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Breakfast for Learning Presentation

  1. 1. BREAKFASTFOR LEARNING Feeding hungry mindsthroughout the day
  2. 2. Who We AreAs Canada’s first and largestcharity focusing onnourishing children,Breakfast for Learning hasbeen helping support andsustain school basedbreakfast, lunch and snackprograms for 20 years.
  3. 3. How we beganIn 1992, a small groupof forward-thinkingeditors at CanadianLiving magazine madea vision a reality whenthey decided to helpout hungry kids.
  4. 4. Did you know...When a child is hungry it’s hard to learnSchool nutrition programs contribute to: Increased academic performance Decreased tardiness Increased student attendance Positive school climate Decreased disruptive behaviour Increased attentiveness to learning Positive socialization among students Parent and community involvement The Breakfast Program has helped to support our culture of caring and inclusion at the school. Students are more focused when they have eaten, and are more able to be successful in the classroom. – Teacher, Cecil Rhodes School, Winnipeg MB
  5. 5. OUR MISSION Breakfast for Learning is a national charitythat educates, and empowers communitiesto deliver school based nutrition programs,helping children and youth realize their full potential in life. OUR VISION To ensure all kids in Canada attend school well nourished, improving their ability to learn, giving them the best chance of success in life.
  6. 6. Over 2,400 school/community sites, supporting more than 430,000 childrenand youth with the provision of over 67 million nourishing meals and snacks.
  7. 7. BREAKFAST FOR LEARNING PROVIDES:• Child Nutrition Program Grants• Equipment & Appliances• Volunteer and Program Development• Access to Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists• Nutrition Education & Awareness• Advocacy for a National Child Nutrition Strategy
  8. 8. Looking at School Nutrition... Champion and TeamWhat helps in getting started?• What do you want?• What do you have?• What do you need?
  9. 9. Getting StartedNUTRITION PROGRAM MANAGEMENT RESOURCESBreakfast for Learning has developed a number of nutrition program forms to assistyou with managing your nutrition program.Start-Up Kit (PDF: 450KB)Expense Summary (PDF: 24KB)Breakfast for Learnings Menu Planner Template (PDF: 32KB)Monthly Tracking Form (PDF: 27KB)NUTRITION EDUCATION RESOURCESSample Menu Plans from Breakfast for Learnings Registered DietitianRecipesUseful Links
  10. 10. Looking at School Nutrition... Nutrition Policy Does your school have any healthy eating policies in place? School Nutrition Policies are a great way to send a healthy message to your school and community.
  11. 11. Menu for Learning Healthy Breakfast at least 3 of 4 food groups Healthy Snack at least 2 of 4 food groups Healthy Lunch at least 3 of 4 food groups Recipes 254 – 278
  12. 12. Looking at School Nutrition...Program ManagementWho is involved in your school nourishment program? A. Paid staff B. Volunteers C. Teachers D. Students E. Parents
  13. 13. Did you know...There are different ways to deliver a program: Life skills students. Parent, grandparents and staff as volunteers. Vegetable & Fruit program. Hot soup program. Teacher and education assistants as leaders. Home economics programs. Culinary Arts program
  14. 14. Looking at School Nutrition... Healthy Eating PromotionHow does your school promote healthy eating? A. Posters B. Newsletters C. Classroom teaching D. Other
  15. 15. Did you know...There are many great nutrition education activities that can be used inschools:GamesHandoutsPostersStorytelling
  16. 16. Looking at School Nutrition...Nutrition EducationWhat opportunities are there for youth in yourcommunity to prepare foods and learn to cook?A. Home EconomicsB. Kids in the KitchenC. Community KitchenD. Others
  17. 17. Did you know... Involving youth in nourishment programs is a great way to:• Teach cooking skills.• Teach about healthy meals• Teach responsibility.• Give them a gift they will have for life. I really enjoy coming to school early to make smoothies for the other students. I like that they always have snacks in the morning for us. – Student, Kiilinik School in Cambridge Bay, NU
  18. 18. Feeding Hungry Minds Throughout the DayWhen students are provided with food every day, it is one less thing that they have to worry about.All teachers and staff at our school have seen the difference it has made in the students behaviour and performance by providing a daily breakfast.The school climate and students attitudes have become more positive. Some students do not receive regular meals at home but know that at school they will get something to eat.Nutrition education has been making an impact as well, as many students have loved ones who have diabetes as well as other poor nutrition related illnesses.– Teacher, Brochet School, Brochet MB
  19. 19. Our students benefit so much from your donation. Not onlydoes the Breakfast for Learning get our students off to agreat start, but for some it may be their only nutritiousmeal of the day.- Principal, Oscar Blackburn School, South Indian Lake, MB
  20. 20. Thank youOn behalf of the Kitikmeot Heritage Society and the children of Kiilinik School inCambridge Bay, I would like to thank you for continuing to support our children’sprogram. Your amazing work and generous support mean the world to us. Breakfastfor Learning has made a wonderfully positive impact on the lives of many children andwe are so grateful! - Executive Director, Kitikmeot Heritage Society, Cambridge Bay NU
  21. 21. Contact Information www.breakfastforlearning.caAlbertaKristen Wilson Newfoundland/Labrador/Prince Edward Lori Nikkel info@breakfastforlearning.caBritish Columbia/YukonLisa Marie-Jose Mastromonaco quebec@breakfastforlearning.caManitoba/NunavutDaniella DeMare Kelly saskatchewan@breakfastforlearning.caNew Brunswick/Nova ScotiaBonita