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Cheap driving lessons


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Find Cheap Driving Lessons in Glasgow. Visit

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Cheap driving lessons

  1. 1. Cheap Driving LessonsVisit
  2. 2. Cheap Driving Lessons• Your instructor will usually take you to a quiet road or industrial estate on your first lesson• Expect to make mistakes! You are not going to be a great driver from the first day. It takes time to develop a specific set of skills and things like road awareness• Always be aware of the other people around you. Driving a car can be dangerous if you are not properly in control
  3. 3. Cheap Driving Lessons • One of the first things you will do as part of the lesson will be to make adjustments to the car. This can be minor things like checking your seat and mirrors are positioned in the ideal position • When driving you must always observe and follow the rules of the road. Learning to use your signals correctly and what mirror to check at the right time are crucial processes in your driving experience. • Remember to put your seatbelt on! Yes, it’s one of the simplest lessons but it is one many people still do not follow.