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Control and Protect Confidential Data With Internal and External Parties


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In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations must collaborate on confidential files internally or share these sensitive files with external parties. Files are consumed on mobile devices, BYOD, stored in personal cloud accounts and on home machines. The perimeters and repositories of the organization are hard to define as lines have blurred. How are you staying in control over your confidential data once it travels out of the protected perimeter?

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Control and Protect Confidential Data With Internal and External Parties

  1. 1. Edit Presentation Name Here Seamless FileSecurity &Compliance. Anywhere. The Challenge: How To Protect & Control Data In A World With No Boundaries? July 2014
  2. 2. Organization / Employee Control Your Confidential Data, No Matter Where It Travels Gmail Cloud Storage & Applications Multiple Devices iPads, Tablets, Mobile devices Cyber Criminals/ Threats Board & Management Consultants Internal Employees External Partners Business Associates Network Perimeter
  3. 3. What do we do? Covertix provides noninvasive file protection & control beyond the perimeters of the enterprise. • Protection of all proprietary, confidential and regulated information • Transparent to the enduser andnon-disruptive tothe business • Protection of file level datawith internal and external parties, anywhere.
  4. 4. Targeted Industries • Healthcare • Legal • Construction • Educational • Banking & Financial • Insurance • Manufacturing • Energy & Utilities
  5. 5. Protecting Regulated Data • UseCase: ExternalCollaborators • Details: A publicly traded enterprise needed to share regulated financial data with their external audit firm. The organization needed to ensure the original and replicated data would stay protected internally and externally at all times. • The Benefits: Covertix’s sticky copy feature ensures the company’s IT policy travels with copied/pasted data into any new file. The new files are protected by the original policy, no matter where the data travels or is stored. Access to the original or replicated data can be revoked at any time, no matter where the data is located. • Product: SmartCipher Collaborator
  6. 6. Controlling Intellectual Property • Use Case: Protecting against internal or external cyber threats. • Details: A large defense company needed to protect its corporate intellectual property found in their proprietary design files. Based on the company’s IT policy, files containing intellectual property were only viewable on specific IP addresses and only during normal business hours. Virtual machines could not access the design files thus ensuring the company’s IP stayed protected from internal and external threats. • The Benefits: Blocked any type of cyber espionage from removing highly sensitive intellectual property from the office. • Product: SmartCipher Enterprise
  7. 7. Non-Secured Devices • UseCase: External Board Members • Details: A large public financial institution was emailing its board members copies of highly regulated data prior to quarterly board meetings to non secured devices. The organization wanted to share and collaborate on the data in a secured manner without enforcing their security solutions on the board member’s private devices. • The Benefits: The regulated data never left the financial institution while at the same time allowing board members to access the protected documents on a web reader. This was a simple and effective manner to control highly regulated data while providing a secure method to transport, view and annotate on any non secured device. • Product: SmartCipher Mobility
  8. 8. Covertix Products • SmartCipher Enterprise – File control and protection within the enterprise • SmartCipher Collaborator – File control and protection with external collaborators • SmartCipher Mobility – Document collaboration on any device • SmartCipher Cloud - File control and protection in the public or private cloud
  9. 9. Available Integrations And More…
  10. 10. Edit Presentation Name Here Seamless FileSecurity &Compliance. Anywhere. Thank You 2014 FileSecurity & Compliance. Anywhere. Forrester Briefing Contact: Website: