Inskin Media Digital Marketing Group Presentation 18 Feb10


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Inskin Media Digital Marketing Group Presentation 18 Feb10

  1. 1. Online Advertising outside the box By Patrick Knight – Founder & Inventor – InSkin Media Ltd
  2. 2. The rise of online video “ 140,000,000 American consumers tuned to “online videos” in 2009” “ Average monthly consumption per user rose from 6 to10 hours” “ More than 26,000,000,000 video views in a given month” “ online video advertising growth predicted at 35%-45% for each of the next five years” Source: Comscore Source: Comscore Source: Comscore Source: e-Marketer
  3. 3. But how can publishers monetise video?
  4. 4. PreRoll/MidRoll/PostRoll ads By thinking inside the box? Overlay ads THE FUTURE LOOKS BLEAK FOR PREROLL! Up to 39% of users now click away from annoying pre-roll ads, up from 20% clicking away in 2008. MORE ANNOYING THAN POPUPS! They obscure the video you are trying to watch and have been banned by many publishers
  5. 5. Or outside the box? (literally) Demo 1: Demo 2: InSkin™ is the best performing and least intrusive video ad format
  6. 6. These publishers thought outside the box And InSkin advertising now reaches 57% of UK internet adults!
  7. 7. Film FMCG Motors Lifestyle Electronics Other These advertisers did too We delivered over 200 InSkin ad campaigns in 2009!
  8. 8. How can you predict the future of online advertising?
  9. 10. So how will you invent your future in online advertising?
  10. 11. Will you do it by thinking inside the box? From this place: - Your creativity will be stifled - You’ll think small and safety will come first - You’ll agree with the crowd to gain approval - You’ll focus on problems rather than solutions - You won’t trust yourself - You’ll lose sight of your vision and dreams - You’ll never realise your true potential but at least you’ll be in your comfort zone!
  11. 12. The problem is that comfort won’t create the future!
  12. 13. Will you do it by thinking outside the box? From this place: - You’ll find possibilities that others don't see - You’ll face your fears head on - You’ll challenge your limiting beliefs - You’ll question yesterday’s wisdom - You’ll create an empowering vision for yourself - You’ll believe in your dreams and take action - You’ll trust yourself - You’ll understand that there is no such thing as failure, only results. and from this place you’ll create your future!
  13. 14. The future is not something we enter tomorrow The future is something we create today