentice of around £2k. Guildford area: • Zoe Seymour- • Guildford College- They do want a contribution towards the study of the apprentices of around £650. • Louise Stibbs-
  9. 9. 4. AGENCIES • There are lots of agencies out there for many different areas Below is our 7 questions to ask a recruiter: 1. How will your role be advertised? 2. CV Database? 3. Experienced Consultant? 4. What is included? 5. When is a fee payable? 6. What happens if no candidate found? 7. What happens if the candidate leaves? Make sure you always look at T&C before you interview. Confirm fees!
  10. 10. ATTRACTING THE RIGHT CANDIDATES 1. There are a number of platforms to use to attract candidates such as: • Local community websites or industry/ location specific network groups • Job boards • Job centre • Facebook • Linked In 2. Word of Mouth 3. Worth it on a 2nd interview or have an ‘open day’
  11. 11. Keep in mind this is the South East. There is a lot of competition with London for staff and there are high levels of employment. Understand the time and effort that you may have to put into your own recruitment process. Below is some valuable advice on the Cost Comparison of using an agency, from Oraculum!
  12. 12. GOOD LUCK! If you need any help or assistance please do not hesitate in contacting us at ORACULUM RECRUITMENT on 01483 616516 OR Email