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Top 64 Eid Corporate Gift Ideas in Pakistan

  1. 9/3/20XX Presentation Title 1 Top 54 Ramadan Gift Ideas in Pakistan' Top 64 Eid Corporate Gift Ideas in Pakistan'
  2. Presentation Title 2 Top Eid Corporate Gift Ideas
  3. Presentation Title 3 A gift of cake and bouquet makes a perfect combo to scatter a smile on the faces of your employees & clients. Select from the 2 available options. 1. Cake & Bouquet
  4. Presentation Title 4 Treat your employees or clients to a special gift basket. It is the perfect corporate Eid gift or maybe just a rewarding gift. This return the favor gift basket includes wallet, card holder, dairy Milk chocolate bar, a pack of kopiko candy, perfume. 2. Return The Favour Gift
  5. Presentation Title 5 Featuring mixed chocolate-filled basket with multiple options. Chocolates are beautifully arranged by hand and packed with net packaging. Whatever the occasion is this basket is the perfect gift for everyone. 3. Chocolate Basket
  6. Presentation Title 6 Celebrate any occasion with our sweet essence box. Send it to your Employees & Clients a special gift combination which is full of surprises. 4. Sweet Essence
  7. Presentation Title 7 This Box of Sweetness is filled with items that sweet and delicious in taste. Spread the sweetness among employees & clients on Eid by gifting this unique Box of Sweetness 5. Box of Sweetness
  8. Presentation Title 8 Our Pleasant Eid Basket is the perfect gift to show how much you value your clients, employees & customers. It contains different varieties of delicious chocolates, cookies & dry fruits, beautifully packaged in a net. 6. Pleasant Eid Basket
  9. Presentation Title 9 Mithai & chocolate has never tasted so good especially when its a gift for employees appreciation. It is amongst the most favourite sweet in India and Pakistan, and is specially favoured in the festive months. Let your employees and clients feel special on this occasion. 7. Sweet Desire
  10. Presentation Title 10 This sugary delight mix of gulab jamun and chum chum is a wonderful gift. It's a traditional Bengali delicacy that's well- known across the subcontinent. 8. Gulab Jamun & Chum Chum
  11. Presentation Title 11 This one-of-a-kind design is loaded with mithai surprises that sit nicely inside. It's the ideal gift to send to make their sweet occasions even sweeter, or to share your special news with everyone. This dessert combines Mithai with a deluxe box packaging that comes in 3 sizes. It's an ideal way to express your joy with your loved ones by giving them something as sweet as mithai. 9. Bundle of Happiness
  12. Presentation Title 12 Here's a decadent dessert that melts in your mouth in a matter of seconds, leaving you wishing for a truckload of it. Gulab Jamun is a traditional delicacy of soft, spongy flour balls soaked in saccharine rose-scented syrup that is even delicious when eaten warm. Gulab Jamun is Pakistan's most popular traditional sweet, and important occasions would be incomplete without it. On Eid, send this box of Gulab Jamuns to your employees and clients. 10. Gulab Jamun Box
  13. Presentation Title 13 The best gift to present to your office colleagues. This sweetness filled box is jam-packed with all the nutritional sweets along with a mug. It surely makes the best gift box on Eid: 11. Wish Box
  14. Presentation Title 14 A nutritious filled box is full of energy. This box includes Ajwa dates, mixed dry fruits, a fragrant Attar, Traditional Tasbee, and delicious Mithayi. A premium box is used to package the items, making them ideal for gifting. Today, international research confirms that items have strong health benefits, making it a true superfood. Send your heartfelt warm wishes to make the Ramazan & Eid greetings to your Employees and Clients. 12. Ramadan & Eid Celebration
  15. Presentation Title 15 Life is a surprise so are the gifts we exchange with someone it brings people closer & makes corporate relationships more strong . SENDING A POSITIVE MESSAGE OF PEACE, LOVE, AND HAPPINESS WITH our basketude package. this gift basket is a perfect gift for your employees and clients or gift this as an eid gift basket. 13. Basketude
  16. Presentation Title 16 Looking for a special Eid giveaways? Our Delicacy Treat Basket will make them feel like royalty. Packed with full of mouth- watering items and bursting with high- quality items. An unforgettable gift that’s perfect for any occasion, whether you’re looking for gifts for clients or employees. 14. Delicacy Treat Basket
  17. Presentation Title 17 To make the Eid festivities special for your employees and colleagues you can always give them a gift package that will make them the happiest. This gifts treat package is all that you need to make your office staff appreciated. The package includes: 15. Gift Treat For Him
  18. Presentation Title 18 Give treat to your clients, employees & customer with our Mug of Treat. It is filled with Items that will surely cheer them up for Eid celebrations. 16. Mug of Treat
  19. Presentation Title 19 It is a perfect gift of biscuits for your employees. The celebration of Eid maximizes with this delectable celebration gift basket. 17. Delectable Celebration
  20. Presentation Title 20 A traditional gift for every occasion packed in a new unique box. Box includes mouth-watering Mithai each piece is kept separately to maintain individual flavor. 18. Sweet Treats
  21. Presentation Title 21 This Delicious Sweets Box is a perfect gift for employees & clients on Eid to appreciate them. This box is filled with delicious sweets that'll satisfy everyone's cravings, a cocktail and scented candle for a premium touch. Get it now! 19. Delicious Sweets Box
  22. Presentation Title 22 This Eid, greet your employees & clients with our Eid Delight Basket, filled with items that will surely be a token of appreciation for them. Get it now! 20. Eid Delight Basket
  23. Presentation Title 23 Celebrate the season of Eid with the perfect gift, the Eid Treat Basket. Beautiful and luxurious, it's full of delicious chocolates, Mehndi, elegant perfumes and Vermicelli. A perfect gift for clients & employees. 21. Eid Treat Basket
  24. Presentation Title 24 The Eid hat box is the ultimate package of happiness for your employees. They will appreciate your gift of goodness for them. It is a small self care box with great essentials like: 22. Joy of Happiness
  25. Presentation Title 25 This assortment of sweetness-filled boxes is perfect for sharing happiness for all celebrations. Mighty box treat is a perfect gift to be sent to make their sweet occasions more sweeter. 23. Mighty Box
  26. Presentation Title 26 Stunning gift box for men's accessories. A perfect present that may easily bring the entire outfit together while also showcasing uniqueness and personal flair. • Stainless steel stylish design watch. 24. Appurtenance Gift Box
  27. Presentation Title 27 Our Finest Eid Box is surely what you are looking for corporate eid giveaways! It has items that has the finest quality and sweets for premium touch. Get it now for employees and clients! 25. Finest Eid Box
  28. Presentation Title 28 Show your gratitude to important clients and employees. Give them a delightful surprise with the Classic Gift Box. It contains a Perfume, a Scented Candle, Chocolates and Mehndi/Cufflinks. Celebrate the Eid by gifting this unique gift box. 26. Classic Gift Box
  29. Presentation Title 29 This sweet and salty goody basket is jam- packed with a wide selection of goodies, ensuring that you are never without something delectable for your evening snack. It has every type of chocolate you could imagine. 27. Luxury Gourmet Basket
  30. Presentation Title 30 Eid is all about sharing happiness with the people you care. The most amazing way of sharing it is exchanging sweets. Get this amazing chocoholic eid gift hamper for your office family to make their eid festivities memorable. 28. Sweet Addiction Clan
  31. Presentation Title 31 Fine assortment with an undeniable blend between four diverse delicacies come together in one assorted delight box. 29. Assorted Delights
  32. Presentation Title 32 Looking for the perfect corporate gift away? We've got you covered. Our Enchanted Gift Box is filled to the brim with delightful treats — from chocolates and sweets, to perfume, a coffee mug and dry fruits. Give your clients and employees a unique Eid gift this season that's sure to make them smile. 30. Enchanting Gift Box
  33. Presentation Title 33 This exclusive snack basket is a perfect gift for someone to make them feel appreciated. This basket contains a crunchy and nutty Nimco, a box of delish Ferrero Rocher, 100gms healthy goodness of Dry Fruit, and a family pack of your favorite Biscuits. 31. Premium Snacks Basket
  34. Presentation Title 34 This Eid ul Fitr indulge in our Eid Mix Basket to feel prepared for the celebrations. This basket includes crispy Pack of Lays, 3 pcs of original Ferrero Rocher, 5 rich chocolate Dairy Milk, a Mix of sheer khurma and vermicelli a traditional dessert for every eid, Savory tasty Nimco,2 delish Kitkat, a family pack of biscuit to share the joy, pack of juice to quench your thirst and relaxing aromatic Candle. 32. Snacks Mix Basket
  35. Presentation Title 35 This Grand gift box is a perfect gift on Eid for customers and clients. It has all the items that a person needs to celebrate Eid. A perfect corporate giveaway to give! 33. Eid Grand Gift Box
  36. Presentation Title 36 Celebrate with your employees and clients by giving them this amazing corporate gift basket. Celebrations is incomplete without snacks and bangles so make sure to complete the festivities of the occasion. 34. Exemplary Package
  37. Presentation Title 37 We may be far away from home, but we are never distant from home! Send our Eid gift basket to your Pakistani friends and family, which is adorned with high- end gifts. Our Eid Party is a great way to celebrate Ramadan with family and friends. It's the ideal gift for a party. 35. Special Festive Basket
  38. Presentation Title 38 Looking for a gift that gives your Eid celebrations a touch of class and sophistication? Our Voguish Gift Box comes with items that are essential for men. that are perfect for the occasion. Whether you’re buying gifts for clients, employees or family members — these cufflinks will make them feel special. Let your gift stand out from the rest and give them something to remember with this timeless gift box. 36. Voguish Gift Box
  39. Presentation Title 39 Having trouble deciding snacks for a gift basket for your employees and clients? Don't worry; we have a gift basket with a variety of snacks. The recipients of this cheerful and lovely gift basket are likely to feel cheered up by it. 37. Little Gift Basket
  40. Presentation Title 40 A traditional gift in a sleek box for every occasion packed. The box contains delicious Mithai. Each piece is kept separately in cup liners to preserve the individual taste Any festivities are incomplete without having mithai. So distribute this fresh delicious mithai among your employees to maximise the celebrations. 38. Delicious Fresh Mithai Box
  41. Presentation Title 41 Looking for a unique gift that brings plenty of joy? Check out this classic sweetened basket! Filled with an array of delicious and delectable treats, this basket is the perfect Eid gift for your friends, family or even employees and clients. Show someone you care – give them this sweet surprise and put a smile on their face. 39. Classic Sweetened Basket
  42. Presentation Title 42 A great corporate gift will not only impress, satisfy but it will also be remembered. It will also be useful and will spark ideas that could lead to the best business relationships. Send this thoughtful gift they'll love! 40. Cozy Bliss Box
  43. Presentation Title 43 A giveaway for men that is useful and will be highly valued to appreciate them for their efforts. Grandeur for men box is the perfect gift for male colleagues and acquaintances. 41. Grandeur for Men
  44. Presentation Title 44 It is the best gift to recharge your office mates after a full month of fasting. Make their Eid festivities unique and memorable by sharing this special assorted sweet box with them. 42. Special Assorted Sweet Box
  45. Presentation Title 45 This gift box is ideal as a hostess present or a surprise treat for a special someone. The items are of this box are the most favorite gifts to offer because they’re so delicious and enjoyable. All time favorite pleasures. Share edible gift boxes with people you love. 43. Ultimate Pleasure
  46. Presentation Title 46 The perfect sweet treat for valentines day or Eid festivities is the Mug of sweetness. It has all the delicious chocolate to blossom the Eid festivities of your office family. 44. Mug of Sweetness
  47. Presentation Title 47 To make the eid festivities special for your office mates, surprise them with this basket full of traditional eid desert. The items are nicely packed in a medium size basket. 45. Eid Prep Basket
  48. Presentation Title 48 A traditional Asian dessert of Mix Mithayi, Dry Fruits, and Chocolate Dates. This box is an irresistible sweet from the Asian cuisine that is the favorite amongst people in Pakistan and makes for a perfect celebratory gift for your Employees & Clients! Brighten up your employee's day with this elegant box for event celebrations. 46. Sweet & Savory Box
  49. Presentation Title 49 This Gourmet hamper is a perfect mix of edibles and table decorative. 47. Gourmet Hamper
  50. Presentation Title 50 Perfect BBQ edibles basket with a great mix of munchies and spices packed to the brim, making it an ideal basket for a bbq party. Arrives in a basket with a net and ribbon packaging. 48. BBQ Basket
  51. Presentation Title 51 This goodness basket is packed with some party snacks it will be a great gift for the Eid occasion. Grab now for your employees and client. 49. Goodness Basket
  52. Presentation Title 52 This blissful gift box is just what you need to show your appreciation for all that she does. This Grandeur for women box is the best giveaway accessories for her to accessories and satisfy her sweet cravings. 50. Grandeur for Women
  53. Presentation Title 53 This RED theme basket package is a gift basket filled with yummy red snacks. this wonderfully adorned, elegant basket would make a marvelous gift basket for your clients and employees. 51. Red Theme Basket
  54. Presentation Title 54 Send warm greetings with this snack package. This occasion will be remembered for a gesture of affection and appreciation, as well as the warmest feelings. 52. Snacks Celebration Basket
  55. Presentation Title 55 Who doesn't love cookies & Brownies? Great for corporate gifting gifts for employees, gifts for clients, Eid gift baskets. This Baked goodness gift basket comes with a ceramic mug, 4 home-baked chocolate chip cookies, 1 hob nob fudge brownie, a scented candle. These four edible goodness are packed in a beautifully wrapped gift basket. 53. Baked Goodness Basket
  56. Presentation Title 56 Premium dates are high in essential nutrients, making them a healthy energy source. Chocolate dates, Oats Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mix Dry Fruits, and Chocolate Brownie are included in this box. The items are packaged in a luxurious box, making them suitable for giving. International study now verifies that the item has significant health advantages, establishing it as a legitimate superfood. By sharing this box, you can send your heartfelt warm wishes to make the greetings or any other special occasion. 54. Calm The Cravings
  57. Presentation Title 57 Celebrate your special moments or occasions with Cake that represents love only! The love and sweetness, at the same time is all that we need in life. 55. Celebrate with a Cake
  58. Presentation Title 58 Show your appreciation with this chocolate gift hamper! Sure to please any recipient, the mix of chocolates tucked inside this elegant chocolate basket are sure to bring a smile. This is the perfect way to say thank you to employees or clients for their hard work and support. 56. Chocolate Gift Hamper
  59. Presentation Title 59 Buy this gift box to wish Eid to your male colleagues in the most unique way. It has all the items that they need in their daily office life. 57. Elite Box
  60. Presentation Title 60 Celebrate the joyous occasion of Eid with your employees, clients & customer with our Felicitous Delight Plate, filled with an irresistible selection of cookies, sweets, chocolate dates, and chocolates. This plate is beautifully packaged with a plastic & RIbbon. A perfect gift plate to bring cheer to any celebrations. 58. Felicitous Delight Plate
  61. Presentation Title 61 Every Celebration needs dressing up and parting with the people you love. To help your loved ones with their occasions outfit you can surprise them with this Gift treat basket that they will surely love. 59. Gift Treat For Her
  62. Presentation Title 62 Looking for a perfect corporate gift for your employees & clients can be a challenging task, we have made that a lot easier for you, with the luxurious Gift basket which includes a ceramic mug, name wallet, a sweet fragrance men perfume, a stylish stunning men's watch, 3 delicious Ferrero Rocher's chocolates. Gift this basket to your employees & clients to appreciate their efforts in your company. Grab a Basket is a perfect gift eid or as an employees appreciation gift. 60. Grab a Basket
  63. Presentation Title 63 To satisfy the chocolatey cravings of your colleagues and employees, this is the most appropriate gift. Give this amazing basket full of luxurious items to your employees to make their Eid special. 61. Grand Luxury Desire
  64. Presentation Title 64 Treat yourself or a friend to a basket of these delicious snacks. It will for sure bring a lot of fun and excitement to anyone who have a special love for sweet tooth. 62. Happy Snacking
  65. Presentation Title 65 Are you looking for amazing gift basket for your Employees & Clients? Don’t look further. Our Plenty to Share Basket is what you need on this Eid. Get it now to show your employees and clients how much you value them. 63. Plenty of Share Basket
  66. Presentation Title 66 This unique creation is one of a kind it's filled with mithai surprises elegantly sitting inside. It is a perfect gift to be sent to make their sweet occasions sweeter, or you can send this to share your special news with all. This treat features a mix of Mithai with a premium box packaging available in 2 different sizes. It is always better when mithai is sent in a unique box to share the happiness with something sweet to your loved ones. 64. Share the Happiness