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4CNW discovery session for Creative Businesses in North West Ireland


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4CNW Talent: Discovery Event for Creatives took place in Sligo on 30th January 2013. The event provided the opportunity for creative professionals to find out more about 4CNW Talent.

4CNW Talent invites businesses in the Agri-food, Life Sciences, Technology and Tourism sectors to apply for a talent voucher (between €1,000 and €5,000) to commission the services of a creative professional who can offer new areas of expertise to help solve a business challenge. Applications will be assessed by an expert panel with successful businesses required to match their award creating a commissioning pot of up to €10,000 per project.

4CNW (Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent North West) is one of 4 European projects set up to encourage the use of creative thinking as a powerful business tool. Scottish creative professionals with expertise interested in this opportunity will be invited to submit an online application by 12noon on Friday 8 March 2013. To be eligible creatives must: be a professional creative working in the creative industries; have a business address in North West Ireland; and, be able to demonstrate a track record on delivering projects in partnership.

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4CNW discovery session for Creative Businesses in North West Ireland

  1. 1. 4CNW TALENT
  2. 2. 4CNW TALENTIreland North West4CNW Creatives Discovery SessionAoife Flynn
  3. 3. 4CNW TALENTAgenda14.00 Welcome and Overview – Aoife Flynn14.15 Background to Creative State –Mary McAuliffe14.45 Case study – Micheál ÓDomhnaill - Live Trad15.00 How to Apply15.10 Q &A
  4. 4. 4CNW TALENT4CNW“Creative Challenge Celtic Crescent NorthWest”What does that mean for you?
  5. 5. What is 4CNW TALENT? 1. A fund to enable businesses to commission the services of a creative professional 2. A programme of support and brokerage to make the process easy 3. An opportunity to be listed in the 4CNW Creative Directory…and
  6. 6. 4CNW TALENTThe Fund4CNW will provide a talent voucher valuedbetween€1,000 - €5,000 which will act as 50% funding of thecost of the project delivery.This will create an overall commissioning pot of€2,000 - €10,000 which will be used to commissionthe services of an recommended creativeprofessional.
  7. 7. 4CNW TALENTTypes of Businesses & Challenges• Eligible Businesses from the North West – Agri-food, Life Science, Technology & Tourism - will apply to be beneficiaries of the talent voucher• Businesses will use this voucher, plus their own funds, to commission the services of a creative professional who can offer new areas of expertise to help solve a particular business challenge.• Eligible Challenge: new or improved product, process, service, business model or customer interface• Scaled Challenge: able to be completed within the 3 month timeframe and within the allowed budget• Solvable Challenge: able to be completed utilising the existing creative skills available
  8. 8. 4CNW TALENTThe Creative Directory• To apply for the programme, Creative Professionals apply to be listed on the 4CNW Creative Directory• Only 4CNW Directory Creatives are eligible for partnering with a voucher recipient• An Expert panel will recommend which eligible creatives are the best service providers for the shortlisted challenges• 3 matched creatives will meet, and pitch, to each voucher recipient/business challenge• The voucher recipient will ultimately select the creative best fit for their project challenge• Outside of the voucher programme, the Directory will be used to promote and develop creative industries from the region from June 2013
  9. 9. 4CNW TALENTEligibility Criteria• Have a business address in Ireland North West (Sligo, Mayo, Donegal, Leitrim, Roscommon), Scotland or Northern Ireland• Be able to demonstrate a track record in your field • there is a link to upload a portfolio/showreel with your application• Be able to deliver a project between mid-May and mid-August 2013.
  10. 10. 4CNW TALENT M ary McAuliffe, Programme DirectorThe Creative State North West
  11. 11. 4CNW TALENTRegional Broker NetworkIreland : Creative State North West (PPP)Northern Ireland : NORIBICScotland: Cultural Enterprise Office
  12. 12. Working Together 4CNW Business Support ProgrammeCross Sector Collaboration - Regional Vision - Concrete Action
  13. 13. 4CNW TALENT
  14. 14. 4CNW TALENT HOW DOES IT WORK?4CNW Business InnovationTHE PROCESS: – Registration – Matchmaking – Collaboration
  15. 15. 4CNW TALENT Examples Creative ServicesIndustry Challenges Web Designer Film Maker PhotographerAgri-food- Add value to product range Jeweller Fashion DesignerLife Sciences Graphic Design- New market need CeramicistTechnology Blacksmith- New raw materials WriterTourism Musician- Increase competitiveness/ sales Theatre Company
  16. 16. 4CNW TALENTImpacts• 4CNW will drive new linkages between the creative sector and 4 key industry sectors• Demonstrate the role of creative industries in the wider eco system of innovation• Provide a new model for measuring CI’s impact as a catalyst for economic growth. Furthermore, it is expected that 150 jobs will be safeguarded.
  17. 17. 4CNW TALENT4CNW: Business Support Programme Summary
  18. 18. 4CNW TALENTFind out more, visit our Mary Mc Auliffe, Programme Director The Creative State North West THANK YOU
  19. 19. 4CNW TALENT 4CNW Case StudyMicheál ÓDomhnaillLive Trad
  20. 20. 4CNW TALENT Creative Application Details• Eligibility Criteria• How to Apply• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  21. 21. 4CNW TALENT Eligibility Criteria• Have a business address in Ireland North West, Scotland or Northern Ireland • Sligo, Mayo, Donegal, Leitrim, Roscommon• Be able to demonstrate a track record in your field • there are opportunities to upload a portfolio/showreel with your application, and to list prior clients• Be able to deliver a project between mid-May and mid-August 2013.
  22. 22. 4CNW TALENT Section One – Company Details• Business Name, Business Address, County, Email, Tel. Number, Contact Job Title, Contact Name • Note public email address for Directory• Year you commenced trading• Number of employees or self employed• Website & Facebook address where applicable
  23. 23. 4CNW TALENT Section Two – Key Section• Check your creative sector(s) from a list• Describe your Primary business activity (15 words)• Provide a description of your business which will ultimately appear in the Creative Directory – key promotional piece (140 words)• What skills/service can you provide? (70 words)• List two collaborative projects that you have been involved in at regional, national or international level that illustrate your core skillset• List any relevant awards / publications (70 words)• Attach a portfolio – pdf, vimeo, youtube or weblink onlyNote: Downloadable sample form to work on prior to submission
  24. 24. 4CNW TALENT Section Three – Your Clients• List 2-5 previous clients including their company name and their website – This will appear on the public directory, so ensure you have their prior permission to list them
  25. 25. 4CNW TALENT Section Four – MappingInfo from this page will not be made publically available andwill not affect your application • Company / Organisation type • Membership of Clusters / networks • Your VAT Status • Turnover / Income at year end 2012
  26. 26. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)• Read FAQ online before you complete the application form• Download the sample form from the last FAQ• email if there are any further questions you would like answered
  27. 27. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)• What are the creative industries?• What support is available?• Are there examples of 4CNW talent voucher project collaborations I can review?• How will I receive the voucher funding?• Who is the contract for collaboration between?• Intellectual property rights issues?
  28. 28. 4CNW TALENT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)What kind of web design, marketing, printed materials orvideo production activities are eligible?Projects must aim at radical improvements such as: – Opening up a new market for the business – Altering the way the business distributes its products – Providing a new way of interacting with customers
  29. 29. 4CNW TALENT Timeframe 2013– Register your challenge online – 18th February closing date– NW Challenges ranked by Regional Panel – 5th March– Independent Expert Panel (all regions) – 22nd March– Independent Expert Panel (all regions) – 22nd March– Shortlisted challenges notified – 3rd - 5th April– Matchmaking Process – 3rd April – 3rd May– Business-Creative introductions – 29th April – 3rd May– Match Made Networking Event – 20th June– Projects completed – 6th September
  30. 30. 4CNW TALENT Summary• All details on under Apply > Information for Creatives• Broker helpdesk at• Application deadline is 8th March 2013• Apply online only : Questions….?
  31. 31. 4CNW TALENTConnect with