Advanced Swiftpage Email Strategies for Capturing, Nurturing & Converting Leads into Sales


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Swiftpage Email is an amazing business development tool, but most subscribers treat email marketing like a weapon of mass destruction.

In this advanced Swiftpage workshop, you'll discover the "e-Marketing Trifecta" that guarantees you will:
* Fill your sales pipeline with prospects YOU want as customers--who are eager to buy from you
* Create more informed, needs-based sales reps who approach prospects with timely info that is more likely to lead to a sale
* Tie together all marketing assets (website, CRM, SEO, PPC, content, social media, offers, landing pages) so they're integrated workhorses--instead of you managing multiple programs.

Learn how to set up your company's "e-Marketing Trifecta," including:

* The #1 way your Swiftpage subscription can help you convert more web visitors to sales leads
* Integrating Swiftpage's lead generation web forms into your website (including a free Wordpress widget) so prospects flow into your CRM
* How to launch the perfect drip marketing sequence for new website leads
* 3 ways to create original e-marketing content that can be re-purposed as blog posts, drip marketing and social media status updates

You likely pay the equivalent of 2 nights of fine dining a month* for a Swiftpage subscription. Now find out how that small investment helps you leverage your CRM data to feed prospects the relevant info they want when they want it--eliminating their motivation to move on to a competitor.

* Based on 1,000 sends per day

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  • Welcome to this advanced presentation on Swiftpage Strategies (Swiftpage is also known as Sage e-Marketing).I’m StaciaShinaberry, Vice President of Aviva LLC and “The Database Diva.” which was recently named the Top Swiftpage Reseller in the world. We help transform websites into list-building tools that generate leads and convert prospects to paying clients.Thank you all for the terrific feedback and questions we received from you about today’s presentation. I’ll be your emcee, and I’d like to give a call out to our guests from:GuatemalaNew ZealandUKOK, here’s how it works:Today’s presentation is being recorded. You will automatically receive a copy plus our list of resources we’ll be talking about.On your screen you should see the meeting panel, which has a place for you to enter your questions. I’ll be monitoring questions as we go and we’ll save time for Q&A at the end.We want to keep this session to 55 minutes, as promised. So at the end, I’ll let you know when our time’s up, and we’ll officially end the meeting. However, if you still have questions, we’ll stay on a bit longer, and that will be part of the recording if you need to jump off.OK, let me introduce everyone…
  • Todd Viau is VP of Technology Services and has been with our company for 15 years. Today he’s our man behind the curtain, but he’s our Swiftpage expert, so you’ll be hearing from him later and he’ll be around for your questions.Lori Feldman, is founder and president of The Database Diva and is a 25-year veteran of direct marketing industry, where she received the prestigious Direct Marketer of the Year Award. She’s our company newsletter editor (which you can sign up for on the home page of our website) and it has won the APEX Award for Newsletter Writing Excellence 3 times. Lori
  • Here’s what you told us were your top 2 marketing challenges
  • So here’s the agenda we put together for you. We have way too much to cover, so we decided we’re going to laser focus on each session over the next 6 monthsSo if you feel you want more than you got today…stay tuned…we’re going to break it down for you.In fact, the next session will be Wed, Feb 20, on “How To Avoid a Website Makeover”LORI…take it away…
  • Eblasts, Newsletters = all about youDrip = all about the customerAll require good content, but different
  • Least interesting, least effectiveAnd the way most people handle all their marketingAll about ME MEME…not very interesting to most peopleMost likely to get the most opt-outs
  • They come in long, longer, longestNo time…worked his way up from printer with ink under his fingernails to sales managerWorking sales manager and top rainmakerHe really has no timeBut he’s in the newspaper business…CANARY IN THE MINE!!!! Newspapers are dying!Had to change somethingStephen Trentmann, Sales Manager, Washington Missourian4 years uninterrupted monthly editions2 hours once a quarter to curate, write and layout 3 ISSUESAverage 9-12 new quote requests each time
  • TRIGGER EVENT in your businessDescribe campGraduated more than 200 campers$100K RFPMortgage broker – 9 deals within 10 daysCamp tackles the 2 biggest road blocks to more revenue and faster sales closes:No time to follow upNo idea what to writeDescribe FormatGuarantee
  • Eblasts, Newsletters = all about youDrip = all about the customerAll require good content, but different
  • These are some of the most common ways to segment your databasePersona - who buys your product/service – Could be job title or kind of interests, behavior, pain level, triggerBuying Process UrgencyWhere are they in the sales funnel?80/20Customers vs. prospectsProduct / Service
  • Here is where most people make a mistake:They treat everyone in their funnel the sameAs soon as someone becomes a lead, they’re blasting them with special pricing, discounts, buy now, me meme offersThat’s a MESSAGE to MARKET MISMATCHSo here’s what we’re going to do…
  • A top of the funnel offerCheat sheetSpecial ReportSign up for the newsletterOnline calculatorCome up with a middle of the funnel offerFree CritiqueFree Eval / AuditCase StudiesBottom of the Funnel offerFree Consult$100 off first order
  • Example of how I did it for this webinar. Landing page, thank you page, drip marketing follow up are all done thru Swiftpage’s survey tool. I could have put the landing page on my website as I did for the offer on my home page.
  • Let’s say your sales cycle is fairly long…9 monthsYour drip marketing campaign for those just starting their research will be 9-12 monthsYour drip campaign for the middle of the funnel prospects will be 4-6 monthsYour drip for those who are ready to buy now—and this means you’ve already talked to them to know that, in most cases—will be 30-60 days
  • 2 points of entryYou push them with your e-marketingSEO and other searchOnly tools you need are CRMSwiftpageWebsiteGoogle Analytics
  • Seems overwhelming because you’re trying to create something out of nothingDon’t do thatStart with free tools and make your readers do the work—especially if you’ve not mailed your list frequently
  • No one can know what will work best for readership
  • Not highlighted b/c it won.
  • Swiftpage won’t track this, but your Google Analytics will tell you how important this is
  • TODD - Demo
  • STACIAGive us your existing drip campaign or tell us an IDEA you have for one, and we’ll give you a 10-point written evaluation on what you’re doing right and how we think you can improve itWe’ve written or helped write over 200 drip marketing campaigns, so we know what works.All work is covered by an Aviva LLC Non-Disclosure Agreement, and will not be shared with any third party.This offer expires midnight Feb. 13 so get your files ready to send nowWrite down this URL and we’ll send it to you tomorrow with the recording
  • DRIP MARKETING CAMP6 WeeksDrip Campaign BlueprintDrip Messages Written, Edited by LoriLaunched in your Swiftpage accountCONTENT CAMP6 Weeks – Teach you everything you need to know to easily generate the right content, published to the right places at the right time—even if you’re not a writer. Includes:3 live group sessions: 1 every other week, homework in betweenCurriculum covers:The WHAT: Content Strategy, what should you write about?The HOW: How to write when you’re not a writer and have no time3 month Content CalendarT/M/B Offer / Landing Page CreationBoth camps come with a 10X guarantee: You must generate sales of at least 10X your Camp investment within 12 years, or we give you a 100% refund.Use this coupon code for either or both camps. The URL will give more info about starting dates.
  • * Can’t promise we can get the forms on your website; depends on your website; you may need to contact your webmasterHave to limit it to today because of our production schedule and Lori going out of town.
  • Advanced Swiftpage Email Strategies for Capturing, Nurturing & Converting Leads into Sales

    1. 1. For Capturing, Nurturing & Converting Leads into Sales *Sage e-Marketing
    2. 2. Stacia Shinaberry Todd Viau Lori Feldman
    3. 3. Top 2 Marketing Challenges…
    4. 4. 1. e-Marketing Trifecta2. Database Segmentation3. The Sales Conversion Process4. Content5. Tracking6. Special Offers
    5. 5. Email Blast Special or Limited Promotion  Announcement  Event  Sale  Discount  Close-Out
    6. 6. E-Newsletter
    7. 7. Drip Marketing 1. Website Lead 2. Proposal sent 3. First-time customer 4. Trade show lead 5. Networking 6. Lost sale 7. Customer stops buying (Inactive)
    8. 8. Here’s How it Adds Up…
    9. 9. MEME YOU!
    10. 10. TOFUMOFUBOFU
    11. 11. The Customer’s Buying Process Criteria Shortlist Research Checklist Vendors
    12. 12. Your Online Sales FunnelOffer Landing Thank Drip Marketing(Call To Action Page You Page Follow Up
    13. 13. Your Online Sales Funnel - Mapped Drip Landing Thank You TOFU Offer #1 Page Page Marketing Follow Up Drip MOFU Offer #2 Landing Page Thank You Page Marketing Follow Up BOFU Offer #3 Landing Thank You Drip Marketing Page Page Follow Up
    14. 14. Wordpress Widget Here BEFORE AFTER
    15. 15. More Offers = More Leads!
    16. 16. ROI of Lead Generation E-marketing Swiftpage Database Landing Pages on Segmentation Website Swiftpage Web Form Info to Imports to CRM Swiftpage Cloud
    17. 17. 10 “Compelling Content” Idea Starters1. Customer Survey2. Interview customers for Case Studies3. Google Analytics Keywords and Top Pages4. Google Alerts5. Google Suggest Tool6. Google Trends7. Quora.com8. LinkedIn Questions (and Answers)9. Fiverr.com10. “Re-purpose”  Drips > Blogs > SM Updates
    18. 18. Request for InterviewSubject Line: Id like to interview you for a feature article[[First Name]],Thanks for accepting my request to interview you for a case study about [[Company]]’s experience with drip marketing.I’d like to interview you by email, and then write an article from your answers. The article will appear on my blog and then will bedistributed to all my social media networks and in my newsletter.I am very proud of the work you’ve done on your database and the success you’ve had. I’d like to share your effort with my otherprospects and clients as a way to inspire them to start their own drip marketing campaigns.I know you’re very busy, but if you could answer these questions for me, I’d greatly appreciate it! (Is 5 business days enough time for youto do it?)You can just hit reply and type your answers underneath the Qs if that’s easiest.Interview Questions1. Tell me about [[Company]]. Where does your company fit in its marketplace? What’s your role in the company? How long have youbeen in this role? What size is your database? How long have you been using ACT/Swiftpage? (Just a couple of sentences for frame ofreference for readers).2. When we first started working together on your drip marketing, do you remember why you wanted my help? What business problemwere you trying to solve? Why couldn’t you do it on your own? (OK to give background on what you were doing/did before)3. What did [[Company]] do to help you with this challenge?4. What were your results (good or bad)? Were there any surprises in the process we used or with your results?5. What’s the “next step” you want to tackle with your database marketing?6. What 3 tips would you give to other database marketers?7. Would you please send me a mug shot? Or may I copy pictures off your website?Warmly,Lori Feldman314-485-4350
    19. 19. A/B Testing
    20. 20. Pick the Winning Subject Line
    21. 21. Test for Link Placement
    22. 22. 47% of emails are readon mobile devices
    23. 23. Unopens, Bounces & Opt Outs Unopens: Use the “Drip Marketing” module to send your blasts.  Message 1 > Day 1 > To all  Message 2 > Day 3 > To unopens from Day 1 Bounces = Sales Call  ACT! Users: Get Free App: “Email Address Lookup”  Opt Outs = One last email via Outlook as an “Exit Interview”
    24. 24. #1 Do It Yourself Lead Generation $100 Off Drip Marketing Camp  http://www.thedatabasediva .com/catalog/drip- marketing-camp And/Or… $100 Off Content Camp  http://www.thedatabasediva .com/catalog/content-camp PROMO CODE: DripCamp
    25. 25. #2 Do-it-For-You Content-Writing Service Regularly $2,750 – Till midnight: $2,000, Save $750 Includes:  Creation of 1 drip marketing campaign  2-hour interview  Offer creation / Landing page consult*  Copy write 12 messages  Set up the campaign in your Swiftpage account  Work with you to segment your database  Launch  Analyze your tracking reports with you to make recommendations  Repurpose your drip into blog posts and social media updates  Allow 30 days for delivery
    26. 26. Here’s To Dripping with Success! Q&A Stacia Shinaberry 314-485-4350 x 107 Skype: stacia-lee