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Shaping the EOSC Portal - future vision for EOSC Hub


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Shaping the EOSC Portal - future vision for EOSC Hub (EOSC hub week, Malaga, 16 - 20 April 2018)

Published in: Technology
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Shaping the EOSC Portal - future vision for EOSC Hub

  1. 1. Shaping the EOSC Portal A vision building on current initiatives Alasdair Reid, European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre Malaga 16 April 2018
  2. 2. Contents • The EOSC Portal - policy context and vision • EOSC Hub - contribution to the portal development • OpenAIRE - contribution to the portal development • eInfraCentral - contribution to the portal development • EOSC Portal - core elements and personas • Next steps actions during 2018 15/03/2018 2eInfraCentral/EOSC-HUB/OpenAIRE-Advance
  3. 3. Policy context - Implementation roadmap for the EOSC (March 2018) • Foresees developing the initial shared resources around the EOSC Portal and a catalogue of data infrastructures and services. • EOSC-hub, eInfraCentral and OpenAIRE-Advance projects identified as key building blocks for Portal • Services provided under the EOSC should made accessible via the EOSC portal - building on the work of the EOSC-hub and eInfraCentral projects • EOSC Portal as a universal entry point for all potential users - with a full-fledged user interface supported by the common platform. 3
  4. 4. A long term vision The EOSC portal is an engagement channel towards the EOSC stakeholders and a gateway to resources and services that support the EOSC actors “Facilitate wide, user-friendly and cross-disciplinary access to the data and services of the EOSC through the development of the necessary interfaces. The EOSC aims to offer a trusted and open environment for research users of all scientific disciplines across the whole lifecycle of scientific data. This requires concrete solutions to address the current fragmentation of entry points” [H2020 INFRAEOSC-06] 4EOSC-Hub/OpenAIRE-Advance/eInfraCentral
  5. 5. EOSC-hub Service Catalogue • Compute • Storage & Data • Identity & Security • Platforms • Thematic services • Professional services 5 Thanks to • CLARIN • CMS, LH-LHC and VIRGO • Copernicus Data and EO services • DARIAH • ENES • GEO • LifeWatch • LNEC • WeNMR • and EGI/EUDAT/INDIGO The catalogue is open to additional providers! EOSC-Hub/OpenAIRE-Advance/eInfraCentral
  6. 6. EOSC-hub Marketplace Discover, order and access services from the EOSC-hub service catalogue (general & thematic services) • Discover, Order & Access Management (integrated) • Service options • Visibility to service provider’s brand • Integrated with AAI (eduGAIN, social IDs, IGTF, etc.), AARC blueprint conformant First release: July 2018 15/03/2018 6EOSC-HUB/OpenAire-Advance/eInfraCentral
  7. 7. EOSC-hub: developments by Spring 2019 Related Project Milestones: • June 2018: Catalogue published online; Marketplace allows to order baseline services from EOSC-hub service catalogue; • August 2018: 21 thematic services from Virtual Research Communities 15/03/2018 7EOSC-HUB/OpenAire-Advance/eInfraCentral Current plan: • Enable personalized view for different type of users • Automated tool for portfolio management for services providers • Support set of compatible services • e.g. domain application + VM instance + co-located storage • Prepare EOSC service certification bases • Further improve user experience based on users profiles • Provide “my active services” view for customers and user Possible revised plan for collaboration: • Design UX strategy for whole EOSC Portal • Result should be basis for implementation in longer term • Integrate EIC API into the EOSChub MP • Technical feasibility study done • Provide extended version of EIC specs & API for better description of services
  8. 8. eInfraCentral progress to date 1st version of service description template and description of services of 5 e-infra partners May 2017 Service catalogue requirements & portal specifications approved September 2017 Beta version of portal populated with compilation of 70+ services from the five major e-infrastructures November 2017 Outreach to second tier of e-infrastructure projects for inclusion of services in portal First version of API for the automatic exchange of service related information February 2018 Consensus on service classification & representation Core set of service level targets and performance information agreed March 2018 eInfraCentral has devised a service gateway architecture to collect service descriptions and related data through registration and harvesting methods, is aggregating those service offerings and is providing a uniform service catalogue at the eInfraCentral gateway employing formal and standardised guidelines, a service description template and an application programming interfaces (APIs) to continuously provide up-to-date information to end-users.
  9. 9. eInfraCentral - developments to expect by spring 2019 • April 2019 - eInfraCentral EOSC vision paper (D2.2) will explore the role and functions of eInfraCentral in EOSC development and linkages with related projects and initiatives. • April 2019 – Guidelines for schema representation and APIs (D.3.3) (for service providers to upload/update services, etc.) • On-going to end of project – population and validation of service catalogue and performance data – existing catalogued services and new service providers • Ongoing to end of project – UX redesign of portal and enhanced functionality – development of service catalogue dashboard, etc. • Two events to organise could be used to support EOSC portal design discussions : Partnering event (October/November) – Public Portal launch (spring 2019).
  10. 10. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731049 Primary and secondary service ecosystems covered by eInfraCentral GEANTPRACE OpenAIRE Advance EOSC Hub … PhenoMeNal READ … NGI1 NGI2 … DR1 DR2 HPC1 HPC2 … NREN1 NREN2 … VI-SEEM BlueBridge AGRINFRA+ AARC2 VRE4EIC West- Life MuG OpenMinTe D MSO4SC EarthServer-2 EVER-EST ComBioMed OpenDreamKitNOAD1 INDIGO DataCloud EUDA T EGI NOAD2 ESiWAC E BioExcel E-CAMCOEGSS MaX POP NoMaD EoCoE OpenRiskNet HIRMEOS OPERAS-D XDC UBORA AENEAS ANTARE X AENEAS DARE DEEP EDISON ESiWAC E EUXDA T FREY A PROCESS eInfraCentral
  11. 11. OpenAIRE developments Catalogue Service catalogue of own services - June 2018 - To extend with research community dashboards - end 2018 - Full coverage of KPIs Future: Curator of a catalogue for scholarly communication services 11 Policies Development of policy toolkits for legal and ethical issues around research data (with EOSCpilot) - First version summer 2018 Tools Open Science Observatory - 2019 Open Science Registry - ?
  12. 12. OpenAIRE developments Country pages for OA and OS policies and related infrastructures - With real time information of published objects 12
  13. 13. Early Ideas for the EOSC Portal Sitemap 15/03/2018 13EOSC-HUB/OpenAIRE-Advance/eInfraCentral Onboarding of Users/Customers, Funders/Policy Makers and Access to resources Information on EU and MS policies related to EOSC News Events Related initiatives Networks Success stories Community Blog EOSC structure info, governance Onboarding of Service/Resource Providers and Service Management Οther sections progressively enriched over time Each of the sections will require managing of community content
  14. 14. Personas Types and Related Offer Service End Users and Customers: What does EOSC provide to support my research activities? How can I get access to needed EOSC ‘resources’? • Research Organisations, Industry/SMEs, Research Projects/Collaborations • Researchers, Scientists Funding Agencies and Policy makers: How can I optimize funding with EOSC and increase my impact on science? Is EOSC aligned to open science policies? General Public: What is the mission of EOSC and who is contributing to it? Service/Resource Providers: How can I provide my resources to the researchers ? What are the benefits? • EOSC Core Service/Resource providers • Third-Party Service/Resource/Data Providers, etc. EOSC Governance Structure and “Portal” Managers 14EOSC-HUB/OpenAIRE-Advance/eInfraCentral
  15. 15. Next steps • 1st half May: EOSC Portal mock-up version • May-Oct 2018 • UX research and analysis • Conceptualization • Design • November: First release 15
  16. 16. Thank you & Let’s discuss ! 16