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Never seen before targeting


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BIG Belo Audience Marketplace (BAM) is proprietary software that delivers coveted audiences to regional advertisers using advanced targeting and performance prospecting. Digital platforms include: display, video, mobile. Implementation requires identifying consumer target, selecting US geography, and outlining success measurements.

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Never seen before targeting

  2. 2. Fear not, citizens!Belo Audience Marketplace (BAM)is the best,most cost efficient,targeted digitalonline solutionthe world hasever seen!
  3. 3. You receive 93%of your desiredonline audienceon brand safewebsites with BAMMore powerful than aspeeding locomotive
  4. 4. Faster than speedof lightYour targeted adcampaign isautomaticallyoptimized – in realtime – with BAM
  5. 5. Like having yourstore in the mallCustomers drop into your website – inpajamas – then toyour brick and mortarwearing whatever**36% of people who respond to ads visit the store2012 Stowell Market Research, of Adults 18+
  6. 6. Master multi-screensYour ad is deliveredto coveted customersby BAM, no matterwhat device they’reon: Smartphone,Desktop, Tablet
  7. 7. No middle menNo hidden costsNo unwanted packagingNo useless hand wringingOne more time, butthis time withexcitement!A highly targetedmarketing solution
  8. 8. NO middle menNO hidden costsNO unwanted packagingNO useless hand wringingYeah baby, that’s BAM!A HIGHLY TARGETEDMARKETING SOLUTION
  9. 9. Double dog dare, yaDefine your covetedcustomer and let BAMgenerate three timesthe results of traditionalbanner ads.1. A current BAM display ad campaign, clocked in January 2013,provided three times the national average click thru rate.Source: KGW Media Group
  10. 10. cdoane@kgw.comContact: