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The SMP Career Navigation Cycle, was developed by Steve Preston, Director of SMP Solutions (Career & People Development) Ltd ( and recognised as The Career Catalyst ®.
Over a decade ago, Steve went through his own career transition journey before ultimately achieving a breakthrough career change. As a result of that he became determined to provide other people with an effective and simple process to navigate the career transition maze. He immersed himself in the whole field of career and personal development and discovered that there is a definite process to achieving a successful career change. The result was the SMP Career Navigation Cycle, which has proven its worth with many hundreds of satisfied clients from all sectors. The SMP Career Navigation Cycle works for all types of transition, whether career progression or change and is at the heart of all Steve's books, Online Career Change programme, Coaching programmes and Masterclasses.
To learn more, click through the presentation and also check out slide 9, which is a short video of Steve walking you through his highly acclaimed 6 step Career Navigation Cycle process.
Steve is a regular speaker at many high-profile Conferences, Exhibitions and Professional Associations, writer and a published author of internationally acclaimed 'Winning Through Redundancy - Six steps to navigate your way to a brighter future' and two audio books...the 4 set Career CD/MP3 ‘I Want A Career Change’ and the 2 CD/MP3 set ‘How Colourful is your Umbrella - Create a working life where you will enjoy Mondays as much as Fridays’, which is to help open up your mind to an alternative portfolio working lifestyle where you can derive income from a number of different passions, interests, talents and skills, doing what you love! All these products are available via his www.steveprestonthecareercatalyst website or and .com.

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SMP Career Navigation Cycle

  1. 1. You are what you think! To tackle any major change you have to change your thinking -learn to look forward not back
  2. 2. Re-evaluate your values and needs + what isimportant to you in yourcareer and life and why!
  3. 3. You need to know whoyou are and what you have to offer – your complete package
  4. 4. Research, Network,Utilise Social Media
  5. 5. Know what you want and where to find it
  6. 6. The future may look scary or exciting. Either way you must followthrough with your career action plan to succeed!