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presentation Health 2.0 Amsterdam


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presentation Health 2.0 Amsterdam

  1. 1. BLUES BUDDIES social media against depression a presentation by Playful Pandas
  2. 2. Statistics on depression are amazing,in a bad way
  3. 3. Categories at special risk: LBGT Elderly Pregnancy Chronically Ill Teens Addicts Unemployed
  4. 4. What do we have now?Forums Online Tools
  5. 5. Apps Life management appsInformation Awareness and meditationDiagnostic Tools Mood Trackers
  6. 6. Therapy
  7. 7. Medication
  8. 8. The problem
  9. 9. Blues Buddies: bridge the gap between online and offline lifecreate and/or reinforce social ties in one’s location empower people to help each other
  10. 10. Connect through emotions
  11. 11. Find friends in your area
  12. 12. Get help and give help
  13. 13. Learn the ropesDealing with others is difficult Healing is difficult Life is difficult
  14. 14. Compassionate gamification competition leadership and leaderboards rules collectionism INSTEAD collaboration playfulness creativity share exchangegreat for learning AND for behavior change!
  15. 15. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!If you would like to be involved, leave your contact!