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Strategic Political Consulting Services
The Consultants || Political Consultants || Mob +91-8587067685

Come Out With Political Struggle Phase –Lead Elections With Leaders Of Strategy!

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, ભારતમાં રાજકીય સલાહકાર, भारत में राजनीतिक सलाहकार,
ഇന്ത്യയിലെ രാഷ്ട്രീയ ഉപദേഷ്ടാവ്, भारतातील राजकीय सल्लागार, ਭਾਰਤ ਵਿਚ ਸਿਆਸੀ ਸਲਾਹਕਾਰ, بھارت میں سیاسی مشیر

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  1. 1. Political Image Building Turn Voters In Your Favour Political Image Building – Strategic Consulting Developing Political Image To Impact Voters Mind Strategic Management Consulting Services For Political Events & Campaigns “Turn Voters In Your Favor – Let Strategic professionals Design & Manage Your Invincible Election Campaign For Higher Chances Of Landslide Victory” “Creating Powerful Political Wave In Your Favour” It is only your political image based on which voters makes their judgement.Image is actual reflection of your wholesome qualities and capabilities.In fact in field of today’s competitive politics,where every day new parties are emerging it is difficult to get seperated by others.The biggest challenge to political parties are that how they can prove that they are unique and different from other parties,that they are actually and real party which can bring betterment in countries current situation or why voters should give their vote to that party. Further,Political Image building is quite typical process,unfortunately it is least studied and understood or still untouched field by professionals.Also their are very few expert consultant in this field. Last Few years election results ( Since From National To Delhi & Bihar elections Results) has proved,That Strategic Management of Elections By Professionals has power to Create Magic / Charisma can mobilize voters in favor or against of any party. It is also clear after analyzing recent years national and regional elections results,that like in past,now national & regional level or state elections are totally different. Both can’t be managed on same agenda,with same strategies. Voters are quiet aware and capable to segment their national political priorities & regional political priorities.Hence the same voter,cast his vote for different parties during elections. This indicate that political parties have to be strategic and advance level integrated professional political management is required by political parties.Reason behind this that elections has becomes multidimensional,very complex event after emergence of several regional level parties like shiv sena,bsp,sp,rjd etc etc. In fact,Strategic & professional Management of elections by expert professionals is a tool to gain maximum in
  2. 2. minimum time period by effective & preplanned strategies based on several interacting political dynamics. Against all odds,Unexpected victory of (BJP) Mr Narendra Modi As PM,AAP Victory & BJP’s Defeat In Delhi , similarly Victory of JDU alliances in Bihar is nothing but fine example of role of strategic Political Management By professionals where focus was on Branding,communication,deciding mind catching agendas & Ear Catching slogans played a deciding roles to push / pull voters. The Role of modern strategic marketing technologies is equally applicable in politics & has been witnessed in past few years. It Is clear that by strategic management of Political elections can change the predicted results. The Consultants offers first in it’s kind an “integrated micro strategic political consulting services” to Political Parties,Political leaders to develop strong and ever lasting political strategies, campaigns & it’s execution to Improve performance during elections. Our expert strategist will be instrumental for all phases ( Pre-poll / Mid Poll / Post- Poll) Strategy development,effective executing & monitoring with the help of different management Tools & Techniques. Indian Democracy ! World’s Biggest Democracy ! Indian Election ! World’s Biggest Electoral & Most Complex Process. Indian Voters ! Most Complex Multidimensional Voting behavior. It’s obvious that understanding voter’s behavior is least understood & is most Complex subject to understand. Predicting the voters behavior in advance is typical and this is reason why predictions and forecast of major election pandits,political parties & leaders becomes totally wrong in past few years elections. De- facto,elections are most uncertain process not because of this that it’s a complex process but because it’s micro dynamics & factors insuring victory in elections were never studied professionally earlier as other disciplines like Management, engineering etc. Hence there is complete absence of skilled professionals for management of election campaigns and political parties run their campaign just on basis of small and non scientific way based on spontaneous approach. Where there is lack of scientific knowledge,the risk of uncertainty is very high so the same in Indian elections. This why there is no contingency managementavailable for election campaigns.The same has been proved that impossible task has been achieved & unpredictable results were there in past elections.
  3. 3. “The Consultants” Offers first time in it’s class– Professional Political Consultancy services to Political Parties.Our professionals will make the deep study of different micro Factors(Topogeographical,Socioeconomic factors,Cultural,mass & Individual Voter Inclination,Voter’s Political Affinity index,Voters diffusion process etc. etc.) related with voter’s voting behavior and will assist your political party to decide course of action to bring your dream true. Based On our highly scientific micro studies of political ecosystem,we are proud to announce that we can assit you both in pre-poll & Post Poll phases of elections. Pre-Poll Strategic Political Consulting Services Political Environment Mapping Before Election,It is important to Map The entire current political environment of Election Territories. This Task Starts Minimum of 9-12 Months Of declaration of Election dates by Election commission of India.In this task a strategic & Competitive micro & macro evaluation are done for Availability of Political potentials,Relative Strength of rivals,Important task,Latent demand Of Voters,Voters dynamics & Psychologies, & different Social,Economical,Political forces which may develop or developing.A Complete TOWS analysis to decide future political strategy launch platform. The Importance of this task is in removing Political Illusions / dilemma to eliminate decision-making mistakes at primary level by presenting clear-cut present & future scenario of political environment to win elections on every constituency / district or smallest unit. This will be also helpful to stop different strategic blunders in campaign period i.e. contradictory statements,unorganized actions,irrelevant political statements etc. Launching,Political Activation & Political Expansion One of our core strategic Political expertise. No matter weather you are thinking forming your own political party or you are a local or regional level party,we becomes instruments strategically for launching, political activation and rapid expansion of your party on regional & national level. This very specialized strategic political consulting services for regional level parties who want to expand their political wings from a state to national level.Our unique strategic support are extremely helpful for step wise expansion to develop their workers and finally a strong vote bank to lead coming elections.
  4. 4. This vertical is associated for transformation of “Regional level political party” into “National level political party” means migration from assembly to parliament, From the post of Chief Minister to Post Of “Prime Minister” Deciding Election Mission,Vision & Management Process The Next step is is to decide entire mission & Vision Strategy Of election.In Which our tools & Techniques are quite helpful to draft the Final Road-map,needed resources,tools & techniques,strategic organogram to execute the task via division of clear-cut roles & responsibilities up to bottom level party workers. Deciding Competitive Political Agenda Political agenda is first outgoing base outgoing communication political message.The entire elections are governed on the basis of political agendas which is offered by any political parties to voters.based on this agenda,voters decide to cast his vote for any party.Undoubtedly,it is most strategic subject to care. It Has Been Observed That Agendas are most of parties are very common,in this situation developing USP becomes difficults. We provide powerful agendas to our clients which are unique,and are capable to penetrate the voters mind deeply.These strategic agendas are not only unique & different from others but they are helpful to position you party effectively & different from others.These are more convincing,logical and effective for multidimensional complex political competitive environment. So start Foundation of victory at early stage with our expertise. micro Strategies To Win Elections The most complex task.At very early stage,we develop the tools & techniques to execute entire process. from top to Bottom level, From Party Head Office to ground zero workers level,every bit of process will be carefully devised and according to be executed. These strategies & process are carefully devised after analyzing several political dynamics,forces acting over each others,attack & counter attack process,social,economical, voters psychological factors etc.Techniques & process will be available to launch our actions,to counter the rival political attacks in effective and speedy way. Political Branding Vote Bank Management Process May be possible that due to certain reason you have lost your previous bank.Our strategies are quiet helpful to regain your vote bank and gradual increment in existing vote bank potentials. Our ground level political campaigns,communication and messages are ever helping to regain your lost voters and also to increase it.
  5. 5. Political Image, Reputation & Brand Building Strategies During entire period, we are more focused on this step. Due to certain reasons, parties gain or lose their Political Image in Public,their reputations are hampered willfully by rivals or due to poor image protection strategies of party. We provide strategic tuxedo to political parties which protect image & reputation of party by any internal/external attack,factors. Not only this, we device such interactive strategies which are helpful to rebuild powerful image & reputation in mass voters,which regain lostpopularity,faith of any party . These strategies are based on several specific parameters and covers district level to national level span as per need of situation. With The Help of different tools ,We focus on national politics to district level politics image/reputation building activities. Our USP lies micro penetration & execution level on every district,constituency as effective as it is required for developing strong building blocks. Mostly,all major political activities are limited up to certain big constituencies level and small , remote area are untouched. In fact these remote & small ignored area plays deciding role in victory of any political election. Bihar elections are the best examples for this where voters of villages & remote area played vital roles for victory or defeat. Voters Engagement & Mobilization Management The next big task for political party & Political Strategies to keep engaged their voters engaged with them,with their political ideology.Voters engagement is typical psychological process which are governed on micro principles of human decision-making science that what is best for him in given set of parameters.Since due to democracy,political competition in India is best example of pure competitive political environment in which several factors are influencing voters subconscious mind by which a voter can becomes idol or may shift to other party.In fact,in last few years it has been observed that voters transfer rates has becomes very volatile,where voters are shifting & polarized towards different parties in every elections. This is reason why in some election Party X is winning election but next time it becomes looser. Our strategies are a strong bonding force to your political parties by which voters are engaged & stayed with you. Same is issue with mobilization.When ever it is needed,voters should mobilized in your favor, to propagate your agenda is society,to influence inactive or opposition voters. Election Campaign, Communication & Promotion Strategies
  6. 6. The real time management is our unique offerings.Our strategic campaign are devised keeping diversity of Indian voters in mind. These campaigns, activities are so effective because we design it as per diverse need of local culture,need & social norms.we can assures that campaign,jingles and communication developed by us are highly effective on voters mind and are capable to make ever lasting impact on voters psychology.These are Helpful to activate your entire campaigns, to boost & motivate voters to participate in election in your favor,and to add competitors votes in your accounts.This also inject new energy in your workers to execute party high commands policies effectively on ground. In fact, these campaign are quite capable to develop a silent wave in favor of any political party. For this impossible task,we catch and launch the touching agendas before your opposition to keep you steps ahead from your political rivals. by Conversion of oppositions / nonvoters vote into favorable votes. Below The Line Political Activities One Of Our Very Specialise Services.Whether Organising political Rallies,Road Shows,Protest,Political Marches,Mass Awareness On Political Topics etc etc. during elections or in routine time, We Provide Cutting edge strategic consulting to make all your activities successful by motivation mass to get convinced with your agenda and to participate actively in your actions.Our Team designs all activities on micro level to execute to leave ever lasting effects. Training & Development To National/District level Workers For successful management of any political election,it is important that top to bottom level synchronization should be aligned. Our training programmes are meant for better synchronization between top level and bottom level ( ground zero level) workers. It has been observed that there is always gap between understanding of workers & Party’s Strategies/Agenda which results as a major dent.It Is quiet obvious that top leaders can’t reach to every where to train & synchronize the ground zero level workers. Here our strategic Political Training Team Plays Vital role to fill the gap .We activate your workers on Every Unit Working level by providing & arranging political training programme on every district level where we ensure all required strategic capability building session. In this, we tries to educate bottom level workers about the party’s vision,mission,strategy & process that how they have to execute the task. i.e.what they have to do,how they have to do,when they have to,by whom they have to do,for whom they have to do….. & many more…… We also Educate them for entire structures, back support process etc. In this way a better and synchronized efforts delivers effective results. Our training programmes are quite capable to develop strategic political understanding so that every district level headquarters becomes self-managed command center since we transform it into highly developed & self-managed auto-performing unit political strategic center.In this way every center becomes enough capable to manage all tasks,decision-making process,political contingencies and rivalry.Every district level centers is transformed and upgraded into activation center which becomes enough capable to manage voters of his area.
  7. 7. Last But Not Least……. Creating Powerful Political Election Wave In Your Favour The Ultimate wish of any political party that before election there must be a powerful political wave in favour of that party. We becomes instrumental with your ideology to create mass political wave in favour of your party & agendas. Our strategic team will manage the entire campaign process and will help you to deliver voters psychology affecting communications to beat the challenges. Clearly keeping you ahead of your oppositions or challengers. Let In Coming Elections,be proactive and start from today. Experience our unique strategic consulting supports and feel the change in your political career. Post Poll Management:- After winning the elections,it is important to maintain the same reputation to bind the voters so that party’s Image should not deteriorated.We Assist to Political parties to decides their post poll priorities,strategies and execution etc so that repeated performance excellence can be maintained in future elections. Since,as a voter,Indian elections are participated by different class & mentality of voters.The priorities of every voters differs based on local influential factors, hence a niche & Local strategies should be developed for combined national campaign. We offers an advance level,scientific and integrated Traditional & Digital Political Campaign management consultancy services for Municipality election to national elections. For More details and understanding about our unique contribution to manage your campaigns, Political Parties requires to contact us minimum of 6 months before for our services on Following address…. The Consultants Mob+91-8587067685 A Complete Voter Psychology & Behavior Based Strategies Elections Are Opportunity which Comes Once In 5 Years.Let Manage It Wisely At Any Cost.
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