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Army aviation presentation on the Armed Scout Helicopter (ASH) fleet, which includes the OH-58 Kiowa Warrior. Briefing says the army will conduct an 18-month to 24-month analysis of alternatives for a replacement to the cancelled ARH contract with Bell Helicopter. Meanwhile, the Army will improve the Kiowa Warrior with a more modern, lighter-weight gun and exchange the mast-mounted sensor for a nose-mounted sensor. Additionally, the army will upgrade some Army national guard battalions flying AH-64As to the Longbow Apache standard.

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Ash Presentation

  1. 1. U.S. Army Armed Scout Helicopter Update International Military Helicopter Conference 29 April 2009 COL Keith Robinson Project Manager, Armed Scout Helicopter
  2. 2. PEO Aviation Organization Kiowa Warrior Mods/Recap CSI UH-60M AGSE CH-47F Replacement Ground UH-60 AME Joint Heavy Lift Kiowa Warrior Block III Maneuver MODERNIZATION Med Altitude Training UH-60A/L Sensors ATC Endurance Helicopters Light Utility SUAV Longbow Fixed Wing Helicopter Tactical T700 Engine Joint Cargo Concepts Future MEDEVAC Forces ANMP Army, Navy, Air Force ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 2
  3. 3. PEO Aviation Mission Total Workforce: What We Do: ~ 2250 on board • Centralized Management for All Assigned Army Aviation (Civilian, Military Programs and Contractors) • Full Life-Cycle Management of Assigned Systems • Improve Interoperability Managing • Enhance Reliability and Safety • Maintain Combat Overmatch thru Recapitalization & Total FY09 Modernization Resources: What We Manage: ~$6.7B • Six Project Offices • Two Major Initiatives: Support to OIF/OEF and Fixing To Army Aviation The Magnitude: • $34.3B over POM years FY 10-15 • FMS Total Case Value — $7.023B • 55 FMS Cases — 36 Countries Support the Warfighter Providing the World's Finest Support to the Warfighter ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 3
  4. 4. Armed Scout Helicopter Product Lines Projected Aircraft O/H Mission Retirement OH-58D 338 Armed Beyond PM KW PM ARH Recon/Light 2020 Kiowa Warrior Attack Kiowa Warrior 0 Armed TBD Recon/Light Replacement (512 Req’d) Attack OH-58A/C 279 Fleet Unarmed Beyond APM Training Helicopters Recon/Initial 2020 Kiowa (276 Flying) Pilot Training TH-67 183 Pilot Training TBD (181 Flying) Creek UH-1 219 Fleet Medevac 2016 Test Huey (123 Flying) Mission: Manage the Life Cycle of the Army’s ASH Fleet to Include Development, Production, Fielding, Sustainment, and Retirement ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 4
  5. 5. Armed Scout Helicopter Mission -- Conduct armed aerial reconnaissance to fight for actionable combat information to enable joint/combined air-ground maneuver execution of mobile strike, close combat and vertical maneuver operations across the full-spectrum of military operations ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 5
  6. 6. Leading the Way in OIF/OEF OIF OEF Theater Theater Cumulative Cumulative Totals: Totals: 43,804 hrs 424,031 hrs MC 84.0% MC 83.9% (avg) (avg) OPTEMPO: OPTEMPO: 88.8 hrs 71.8 hrs Theater Monthly Totals: 3,536 hrs MC 87.8% OPTEMPO: Afghanistan 58.9 hrs as of 15 Mar 09 ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 6
  7. 7. Kiowa Warrior System Description Performance Digital Cockpit • 250 Series C30R/3 Engine • Single pilot (w/ FADEC) • 2 5x7 Monochrome displays • Bell 406 Transmission Transportability • Improved MCPU and MSP • Improved Rotor Droop Recovery • Air Transport via C-130, C-17, & C-5 • Ground/Rail Transportable Mast Mounted Sensor • Long range target recognition Sustainability • Monochromatic TV Sensor • Meet/Exceed R&M requirements • Remote Programmable in current Army system Tri-service Laser Designator • Current/Predicted readiness rate >80% Survivability • LW/Repairable Armor (Seat back, side, bottom, combustor, fuel control) • Run dry gearboxes Navigation Guidance • Redundant cockpit flight controls • EGI (GPS/INS) • Ballistically tolerant blades/fuel cell Communication/Identification/ • World-Wide Navigation • Crash Attenuating Seats Interoperability • Cockpit Airbags Armament and Lethality • VHF/FM, UHF/AM, FM • Analog Weapons Interface • Digital Communications Aircraft Survivability Equipment • 2.75 FFAR launcher • Improved Frequency Modulation • IR Countermeasure • Hellfire Launcher Blue Force Tracker (BFT) • Radar Warning Receiver • .50 cal • Transponder • Laser Warning Receiver • ALKAN Racks • JVMF Certified ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 7
  8. 8. Kiowa Warrior Life Support 2020 Modification FY08 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 SEP Safety Enhancement Modifications at Bell Helicopter Program CDS-5 Weapons Management Development / Test System DEPOT MWO r? 3rd Color Display enso Test / Qual ed S ESIS nt Mou Integrated CMWS Nose Mil STD-1760 Interface Procure Long Lead GFE Digital Hellfire Launcher 2nd ARC-231 Modifications applied APX-123 AN/AVR-2B DROP INS .50 Cal Gun (M3P) Procurement/Fielding Improved Armor Deliveries/Fielding Dual Channel Procurement/Install LOCAL MWO FADEC CBM Install Joint CMWS/CBM Install CMWS Install TRAINERS CAT-B / FAT-D Production AVCATT Upgrades Primary Focus is on Reducing Weight and Obsolescence ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 8
  9. 9. Kiowa Warrior Gun Upgrade System Source Description Weight .50 cal Contract Gas Operated XM296 Fabrication 338.4 lbs 500 rds TACOM 750-800 RPM ROF 261.4 lbs .50 cal (includes FN Herstal Gas Operated -39.8 lbs from M3P AMCOM/PM 500 rds ALKAN and CMDS 1100 RPM ROF UWP knuckle removal) Replacing XM296 with M3P Reduces Empty Weight by Approximately 77 lbs! ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 9
  10. 10. Potential Kiowa Warrior Sensor Upgrade Mast Mounted Sight (MMS) Measured Performance Improvements • Probability of Recognition FLIR - 55% improvement TV – 20% improvement • Laser Designator Performance Nose Mounted Sensor (NMS) 100% increase (IR) 28% increase (TV) Additional Capabilities over MMS • Color EO camera • Image Intensified (I2)TV • Eye-safe LRF Eye- • Laser Pointer • Laser Spot Tracker • Faster slew rate • Reduced Weight (>100 lbs) • Reduced Support Costs • Improved Logistics Support (Commonality) • Fuse- Blended Imagery (Pattern of Life Cues) Fuse- • Target Location Replacing MMS with NMS Reduces Empty Weight by Approximately 113 lbs! ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 10
  11. 11. Kiowa Warrior Replacement Update • ARH Contract Terminated on 16 Oct 08 – Higher than expected material costs – Higher than expected labor rates – Higher than expected production labor hours • Bridging Strategy for Utilization of ARH Funds – Sustain and Improve the Kiowa Warrior – Modernize the ARNG AH64A Fleet – Initiate a Formal Analysis of Alternatives for Manned Armed Scout Helicopter Requirement Army/DoD Remain Committed to the Manned Armed Scout Helicopter Requirement ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 11
  12. 12. Training Helicopter Update • 181 TH67s On-Hand to Support US Army Flight School XXI • TH67 (aka Bell 206) No Longer in Production • Surge in Flight School Students Beginning FY10 Will Require Addition of 90 OH-58Cs • Developing a Strategy to Sustain/Upgrade/Replace Training Helicopter Fleet – Aircraft Component Evaluations Confirm Airframe is Healthy – Potential Obsolescence Issues with Cockpit Instrumentation ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 12
  14. 14. quot;The author's belief is that as a work of a United States Government employee, this work, the Armed Scout Helicopter Update, entered the public domain in the United States upon creation. Further, any copyright extant in England is believed to automatically belong to the United States Government. The author lacks the authority to assign any interests of the United States. Therefore, this assignment is only of the author's personal copyright interests, if any, worldwide in this work not obligated to or already belonging to the United States Government under any applicable law.quot; ARMED SCOUT HELICOPTER PROJECT OFFICE 14