making a seo friendly website


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to give your website more visible in search engines and get huge amount of unique visitors need make website seo will help lot to get more business through
online.So make your existing website seo friendly if it is not.

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making a seo friendly website

  1. 1. Ti ps f orma k i n g S E O f r i e ndl y We b s i t e
  2. 2. Search Engine Optimization needs to provide good online presence for yourwebsite.SEO will help to improve visibility of a website in search engines.Through these following steps you can make a website SEO friendly Keywords Keyword Placement SEO Friendly Navigation Friendly URL’s and Filenames Website Images Social Media Sitemaps
  3. 3. Keywords Keywords is the important part of your business through which you can get yourbusiness through online. So at first analyze keywords as per your business theme.After that finalize your keywords based on research and then prepare for lunchthose keywords. Through this you can get business locally as well as globally and your site willbe user friendly for viewers who want to get business from your website
  4. 4. Placement of Keywords Place your best keywords at the best place of your website to say search engines aboutyour website page. Here are those areas where you can put your keywords. Title tag Meta description Meta keywords Navigation H1, H2 and H3 tags Alt text Title attribute on links Internal links Footer links
  5. 5. SEO Friendly URL’s SEO friendly URL means through which search engines can easily identify about the page and this is also increase search engine visibility. An example of a not too friendly URL: em1?=20193 A better, more descriptive URL would be: development
  6. 6. Images Of Websites Images should have faster loading times and good visible for search engines. Though mobile visitors access slow internet so try to keep images size as small aspossible for faster experience. Try to make image sizes from 30-100kb and the resolution is 72dpi. Always try to give alt tag for your images for better ranking in search engines.
  7. 7. Social MediaSocial Media plays a huge role for search engine optimization strategy. It willalso give huge amount of new visitors for your website. So join in differentSocial Media sites. o Face book o Twitter o LinkedIn o Digg o G+ o Myspace
  8. 8. SitemapSitemap is designed for search engines as well as for viewers. Through this sitemapsearch engines get to know about your website content. The different types of sitemapsare:- XML ROR URL List HTML
  9. 9. OutcomeThese all are the few ways through which your websitecan get good visibility in search engines. So beforegiving a web design and development service to yourservice provider, always mention about this. So gettingmaximum numbers of visitors or good ranking insearch engines need to built a website which must beSEO friendly.
  10. 10. Eclipse Technology SolutionsAddress:- Chinarpark, Rajarhat Kolkata, West Bengal, IndiaWebsite:- www.theetsindia.comFace book:- :- +91-33-65550013