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Where Little Data meets Big Data in Biomedical Research



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Where Little Data meets Big Data in Biomedical Research

  1. 1. RSpace Where Little Data meets Big Data In Biomedical Research TechII Forum Harvard i-lab November 12 2016 Rory Macneil
  2. 2. What problem are we solving?
  3. 3. Whose problem? PhDs and postdocs Principle investigators Research institutions and biotechs Public and private funders
  4. 4. What is RSpace? An electronic lab notebook ‘Google Docs for science’ A research platform for labs, companies and institutions
  5. 5. Who uses RSpace? Labs in universities, medical schools and research hospitals Labs in early stage biotechs
  6. 6. What you can do with RSpace Document experiments Manage protocols Manage and annotate images Manage and link to samples Link to files Share data and collaborate Protect IP Export data to repositories, archives and other systems
  7. 7. Data, file links and metadata Data, file links and metadata Lab file stores Data Institutional File store Repositories Archives Data Data Other systems RSpaceRSpace Data sharing Data preservation Collaboration
  8. 8. Avoid • Application Failure • Lost Files • Broken Links An integrated research workflow with known data and file locations, regardless of where they are moved or stored. Archive and share data, maintaining file links Enter and organize data Electronic lab notebook Coming soon @Harvard Medical School: RSpace – Starfish integration enabling tracking of file locations
  9. 9. In sum A ‘little data’ solution enabling collection, sharing and management of research data in and between labs Through supporting linking to external files and data export to other systems, an interface between ‘little data’ and ‘big data’