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How to Get Real Business Results from Your Content Marketing Efforts


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Using "Content Marketing" to grow your business in 2017 is virtually a necessity.

The most effective content marketers use a strategic approach to ensure that the time, energy and money they invest in developing content has a measurable return on investment (ROI).

Furthermore, for content to be effective, we often find that we need to distribute it in multiple ways: the web, social media channels, and email, just to name a few.

In this session, we'll talk about how to translate your content marketing strategy into real results for your business, including:
* How to continuously improve your content based upon insights from your analytics & other sources
* How to ensure your content gets the visibility it needs (major starting hint: use WordPress!!)
* How to promote and "atomize" your content to get the maximum return on investment!

This talk was originally presented at WordCamp Miami 2017 on March 25, 2017

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How to Get Real Business Results from Your Content Marketing Efforts

  1. 1. Visitors Subscribers Contacts Leads Qualified Prospects Customers Referral Sources
  2. 2. Check Keyword reports Check Google Trends Check Referral Traffic reports
  3. 3. Consider driving traffic sitewide Highlight it on your site’s home page Make it visible from other top entry pages
  4. 4. Promote it with paid traffic Google AdWords Facebook Ads LinkedIn Ads
  5. 5. “Atomize” it
  6. 6. Prominently place share buttons, show share counts, etc Put an opt-in on it Consider paid promotion “Atomize” it
  7. 7. Looking for factors that might get in the way of good search engine performance Front-end / design problems (mobile responsiveness, errors, etc.) Load time Other essentials
  8. 8. Is this useful? More powerful question: Will this get used? Refine based upon insights gained from continuous improvement processes
  9. 9. B2B? Job Seekers? Business professionals? LinkedIn Pulse Column on Medium Guest post? Talk for conference(s)? Facebook: Video YouTube: Video Podcast? (or Audio Player)
  10. 10. Does it lend itself to being converted to an infographic? New post? Embed into existing post? Email to Bloggers & Influencers Should it be included in an email sequence? Follow-up for lead magnet Welcome sequence for new subscribers (“best of”) Trade groups & other hubs Facebook & LinkedIn groups / forums Visual social networks
  11. 11. Great case study: Brushy Bear Highly engaging & shareable Video: 2.7M Facebook views Spending approx. $.004 per view
  12. 12. @TheDavidJohnson