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4CNW discovery session for Business in North West Ireland


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4CNW Talent Ireland North West: Discovery Event for Businesses took place in Sligo on the 30th January 2013. The event provided the opportunity for eligible businesses to find out more about 4CNW Talent, which invites North West Ireland businesses in the Agri-food, Life Sciences, Technology and Tourism sectors to apply for a talent voucher (between €1,000 and €5,000) to commission the services of a creative professional who can offer new areas of expertise to help solve a business challenge.

Applications will be assessed by an expert panel with successful businesses required to match their award creating a commissioning pot of up to €10,000 per project.

4CNW (Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent North West) is one of 4 European projects set up to encourage the use of creative thinking as a powerful business tool. Eligible businesses with a challenge are invited to submit an online application by 3pm on Monday 18 February 2013. To be eligible businesses must: have a business address in North West Ireland; come from the Tourism, Technology, Life Sciences or Agri Food sectors; be looking to grow their business through the innovative development of products, services or marketing; and, have completed their first year of trading.

see for more information about the fund and the process.

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4CNW discovery session for Business in North West Ireland

  1. 1. 4CNW TALENT
  2. 2. 4CNW TALENTIreland North West4CNW Business Discovery SessionAoife Flynn
  3. 3. 4CNW TALENTAgenda11.00 Welcome and Overview – Aoife Flynn11.15 Background to Creative State –Mary McAuliffe11.45 Case study – Tara McGowan & Liam Scollan - IWAKnock12.00 How to Apply12.10 Q &A
  4. 4. 4CNW TALENT4CNW“Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent NorthWest”What does that mean for you?
  5. 5. 4CNW TALENTA new fund to encourage businesses to collaboratewith a creative partner….• Eligible Businesses: Agri-food, Life Science, Technology and Tourism• Eligible Challenge: new or improved product, process, service, business model or customer interface• Scaled Challenge: able to be completed within the 3 month timeframe and within the allowed budget• Solvable Challenge: able to be completed utilising the existing creative skills available
  6. 6. 4CNW TALENTTalent Voucher4CNW will provide a talent voucher to the value of€1,000 to €5,000 as 50% funding towards the costof the project delivery by the creative professional.
  7. 7. 4CNW TALENT M ary McAuliffe, Programme DirectorThe Creative State North West
  8. 8. 4CNW TALENTRegional Broker NetworkIreland : Creative State North West (PPP)Northern Ireland : NORIBICScotland: Cultural Enterprise Office
  9. 9. Working Together 4CNW Business Support ProgrammeCross Sector Collaboration - Regional Vision - Concrete Action
  10. 10. 4CNW TALENT
  11. 11. 4CNW TALENT HOW DOES IT WORK?4CNW Business InnovationTHE PROCESS: – Registration – Matchmaking – Collaboration
  12. 12. 4CNW TALENT Examples Creative ServicesIndustry Challenges Web Designer Film Maker PhotographerAgri-food- Add value to product range Jeweller Fashion DesignerLife Sciences Graphic Design- New market need CeramicistTechnology Blacksmith- New raw materials WriterTourism Musician- Increase competitiveness/ sales Theatre Company
  13. 13. 4CNW TALENTImpacts• 4CNW will drive new linkages between the creative sector and 4 key industry sectors• Demonstrate the role of creative industries in the wider eco system of innovation• Provide a new model for measuring CI’s impact as a catalyst for economic growth. Furthermore, it is expected that 150 jobs will be safeguarded.
  14. 14. 4CNW TALENT4CNW: Business Support Programme Summary
  15. 15. 4CNW TALENTFind out more, visit our Mary Mc Auliffe, Programme Director The Creative State North West THANK YOU
  16. 16. 4CNW TALENT 4CNW Case StudyLiam Scollan & Tara McGowan IWA Knock
  18. 18. Social Media Campaign October 16 to November 30• Facebook ads and promotions with partners: Tourism Ireland in France, Italy and Germany, Irish and Gaeltacht Irland Reisen.• Joint promos with Project Partners IWAK, Live Trad, Leitrim Tourism, Leitrim Coco, The Dock Arts Centre• Holiday Package Competition / Family holiday for 4 to Leitrim• Love Leitrim Photo Contest• 4,350 likes over 20 countries (Italy, Ireland, UK, Germany, France)• Reach 17,800• 480 engaged weekly users (likes, comments, shares)
  19. 19. Ireland West Trad on facebook • Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level
  20. 20. Face Book Photo Contest Ran from Oct 29 to Nov 1964 entrants 740 votes6,080 engaged with the contest through views, likes
  21. 21. SUP for AllFather and Son on Lough Allen• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level
  22. 22. Val Robus, Dromahair• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level
  23. 23. JJ O’Hara, Lough Gill• Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level
  24. 24. Ireland West Trad Infograph • Click to edit Master text styles – Second level – Third level • Fourth level – Fifth level
  25. 25. Ireland West Trad Reach and Engagement• Total Reach 1,700,000• Promotions with Partners FB & newsletters: 9,257 views• IWT Facebook Campaign: 4,350• Ireland West Trad Website 10,000 views / 4,500 sign up to newsletter• Live Stream Event: Estimated 5,000 tuned in from 25 countries .
  26. 26. Ireland West Trad The Future• Build on the success of the initial project• Run 6 to 8 events in 2013• Develop Partnerships with Key Cultural and Tourism Partners throughout the West &N.West• Secure funding to enable the project to continue.• Streamline the Project Management• Increase Involvement from artists / endorsement• Branch into other art forms whilst retaining trad music as the main focus• Increase the connections with diaspora and interest groups internationally• Feasibility to develop website as a commercial entity
  27. 27. 4CNW TALENT Industry Application Details• How to Apply• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  28. 28. 4CNW TALENT Eligibility Criteria• Be a business in one of the following sectors: Agri-food, Life Sciences, Technology or Tourism• Have a business address in Ireland North West, Northern Ireland or Scotland• Be a business that has moved past early stage development and into its growth phase of its lifecycle i.e. trading for one year or more• Be in a position to match fund the talent voucher awarded.
  29. 29. 4CNW TALENT Section One – Company DetailsCompulsory Fields• Business Name, Business Type, Business Address, County, Industry Sector, Year Commenced Trading, No. Employees, Email, Tel. Number, Contact Job Title, Contact Name• Principal Business Activity (600 characters maximum) – Describe the company, its products and/or servicesNon-compulsory Fields• Turnover/income (2009-2011)• Export (yes/no), If yes, Countries you export to• Website & Facebook address
  30. 30. 4CNW TALENT Section One – Declaration• Signed by authorised officer of the company• Electronic signature• Yes/No answers• Declare that your Company: 1. Has moved past early stage and into growth phase 2. Will use voucher for eligible activities only and will pay VAT if applicable 3. Is solvent
  31. 31. 4CNW TALENT Section Two – Your Innovation ChallengeType of Challenge: – New or improved Product – New or improved Process – New or improved Service – New or improved Business Model – Other (Please specify)
  32. 32. 4CNW TALENT Section Two – Your Innovation ChallengeDescribe your Innovation Challenge • 200 words maximum • Collaboration period is 3 months May- Aug 2013 • Must be realistic to deliver within this timeframe • If possible indicate the type of expertise you feel you require • Must add value to your business and improve bottom line profitability
  33. 33. 4CNW TALENT Innovation Challenge – Assessment Criteria• Innovation Challenge Max 50 marks Development of new products/processes/services New uses of existing products/processes/services Business Model Innovation• Growth Potential & Commercial Viability Max 40 marks Market place potential Product & service development potential Employment creation potential Sustainability & Impact• Overall Presentation Max 10 marks Clarity of layout Overall presentation of your application• Total Max 100 marks
  34. 34. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)• Read FAQ online before you complete the application form• To date – 40+ FAQ’s• email if there are any further questions you would like answered
  35. 35. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)• What are the creative industries?• What support is available?• Are there examples of 4CNW talent voucher project collaborations I can review?• How will I receive the voucher funding?• Who is the contract for collaboration between?• Intellectual property rights issues?• What about confidentiality with the creative company?
  36. 36. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)• What information do I provide in the Challenge description? – Describe the challenge you would like to address – How would solving this help your business? – What needs to be delivered? – What would you like to do differently? – What areas of expertise are you lacking? – Describe the new market you wish to target
  37. 37. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What Projects are INELIGIBLE– Achieving compliance with – Internships for students statutory regulations or – Accreditations legislation– Intellectual property – Capital items protection – Travel costs– Standard training courses – Live and existing projects– Software purchases – Legal advice– Equipment purchases– Aid that would promote / – Changes that only alter the subsidies the cost of exports design or text content of a website or printed material
  38. 38. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)What kind of web design, marketing, printed materials orvideo production activities are eligible?Projects must aim at radical improvements such as: – Opening up a new market for the business – Altering the way the business distributes its products – Providing a new way of interacting with customers
  39. 39. 4CNW TALENT Timeframe 2013– Register your challenge online – 18th February closing date– NW Challenges ranked by Regional Panel – 5th March– Independent Expert Panel (all regions) – 22nd March– Independent Expert Panel (all regions) – 22nd March– Shortlisted challenges notified – 3rd - 5th April– Matchmaking Process – 3rd April – 3rd May– Business-Creative introductions – 29th April – 3rd May– Match Made Networking Event – 20th June– Projects completed – 6th September
  40. 40. 4CNW TALENT Summary• All details on under Apply > Information for Industry• Broker helpdesk at• Application deadline is 4pm, 18th February 2013• Apply online only : Questions….?
  41. 41. 4CNW TALENTConnect with