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The client nation

  1. 1. Rico has developed a program called: The Client Nation. Imagine unlocking the “SECRET CODE” that prohibits your prospects from buying from you. Instead creating a way so that they are magnetically attracted to your business, you instantly understand their “INSTRUCTION MANUAL”, and thus know how to get them to buy. Most clients don’t like to be SOLD but love to BUY. Through “The Client Nation,” Rico unlocks this “SECRET CODE” that all prospects have making them WANT TO BUY FROM YOU!
  2. 2.  The Client Nation will give your organization the tools to understand your employees and client’s “Instruction Manual”
  3. 3.  CEO and founder of Peña Global, LLC. And Founder and Co-creator of Sensational You Professional Business Women's Association.  Rico has been awarded the Outstanding Georgia Citizen and Honorary Lieutenant Colonel award.  Feature in the 2009 Gwinnet’s “People to Know” magazine.  Rico is a dedicated father of two and a loving husband. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA  Rico has served his country proudly as a decorated United States Marine and was honorably discharged in 1995. 
  4. 4.  Rico helps DRIVE RESULTS for individuals, organizations and teams as a:  Business Consultant  Professional Bilingual Speaker  Author  CEO and founder of Peña Global, LLC.
  5. 5.  Rico specializes in showing you (organizations, leaders, and individuals) how to understand your clients, co-workers, and business partners that you deal with on a day-to-day basis.  Imagine having an “Instruction Manual” that shows you the specific steps to unlock the “Secret Code” of getting your prospect to buy from you.  Different people have different personalities, behavior and communications styles, Rico shows you how to instantly identify them and tailor your presentation to them.
  6. 6.  Rico’s program’s are SO GOOD and SO SUCCESSFUL that: -He can take any sale person/ team and create up to 86% turnover cold calling program. MEANING- out of 100 calls he will show you how to set up to 86 appointments. (has case studies to prove it!) -Increase Retail Sales- 15-20%. A major beauty store hired Rico to train there Cosmetic Sales Associates the principles of The Client Nation. Their closing rate improved 20% once they applied the Client Nation -Decrease employee turnover, increase moral, improve employee performance and turn your organization into a SALES MACHINE!
  7. 7.  By hiring Rico and having him teach your organization The Client Nation program you will achieve the following: -Increased Appointments set -Increased Sales -Decreased stress, disorganization and employee turnover -Clarity, purpose and execution strategies for turning your employees into leaders -Turning your client-base into a Referral Machine
  8. 8.  Rico is also a professional bilingual speaker who has taught and spoke for fortune 500 corporations and business entrepreneurs around the nation.  Rico is sought after nation wide as a speaker for his experience in The Client Nation. Through his speaking, engagements he shows organizations how to leverage the secret knowledge of The Client Nation to magnetically attract new clients and drive profits.
  9. 9.  Rico is currently the CEO and founder of Peña Global a behavioral sales training and professional speaking firm that assists companies and organizations how to create clarity, purpose and execution while increasing sales growth and productivity from their staff and management teams.
  10. 10.  Book Rico for your companies next speaking engagement to see how he can help your company!  Call today for case studies outlining results of Rico’s Clients  Rico Peña  770-616-8080  