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If Social Media could tell you a story, would you listen?

In this SDL Social Intelligence presentation, you will learn how social media data can tell you insightful stories around your brand and reveal opportunities across your business. Discover the true data behind how leading brands are using social data intelligence for product development, brand reputation management, PR crisis handling, ‘viral’ growth and more.

The presentation will broaden your horizons, deliver engaging and relevant examples of social media monitoring in action and set you up for a purposeful day of exploring the true value of social data and how to use these insights to gain tangible returns for your business.

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  • Keywords used to classify:Live shows: tour, festival, Big Day Out, BDO, DownloadAlbums: album, CD, new songs
  • The most noteworthy Big Day Out, Downloads, and Leeds
  • In a small but beautiful town of Perth
  • Which more often than not looked like this
  • And leaving was the only way that I could stop doing this kind of stuff
  • The only way out was education so I started my journey South – graduating in 1990
  • Most of the rest of the 1990’s remain a blur.
  • SDL Social Intelligence SoConBuzz Presentation

    1. 1. If Social Media couldtell you a story, wouldyou listen?James Ainsworth – Social Media Manager SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    2. 2. You might remember usfrom…
    3. 3. SDL Recognized Leader in Global Information Management• Publicly traded company with $400m annual • Award-winning and profitable company, with revenues long-term financial stability• Over 2,700 employees in 70 offices across • 1,500+ enterprise customers and partners 38 countries • SDL is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2012• World-leading innovative technology3
    4. 4. A bit about me…beforethe good stuff @SDLjames
    5. 5. MYTHBUSTINGSocial Media Monitoring is not just responding to Twitter moaners
    6. 6. 50+ Billion stored conversations and results60+ languages20+ Automated sentiment analysisDashboardsAlertsStoryboardsCustom Sources
    7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA DATA IS AN ENABLER Rather than "data driven decisions", advocate humandecisions supported by the use of good tools to provide us with data-derived insights.
    8. 8. Why is social data more useful than conventional research data? Highly responsive: can collect & respond to Is highly insight on any Targeted: can scalable: timescale relate specific Provides access activities to to high volumes conversations at of data & a a defined point in global dataset time Can provide a 360 degree view of a The value Highly predictive: customer (not just about their social data conversations are leading relationship to indicators your brand) brings Provides unique Longitudinal: access to we can look competitor back & track activity forward In context: feedback is pure & customer generated (not contrived)9
    9. 9. Powered bySOCIAL MEDIA STORY-TELLING10
    10. 10. The social media storybehind a new andintriguing product
    11. 11. Top Platforms Love it or Hate it? Twitter users Twitter Positive 29% Forums Indifferent 86% Media Negative 13% # of influencers Top Twitter Authors 35 @psykouk @annecupcake Positive advocates @dressjunkie3 are based in Ireland
    12. 12. Top Platform Demographics Twitter Forum Users Male: 75% Forums Female: 20% Media Unspecified: 5% Top CategoriesLove it or Hate it? Social Positive 20.1% College LifeIndifferent 61.6% Health Negative 18.3%
    13. 13. Top Domains Top Themes WeightwatchersMoney Saving Expert Cakes TES Community Nutella Love it or Hate it? Top Authors Positive 12.9% Killer Wench Indifferent 58.1% Seomra Mushie Negative 29% Pembily
    14. 14. Target your offers with the Forums where your advocatesWhat next? are doing great things for you Look at the comments relating Host product development to “fat”, “health” “exercise” and session with influencers to tailor messaging in targetdesign new offshoot products publications where dietary content needs to be considered Establish a User Forum where Run Campus or Instore tasting recipes are created and sessions to marry up online uploaded with photo content and offline
    15. 15. The story of anilluminating relayaround the UK17
    16. 16. Hashtag Podium #LONDON 2012 #BBC #olympic TORCH torch Torch CAM RELAY Which Hashtag has the greatest share of Tweets?18
    17. 17. Hashtag Adoption The People drive Hashtag adoptionMentions #OlympicTorch #BBCTorchCam #London2012TorchRelay 19 Torch Relay Begins
    18. 18. Mentions of Places Lands End Taunton Bristol Cardiff Aberystwyth Chester Liverpool Belfast Dublin Stornoway Edinburgh20
    19. 19. What‟s your priority? Hashtag or Check-In? 1000 1000Mentions OT BTC LTR 4sq 21
    20. 20. The one about the Rock bandlooking to make a come-back28
    21. 21. Themes around SDL and The Social Intelligents
    22. 22. How to leverage nostalgia 600 400 There were 200 1621 0 conversations about “Nostalgia” in the last two months – approximately 12% of the30 data
    23. 23. Volume of social data
    24. 24. Interpreting demand through social volumes Live shows 25% New albums Old content 52% 23%32 Types of Conversations
    25. 25. Where the band should tour
    26. 26. Why and how the band should tour34
    27. 27. Asking the right questions is key to actionable insights Why we expanded our search to competitive bands to make the findings more actionable35
    28. 28. Best Practice 1: Blink 182 Giving Fans a Behind the Scenes View AMA on Reddit: Mark Hoppus led a live AMA (Ask me Anything) on Reddit on February 6th, in which ANYONE could come and ask him a question about his life, Blink Volumes more than 182, the reunion, the upcoming CD, etc. quadrupled the day of In just a few hours he received 100‟s of Mark‟s AMA questions and comments! Not only did it gain him goodwill with his fans, but it created a lot of social media buzz. On Feb. 6th, mentions of Blink 182 more than quadrupled. The Blinkumentary: The band is creating a documentary about their reunion and the making of their comeback CD and tour. They are only advertising it on YouTube (via There were over online trailers and ads) and through social media. The documentary has 200 mentions created a lot of social buzz – approx. of the documentary in a two 200 mentions of the documentary in two months. month period
    29. 29. Best Practice 2: Foo Fighters Using the Power of Nostalgia“Wasting Light” Recorded in a Garage The Foo Fighters wanted to go back to their roots and create “ real” rock music again – so they recorded their newest album, Wasting Light, in a garage with minimal recording equipment. Social buzz increased Dave Grohl wanted to show the world you could make great music exponentially after the Grammy win and without fancy equipment, sound mixing, and auto tune – and he did. centered mostly The album won five Grammys. around Dave‟s “back Many fans (and even non-fans) applauded them for creating such a to roots” acceptance popular album, with so little. After this album, many fans consider them speech one of (if not the only) real rock bands left today.37
    30. 30. Best Practice 3: Smashing Pumpkins Leveraging Social Media Constant Social Media Use: Highest social buzz The Smashing Pumpkins and front man Billy Corgan, surrounded Billy‟s live uses social media in unique ways to engage way and Twitter Q&A entertain their fans. Recently they released a sarcastic band Christmas photo over their Facebook page and Billy Corgan hosted a question and answer session for their fans on Twitter. They also tweet live pictures from their shows, their recording sessions, their travel bus, etc.Fighting the Man: There were overTheir new CD has 44 tracks and is going to be released one track at atime (for free) online. 1136 mentions of the album • This has created a ton of buzz on social in a two month period media sites and on mainstream media sites. • Fans are excited because they think Buzz increased the day Billy had Smashing Pumpkins understands them and an interview about Oceania – an the way they listen to music – everyone “album within an album” downloads for free anyway, so they think its about time a band recognizes this and embraces it. • By releasing 44 songs, one at a time, they are keeping themselves relevant and at the top of mind for the entirety of the release of the songs.38
    31. 31. Demonstrating high ROI Through detailed and actionable insights and recommendations39
    32. 32. Research Question One: SDL and The Social Intelligents Themes What do people think about SDL and The Social Intelligents and how can SDL and The Social Intelligents play on these themes in their advertising and outreach? Nostalgic Multi-Generational “Real Rock” SDL and The Social Intelligents is the SDL and The Social Intelligents appeals to Many older fans consider reunited quintessential 90s rock band and their a multi-generational audience – it is one of bands, especially SDL and The music brings their fans back to that the few bands parents and children can Social Intelligents, the only “real” time in their life. Fans associate SDL enjoy together. This means that SDL and rock musicians left. They wantInsight and The Social Intelligentss songs The Social Intelligents‟s music and the music that is authentic, minimally with the memories in their lives and themes they write about transcend time processed, and that contains real that can be very powerful in marketing and can attract a younger audience in instrumental talent – not gimmicks. communications. today‟s market.Recommendation • SDL and The Social Intelligents • SDL and The Social Intelligents should • Follow The Foo Fighters example should release a new album that is continue to play festivals, where they and get back to your “rock” roots, reminiscent of their older music and can introduce themselves to younger by recording the new album with doesn‟t stray too far from their generations with similar music tastes. minimal equipment. original fan base. • New bands are constantly compared to • Highlight the musical talent of the • They should release the first song SDL and The Social Intelligents. SDL band members in social media online and create a social, viral and The Social Intelligents should offer campaign around it , to create buzz these bands opening act positions on before the sale of the actual album. their tour to reach similar audiences and get exposure.
    33. 33. Research Question Two: There is DemandIs there enough interest in a SDL and The Social Intelligents tour or a new SDL and The Social Intelligents CD, to justify the expenditure. Is the band’s fan base large enough and loyal enough to actually support a tour and new CD sales? Tour – Yes! New Album – Yes! There is a huge demand for live performances of Touring and live performances have increased SDL and The Social Intelligents. When it was adoption of the band and has driven demand for new Insight announced that they would be playing major music. Many posters in the social media realm festivals, social buzz rose dramatically. specifically asked when the band would release a new CD, especially after the release of „Deep Dive Many posters said that the band they were most Data‟ and the „Deep Dive Data‟ video. excited to see at these festivals was SDL and The Social Intelligents and that they would be willing to pay the high price for the tickets JUST to see them. Many of their festival dates they have played are SDL and The Social Intelligents should release a new Recommendation abroad, but there is a huge demand for their live album that is reminiscent of their older music and performances in the US. They should hold a US doesn‟t stray too far from their original fan base. reunion tour, concentrating on smaller, intimate venues. They should release the first song online and create a social, viral campaign around it , to create buzz By playing in smaller venues, they will have a before the sale of the actual album. chance to engage on a deeper level with their fans, as Blink 182 did through their documentary and Smashing Pumpkins did through its live Q&A.
    34. 34. Leveraging Social Data The Need “How do we take a 90s band and make them relevant in • Create messaging and social media the social media era?” engagement strategies that play on the key themes associated with SDL and The Social Intelligents • Understand how 3 competitive bands use social media and determine the “best in VS. class” social media practices for comeback bands. Our Approach Leverage social media and messaging to understand: • The social volumes and sentiment surrounding each band • Best in class social media analysis • SDL and The Social Intelligents theme analysis The Outcomes 1) Nostalgia is a major factor in “comeback” band adoption. Bands that played on this Leverage Constant fan page Give fans a peek nostalgia in their music and their online Nostalgia behind the scenes interaction messaging, were successful 2) Fans look to social media to get a “behind the scenes” peek at the band. SDL and The √ √ √ Social Intelligents should post exclusive42 videos/photos, conduct live Q&A sessions, and consider doing a comeback documentary
    35. 35. Glorious Sunrise orFalse Dawn?What PCS tells us about The Sunon Sunday SDL Proprietary and Confidential
    36. 36. Ensuring a fair exchange Desired Business Customer behaviors goals commitment /perceptions53
    37. 37. Driving measurement from your business goalsYour ideal customer is one who….. Shops Shares Advocates
    38. 38. Driving measurement from your business goals PCS: Product commitment score • Informs your value proposition CRS: Customer relevance score • Drives content & engagement strategy BCS: Brand commitment score • Drives brand strategy
    39. 39. Deriving meaningful scores using social data• Each index is derived from scoring conversations based on their value into the commitment journey we‟re trying to understand5656
    40. 40. The components of each score Commitment score is a composite of: 1. Where in the journey the conversation sits 2. The level of influence of the conversation 3. Weighted sentiment of the conversation
    41. 41. A real life example – driving ROI using structured social data58
    42. 42. Sunrise or false dawn? The PCS story of the Sunday Sun From the end of an era …. PCS ... to the start of a new Sunday NewspaperSource: Daily Mail
    43. 43. A New Dawn for News International 16000 Rupert Murdoch An estimated 14000 Press widely The Sun arrives in London advertising budget of report that officially to address the £3-7 m is committed The Sunday „ launches 12000 Sun staff and to support the Sun hits the .uk‟ domain has and announces his launch at outdoor UK been registered positions it commitment to sites and on TV and newsstands 10000 by someone at Sunday launch the Sun on the launch begins in NewsCorp offering Sunday earnest 8000 July 7th Feb 16th Feb 17th Feb 18th Feb 25th 6000 4000 2000 0 April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 12 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21th 22th 23rd 24th 25th 26th60
    44. 44. And if you believe everything you read in the papers… Mr Murdoch is happy 16000 Key facts: 14000 • It sold out The Sunday • It is the 2nd highest circulation of any Sun hits the British Sunday paper in the past 8 UK 12000 newsstands: years – a record previously held by 10000 the News of the World 3.5 million • People switched from the Sunday copies sold Mirror and the Sunday People 8000 • It has sparked a price war already • It is being attributed with bring £10m Feb 25th 6000 new advertising revenue into the market as a new Sunday circulation 4000 war commences 2000 0 April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 12 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21th 22th 23rd 24th 25th 26th61
    45. 45. What the PCS tells us is reallygoing on
    46. 46. The launch PCS story Heavy weight launch Ad spend not driving commitment - only trial at this stage (80% of conversations are in the Research / Assess category) Volume of PCS PCS Monthly PCS and Volume Daily PCS & Volume conversations Disclosure Launch PCS lower after formal launch than during speculative phase63
    47. 47. What next for the Sun on Sunday? Negativity around brand „Murdoch‟ Sins of the past 200 Total Volume PCS 16000 14000 150 12000 10000 100 8000 Muted 50 0 ? 6000 4000 2000 0 content, treading carefully Lack of sustained commitment?64
    48. 48. What does it mean for Mr Murdoch? lost of £ revenue PCS Monthly PCS Ave Circulation 1st week-£96,027 Disclosure Launch 1st Qtr -£581,768 Issue 2 1st Quarter Focusing on moving behavioural indicators is what delivers ROI on all marketing not just social Drop in PCS = 38 pts 1% drop in PCS = £15k65
    49. 49. Thanks for listening and do you have any Questions?Follow: @SDLjames @LizzHighUK @SDLsocialEmail: Lhigh@sdl.comWebsite: Phone: 0117 970 3200
    50. 50. Copyright © 2008-2012 SDL plc. All rights reserved.. All company names, brandnames, trademarks, service marks, images and logos are the property of their respective owners.This presentation and its content are SDL confidential unless otherwise specified, and may not becopied, used or distributed except as authorised by SDL.