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Jo Vertigan Presentation To Digital Marketing London Presents: Putting Social Into Sport


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Jo Vertigan was responsible for the online element of the England 2018 World Cup Bid.

This is an edit of the slide deck that was presented at Digital Marketing London Presents: Putting Social Into Sports meet up on the 30th of May, 2012 at Zigfred in Hoxton Square.

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Jo Vertigan Presentation To Digital Marketing London Presents: Putting Social Into Sport

  1. 1. THE WORLD INVITEDA Digital Postcard(distribution version no video etc)Jo Vertigan
  2. 2. My Background
  3. 3. England 2018 Digital Strategy: What it was What it was not• A multi platform approach to • An exclusive platform for latest communicate our vision news• One of many outlets to allow people • Latest blogging news from the to express their support world of football celebrity• A place for bid partners to have • A UGC forum for a wide range of visibility views• A platform for us to raise our global • A vehicle to secure 24 votes visibility
  4. 4. Primary Objective• Design, build and deploy an engaging global digital strategy that allows England 2018 to share its vision for a World Cup in England
  5. 5. England 2018: Initial Digital Objectives 1. Quickly (6 weeks) create a wide number of interlocking communication platforms to deliver our key messages 2. Optimise platforms in terms of visibility on a global basis 3. Use social media to engage a global audience and generate support/content 4. Reflect UGC back to key stakeholders to demonstrate global support –our digital echo-
  6. 6. Simplified Bid Structure Marketing Digital Campaign Technical Commercial
  7. 7. Key Events (Digital) Bid Book Final Delivery Supporter App announcement Launch May 2010 launch DEC 2010 may 2009 July 2010 November 2009 August 2010 august Host Cities Back the bid2009 may 2010 Facebook weekMbdeployme Mediant
  8. 8. Process: A 24 Month Campaign• 1-2-1 Lobbying• Candidate Host City Process• Host City Selection• Technical: Bid Book Submission• Inspection Visit• FIFA Evaluation• Final Lobbying• Zurich Presentation• The Result!
  9. 9. Digital Measures Of Success• Total supporters• Engagement with multiple platforms• Countries/fans represented within platforms• Global visibility and reach• Social media to enhance message not distract
  10. 10. England 2018 The Initial Brief:Design Build and Deploy a Digital Strategy • Very limited launch budget: >sub £30k • Existing Assets: -None- • Visibility: 42 International Media Organisations • Team Members: 1 • Soft Launch Options –nil- • Speed to market: 6 weeks (no slippage possible)
  11. 11. Initial Site Map
  12. 12. Site Design3 Weeks Before Launch
  13. 13. Site At LaunchDesign, Built and Deployed in 6 Weeks
  14. 14. 17/05/09:Bid Facebook page launched
  15. 15. Post Launch Activity “We are running our very own focus on the world cup bid,• Blogger Outreach including a blog of events as they Reach: 476,357 happen. If there is anything else 29 Forums and Blogs we can do to show our support then please let us know, we would• Buzz Monitoring be honored to be involved.” Jemma, Three Lions
  16. 16. Celebrity SupportersAs fans pledged their support on the page they were joinedby many celebrities backing the bid.13,184 Fans as at 15th June 2009
  18. 18. August 2009: Mobile Deployment• Text „England‟ to 62018 running at on the perimeter boards at matches• Host City Voting Options: September• Mobile Optimised Site• Iphone App
  19. 19. Going GlobalReinforcing The Channels
  20. 20. Site Redesign August 2009
  21. 21. Global Platforms: Twitter Flickr FacebookMain Site YouTube iPhone Mobile web
  22. 22. Scarves around the worldAs the international support grew, scarves were distributedto fans around the world. The feedback was started tocreate the social media loop with hundreds of photos postedto our „Scarves around the World‟ album.
  23. 23. Facebook Page Evolution World Cup start Bid Book presentation Traffic driver campaign launched England vs. Egypt game Host city announcement
  25. 25. Organic Search January 2010
  26. 26. May 2010 – FB Media campaignTo advertise the Facebook page to an international audiencewe invested in Facebook media. The relatively smallinvestment showed the huge interest in English football inSouth-east Asia, as the page grew with 25,000 new fans infour days.
  27. 27. 14/05/2010: Bid book delivered• Live updates from the event generated high audience engagement• A high point of the bid to date followed by the FA Cup Final The Bid Book 1,752 pages IN THREE VOLUMES ACCOMPANIED BY 11 Flight cases of additional documentation
  28. 28. Summer 2010 To The Result
  29. 29. Supporter App launch July 2010 Developed a FACEBOOK app to encourage FANS TO UPLOAD CONTENT to show what they were doing to support the bid
  32. 32. Back The Bid WeekCall to action show your support „wear your shirt to work‟ etc
  33. 33. 2 Millionth SupporterDaniel Craig: & many others
  34. 34. Endgame
  35. 35. We lost a supporterRIP Paul the OctopusOn 26th October, bid ambassador Paul the Octopussadly passed away. We honoured his memory with twomoving status updates.
  36. 36. But Gained Even MoreInternational Supporters We‟ve had overwhelming support from around the world with focus in these key areas: UK “Come on England! Bulgaria supports you 239,294 ;P” USA 6,805 India 5,794 Malaysia 22,985“BRASSIIIIIIIIL!!!! I Singapore “Hi am sahal and amsupport England as the 5,910 Australia supporting this bidplace for World Cup2018!! Lets bring it 2,040 all the way fromhome!!” 2,357 kenya ill be glad Indonesia be there to to watch rooney and theo its gonna be the best”
  37. 37. Organic Search Tracking
  38. 38. End Game: Website Over 2.5m Supporters from 185 Countries from Albania-Zimbabwe Who have taken the time to write 75k personal messages of support Over 1m visits from 212 Countries and territories Operating in 12 Languages Illustrating the £750m investment of English football in International Development across 100 countries
  39. 39. Thank YouEmail: jo@obidosconsulting.comMb: +44 (0) 7590 013 200Twitter: @jovertigan