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Edgetalks April 2017: Nobody's Patient: Improving Care and Experience in Maternity Services


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Women who become seriously ill in pregnancy; families of babies cared for in a neonatal unit; and women whose babies die in the second trimester often fall between the cracks of NHS services, due to the way services and pathways are set up. They become ‘Nobody’s Patient.’

April’s Edge Talk will give participants the opportunity to hear about the Nobody’s Patient project, which was sponsored by the NHS England Maternity Challenge Fund to improve care and experience for families who are typically seldom heard. The talk will describe why the project – part of the #MatExp social movement – was created. It will also detail how families and multidisciplinary staff came together during two pilot workshops at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, and at St George’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to co-produce solutions to improve the care and experience for other families, and for the staff who care for them. Because nobody should feel like they are nobody’s patient.

This Edge Talk will be of interest not only to those involved in maternity services, but will also appeal to anyone working in engagement and coproduction, especially with groups who are typically labelled ‘seldom heard’, or ‘hard to reach’.

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Edgetalks April 2017: Nobody's Patient: Improving Care and Experience in Maternity Services

  1. 1. Nobody’s Patient Leigh Kendall Catherine MacLennan Gill Phillips April 7, 2017
  2. 2. Joining in today and beyond • Please use the chat box to contribute continuously during the web seminar • Please tweet using hashtag #EdgeTalks and the handle @Sch4Change @theEdgeNHS
  3. 3. The Team Today Session Chair and Chat Room Monitor Janet Wildman @jwildman1 Twitter monitors Technical Support Paul Woodley @PaulWoodley4 Dominic Cushnan @DomCushnan Louis Warner @LouisWHorizons
  4. 4. Our Presenters Leigh Kendall Patient leader, #HugosLegacy @leighakendall Catherine MacLennan Founder, The Pinks N Blues CIC @thepinksnblues Gill Phillips Creator, Whose Shoes?® @WhoseShoes With special thanks to Anna Geyer, New Possibilities, who produced the graphic illustrations included in this presentation
  5. 5. Who Are You? • Midwife • Obstetrician • Neonatal doctor • Neonatal nurse • Paediatric nurse • Paediatric doctor • Gynae nurse • Gynae doctor • Health care professional from another specialty • Patient • Charity • Commissioner • Other
  6. 6. Catherine’s Story
  7. 7. Leigh’s Story
  8. 8. About #MatExp The need for change Challenging existing assumptions Working collaboratively across boundaries
  9. 9. What is Nobody’s Patient? NHS England National Maternity Review Challenge Fund: Funding for three pilots available. Genuine collaboration with women from the outset: Bid written with Leigh and Catherine
  10. 10. Three Key Groups: #MatExp 2 – ‘Nobody’s Patient’ • Families with newborn babies in neo-natal units (NNU) and paediatrics • Women faced with an unexpectedly serious illness, sometimes life threatening, in pregnancy or the immediate postnatal period • Women who miscarry in the second trimester
  11. 11. Collaboration and Co-Production • ‘Nobody’s Patient’ is a direct quote from a woman • Crowdsourced feedback from all perspectives to create new scenarios and poems for the Whose Shoes?® board game
  12. 12. Sourcing Material • Talking to staff and parents at two Trusts • Focus group led by Catherine • Sourced through blogs and social media • Friends and Family free text comments • Complaints & compliments • Linking to the Trusts’ MSLCs • Meetings with wider stakeholders ODN, SWL maternity network , SCN
  13. 13. Pilot Workshops Kingston Hospital: July 2016; St George’s Hospital September 2016
  14. 14. Themes from the Pilot Workshops
  15. 15. Reflections
  16. 16. No Hierarchy, Just People
  17. 17. Wrap-Up Event, March 2017
  18. 18. Spreading the Learning New edition of #MatExp workshop toolkit, including guidance on inclusion of families with a sensitive history. Best practice case studies
  19. 19. 4 April 2017 – BBC News
  20. 20. What’s Next? No one, irrespective of specialty, should feel like they are Nobody’s Patient. What will YOU do to ensure all voices are heard?
  21. 21. Questions? More information: #MatExp