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Amplifying IT Relevance by Cynthia Stoddard, CIO, NetApp


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Amplifying IT Relevance by Cynthia Stoddard, CIO, NetApp

  1. 1. Amplify IT Relevance while Shifting to the Cloud Senior Vice President, CIO NetApp April 2014 Cynthia Stoddard
  2. 2. 2 A View into NetApp IT 1 Sharing Our Journey & Knowledge 2 Amplify IT Relevance Along the Way 3 NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  3. 3. 3NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  4. 4.  13,000 employees, 150+ countries  7 IT data center locations  5 Engineering data center locations  ~300 Business Apps; 6 Tier-1 Apps  ~4,000 Systems / ~3,000 Virtual  ~10 PB storage 4 Supporting $6.3B EnterpriseNetApp IT NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  5. 5.  Economic Uncertainty  Accelerated Business Demands  Explosive Data Growth  Fast Adoption of New Technologies  Cost Pressures & Budget Cuts Constantly Balancing Risk, Cost and Agility 5 Same as all IT organizations NetApp IT Challenges NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  6. 6.  One of the most dramatic changes to business & IT in the last 10-15 years  “Classic” IT approaches and architectures are being challenged  Myriad of new technologies – difficult to keep up  Business and IT models must evolve and adapt Compounding Effects to Business & IT Four Major Forces Gartner’s Nexus of Forces 6NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  7. 7. Business Direction, Technology Direction, Executive Forums Who should we buy or partner with ? Thought leadership, Lessons Learned, Best Practices Increasing IT Relevancy Evolving beyond traditional IT 7NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only How to make NetApp products better for IT usage ? NetApp IT Corporate Strategy Product Development Business Development Customer/ Sales
  8. 8. 8NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  9. 9. Agile Efficient Service Oriented Reliable Key characteristics of Cloud Key delivery methods; presenting infrastructure, platform, and software services Infrastructure-as-a- Service (IaaS) Host Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Build Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Consume Key deployment models ranging from open public to enterprise private Hybrid Enterprise Private Open Public 9 Terminology Alignment Cloud Services NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  10. 10. 10 2012-2013 Migrate Dev, Stage Environments to nCloud Migrate BI and DW Environments to nCloud or other cloud solutions Migrate Key Business Processes to SaaS Upgrade Integration Architecture Implement Cloud Governance Private On-premise 2015+ Cloud Orchestration Solution Implement Clustered ONTAP Virtual Private Cloud nCloud Selected SaaS Solutions Commerce Master Data SecurityInnovation Hybrid Cloud is the End-State Our Journey to the Cloud… NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  11. 11. Where we are 11 Cloud @ NetApp NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  12. 12. Hybrid Cloud is the End-State SaaS IaaS Non-Disruptive Operations Virtual Storage Tiering Service Automation and Analytics Storage Efficiency Seamless Scaling Secure Multi-Tenancy Hybrid Cloud is the End State On-Prem IT must address all Clouds! 12NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  13. 13. 13NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  14. 14. 14NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only Hybrid Cloud is the End-State What we learned… Critical Factors for a Successful Shift to the Cloud:  Culture  Governance  Architecture  Security & Privacy  Vendor Management  Financials  IT Skills Shifting to the Cloud
  15. 15. 15 Hybrid Cloud is the End-StateSteps Needed & Lessons Learned Shifting to the Cloud  Educate leaders, consumers, and the IT organization  Become a service broker in addition to an IT builder / provider  Transition to a cloud service delivery business model  Align strategy to a cloud bias  Establish a cloud decision and deployment framework  Manage Risk proactively - from vendor sourcing, to legal policy, to governance  Standardize on service architecture and offerings  Provide end-to-end Cloud Service Orchestration like a Service Provider.  Pick the right cloud management tools (CMP, Open Stack, AWS) CULTURE GOVERNANCE ARCHITECTURE NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  16. 16. 16 Hybrid Cloud is the End-StateSteps Needed & Lessons Learned  Establish Information Security policies for Cloud  Build Security Governance as part of automation  Establish a Cloud Auditor to ensure policies are enforced  Provide vendor process for onboarding cloud providers  Make sure that SLAs are reviewed periodically  Have an exit strategy for cloud providers  Normalized Offerings and SLA for services across Clouds  Change the financial models to drive to a chargeback utility based model  Integrate the right tools for metering with billing systems SECURITY & PRIVACY VENDOR MANAGEMENT FINANCIALS NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only Shifting to the Cloud
  17. 17. 17 REMAINS:  Architecture and Design  Governance  Enterprise Data  Vendor Management  Integration and SOA including Common Services  Innovation & Showcasing REDUCES:  Database, network, server, storage administration  Release management  Incident management  Change management  Develop, QA & Testing  Data Centers Corporate IT skill sets change dramatically Hybrid Cloud is the End-StateRequire different skills in Corporate IT Shifting to the Cloud NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  18. 18. 18NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  19. 19. Provider:  Self-service  Metered use  User focus  Builder Broker:  Vet outside services  Forge relationships with CSPs  Manage/Ensure services IT as Provider & Broker Hybrid Cloud is the End-StateTo enable the Hybrid Cloud … is a Journey Evolving IT Services Public Virtual Private Private & on premise Hybrid Cloud NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  20. 20.  Engage C-level executives from the start: – Business direction  enterprise-wide priorities – Cloud strategy  multi-year roadmap – Execution plan  tangible business results  Partner with business peers throughout the journey: – Cloud decision framework & governance – Metrics & outcomes  Broadcast the transformation of IT: – Shifts in: how we operate, how we act/behave, what we work on – Giant leaps and incremental steps Amplify IT Relevance 20 While shifting to the Cloud Embrace the New Era & Stay Relevant NetApp Confidential - Limited Use Only
  21. 21. Let’s Continue the Conversation  Tweet your questions and comments: – @stoddardCA  Use the hashtag: – #NetAppCIO 22NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only