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The Consultants - An Ever New Concept In World Of Business Consulting - Unique 4th Generation micro strategic Solutions For day To day Business Challenges.
A technique which is totally different from " Mee Too" Approach.
Here Business problems are Examined on Unique "Cause & effects" Level. Micro means Not Only Analyzing the problem But Analysing it's Dynamics & Kinesis strategically on multi Layer & Till end Of It's Root or Last Knot.
Come ! Experience The strategic Consulting difference with Us.
>>>>>>>>>Keep Steps Ahead Of Market Competition>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The Consultants

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  • The Consultants - Corporate Profile

    1. 1. micro Strategic Business Consulting Services || Keep Steps Ahead Of Market Competition || FMCG |PHARMA|DURABLES|CONSUMER GOODS | LED LIGHTING || Come ! Make An Edge Over Market Competition !
    2. 2. Micro Analysis Not Only Growth But To Keep Steps Ahead Of Competition. Find The Solutions Of Unsolved Business Puzzles By “ The Consultants” 360* Business Ecosystem Component Strategic Micro Analysis WHY SOME OF COMPANIES LIKE DABUR,PATANJALI,MICROMAX GROWS VERY FAST & BECOMES LEADER WHILE CENTURIES OLD COMPANIES STILL STRUGGLES ?
    3. 3. THE CONSULTANTS Team Of Fortune 500 MNC’s Ex Strategic Professionals. The Consultants, a Team Of Fortune 500 MNC’s Ex-Professionals, Individually working together To fulfill the corporate Dreams of business world By sharing their Expertise. All Of Our Team Members carries Min Of 15 + Years work experience with Most admired MNC’s in Filed Of Fmcg / Durables Like Dabur,HLL,Xerox,Sony India,Godrej,Ranbaxy etc. Not Only “Mee Too” Approach, But we Offers micro strategic Business Consulting Services Where we Focus on “micro Dynamics Of Business ecosystem” to Keep You One Step Ahead Of Competition. We Synthesis the micro strategies based on deep understanding of “Cues & Triggers” of Consumers hence our strategies not only delivers results but develop Long Term Brand Loyal Consumer Pool & highly efficient auto performing Business System. Our Simple USP - We Dare To Be Different & Dare To Make You Different Too .
    4. 4. Verticals We Cover INDUSTRY VERTICALS FMCG PHARMA / OTC / HERBAL CONSUMER DURABLES LED LIGHTING IT / TELECOM / MOBILE SERVICE SECTORS CONSULTANCY VERTICALS Strategic Business Consultancy Brand Consultancy ERP / DIGITAL MKTG. Corporate Legal Services MAKE IN INDIA Global Business Consultancy Entry To Indian Market Mergers & Acquisitions Corporate Astro & Vastu HR / Training & Development IMAGE BUILDING / Personal Branding Political Branding Energy Auditing
    5. 5. FMCG / Pharma / OTC Industry Our Core Expertise Strategic Consulting services For - FMCG / Pharma / OTC / Herbal / Cosmetics & Others Business Conceptualization To Launching To Establishment To Growth & Lead Phase Management
    6. 6. Many More Clients
    7. 7. Consulting Scope & Service Offerings ● At The Consultants, as Fmcg /Pharma / Otc / Herbal / Cosmetic /Consumer Goods Industry is Our expertise area, we emphasis on understanding ever volatile business ecosystem's dynamics to assist our clients to develop & practice needed strategies to manage the risks and to respond the competition in quick way to lead market with very cost effective & simple solutions. Please find our detail Work Scope from next Page.
    8. 8. When U feels that things are stuck, when you realize that Business Growth Graph has become constant or competition is obstacle in your success Journey or Market dynamics has turned as mystery to you on any phase of your business. When you have a corporate dream in your eyes and want to bring it true, when you want to unknot the Business world puzzles. When you clearly want to Keep Step ahead Of Competition or Planning a Speedy Startup for Great Future success. Let The uncertainty should not be hurdle of Your growth path…… Just don’t Let it go away ------------Think Beyond, Think micro Strategic Level Business with Us --------- || Come ! Experience The Strategic Consulting Differences with Us || Micro Strategic Business Consulting Services – For Those who never learnt Defeat Remember ! Winning is as easy as tough it Looks.
    9. 9. Nature Of Job ! Consulting / Advisory Focused On Process Development & Implementation Our Simple USP : We Dare To Be Different & Dare To Make You Different Too !
    10. 10. STRATEGIC SEGEMENTS WHERE WE WILL BE ASSISTING TO OUR CLIENTS UNDERSTANDING BUSINESS micro ECOSYSTEM - Short – Mid – Long Term Evaluation of Market Nature & Business dynamics/Growth Drivers ,Component s Kinesis ,Paradigm Shifts & Hurdles . - Cohesive & Adhesive Forces Acting over each others & deciding the Game Within Business ecosystem. - Understanding micro & Macro Competition Verticals,Degree,Nature/ Competitor's Movement & Their Future Strategic Deployments or Competitors Future Course Of Action. - Understanding Indian Consumer Class,& Changing Behavior, Their responses,CDP/ CIP process. - Understanding Business process / execution style / and market stake holders & parlance mechanism. - Understanding Controllable & Non Controllable dynamics . - Any Other Related with Market Growth. - KEEPS YOU ALWAYS PERFORMING TO KEEP YOU AHEAD OF MARKET
    11. 11. CORPORATE STRATEGIES ● Corporate Vision / Mission & Strategic Positioning, Corporate Image Building To Have An Advance Edge Over Competition ● Short – Mid – Long Term Strategic Goals & Business Planning. ● Corporate Qualitative & Quantitative Goals. ● Corporate Planning / Budgeting & resource Allocation. ● Corporate Expansion / Diversification. ● Corporate quality Norms, ethics, code of conducts,CSR ,Intra & Inter Grievance / Consumer complaint mgt. mechanism etc. ● Corporate Performance & Efficiency Improvement by Unique Micro Value Additions on different parts Of systems.
    12. 12. Micro STRATEGIC BUSINESS CONCEPTULIZATION Future’s Excellence Lies In Today's Foundation ● Strategic Consultancy to Prepare Corporate Road Map / Strategic Business Modeling For future operations to Fulfill Golas . ● Phase Wise Organizational Development & Stretching. ● Foundation Of Different organizational Policies / Strategies/ Pillars / Norms / Architecture for future needs. ● Development of SOP. More Important "Micro Process Development & Process To execute Developed process". ● Strategic Product Span Conceptualization ,Assortment, Brand Personification, Market Offerings, Strategies etc etc. for every dept. ● Implimentation,Market execution & It’s Management,Controll & Coordination. Periodic Review & Improvement. ● Short – Mid- Long term Product Sourcing / Import vs Self Mfg Vs. OEM Contract Mfg .
    13. 13. STRUCTURING THE ORGANIZATION Strategizing Functional Organizational Morphology ● Phase wise Developing organizational Structure. ● Deciding the organogram,KRA,authorities & Responsibilities, Qualitative & Quantitative Targets. ● Phase wise deployment of Manpower, Training & Development & Synchronization.  BUSINESS PROCESS STRATEGIC RE-ENGNEERING & HUMAN RE-ENGNEERING.  Architecting Self Reliance Auto performing Business System.
    14. 14. DEVELOPING STRATEGIES BASED ON TOPOGEOGRAPHICAL NEED ● Corporate Strategies. ● Launching-Basic Establishment-Growth-Lead Phase Strategies based on Dynamics. ● Marketing strategies.( Physical & Virtual Marketing) ● Strategic Branding- Brand personification Rather Than Just Branding. ● Consumer Mobilization, Consumer Shifting Strategies. ● Service Strategies Based On TAT. ● Other department Strategies.
    15. 15. MARKETING STRATEGIES ● Market (Physical & Virtual) & Consumer Segmentation For Different Phases. ● Selecting Target Geography, Consumer Class, & Different Channel routes. ( Traditional, on traditional,Lateral,Neonatel, Symbiotic & Latent Channels). ● Media & Communicational/BTL/TTL Strategic Planning. ● Promotional Strategies based of different buying behaviors , Physical & Psychological Factors. ● Perception Building. ● Digital Marketing Strategies. ● Consumer Mobilization Strategies. New Consumer Acquisition, Consumer Retaining,Referal & Recommendation strategies. ● Market micro Competition Management strategies.(Offensive Defense Tactics). In Next slides Second Part of Marketing - Find Practical Implementations & Execution In Market . i.e. Strategic Sales Management.
    16. 16. STRATEGIC BRANDING  Defining Strategic Branding Needs, Goals & Competitive Characteristic to Fight Multi facet Brand Competition & Offering.  Brand personification Rather than Branding, Positioning.  Brand / Product Length / Depth / Width / Sku To cater wider /selected market & Consumer class.  Brand Perception Strategies.  Not Merely General Pricing Strategies But Pricing based on It's psychological effects on Consumer Mind for Different Brand / Product for different consumer class /Market / nature of Competition especially to Manage most crucial EDLP strategies by Market / Competitor.  Brand Parlance Strategies To Make Deeper Penetration of Households. Viral Branding & Brand personification : Let Your Brand Communicate To Consumers & Sale Itself.
    17. 17. LAUNCH / BASIC ESTABLISHMENT / GROWTH / LEAD PHASE STRATEGIES ● Launching Strategies- Topogeographical,micro dynamics & Time Scale Strategies. ● Need Based strategies For Different All Other Phases, Basic Establishment ,Growth & Lead Phase. ----------------------------------------------------- For Each & every Business Phase entire strategies will be specific depending the need of time & hour. Human, Brand & Business Process Re-engineering for every phase.
    18. 18. STRATEGIC SALES CONSULTING ● Deciding Sales / Territorial key norms For day To day working. ● Territorial Multi tier Phase wise penetration Strategies. ● Different Sales Channel strategies, Logistic etc. ● POS/POP Targeting & Catering Strategies. ● Sales Call & Presentation Style, Norms Development. ● Reporting ,MIS, Tracking ,different formats,KRA,Incentivization/Motivation, review & skill development. ● Training, Motivation & Development, Capability Building To Improve employees Efficiency.
    19. 19. PRODUCT SOURCING ● Import Vs. OEM Mfg. In India / Abroad Vs. Self Mfg. ● Qualitative Norms. ● Quality Certifications, Statutory Compulsive & Competitive. ● Guarantee / Warrantee Vs. Non Guarantee.
    20. 20. SERVICE / SUPPROT ● For Both - Pre sales, After sales, For sales Force. ● Developing Secondary Service verticals i.e. for any big tendering client may give whole project not only for supply of ur products but also for other services. ● Strategizing Norms &SOP for after sales services guarantee/warranty ,replacement . ● Consulting For Service Centre deployment system, norms based on geographical coverage. Effective Service Means - Let Your Customer Return & Recommend Your Product / Services To Others.
    21. 21. Conclusion ● An Integrated Strategic Business Consulting Services Focused On non controllable factors of a highly Volatile & ever-changing Business Environment. ● Emphasis will be on "Process Improvement" & "System Development" for winning the market in multifaceted competitive system by winning Consumers & Competition.
    22. 22. HOW BIG IS THE OPPORTUNITY ? Indian Business Ecosystem – Trillion Dollar Future Economy.- Step Out Today To Grab It. ALL NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL MARKET Channel Partners. House Hold Consumer Class ,B2C, Digital Channel CSD,CPC,GOVT. Tenders,Latent B2B Horeca, Modern Trade, Insti,Hospital s,Railways,Fa ctories etc. INTERNATION AL ORDERS FROM SAARC Business Potential From Different Market Verticals Your Company
    23. 23. All Our Strategic Blogs Are Global Trend setter On Social Media.For More Plz Click On: - Excellence on Every Platform is our Quality.
    24. 24. Our Other Verticals Pharma / OTC / HERBAL & Led Lighting
    25. 25. THANKING TO YOU The Consultants Mob: +91-8587067685 || OUR MOTTO || Let You Not Only Grow But Keep Ahead Of Competition ! Come ! Experience The Consulting Differences With Us !