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Raport de sustenabilitate Maguay


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Maguay Romania, unul dintre principalii jucatori de pe piata locala de IT&C, a publicat primul raport de Sustenabilitate referitor la activitatile locale. Acesta face referire la activitatile derulate in anul 2013, iar raportul a fost publicat in august 2014.

Este important de mentionat ca raportul este in engleza, desi compania este un producator local, fara varianta in limba romana. Raportul se bazeaza pe regulile de raportare GRI/G4. Cu toate acestea raportul nu se regaseste in baza de date a GRI si nu a fost verificat de aceasta organizatie.

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Raport de sustenabilitate Maguay

  1. 1. MAGUAY IMPEX SRL Sustainability Report
  2. 2. 2014 About our company Maguay is a top Romanian IT company, with a rich history of over 21 years and valuable experience as system builder, software developer and IT System Integrator. We want our name, Maguay, to represent an example of consistent and professional company and carefully monitor this. Therefore, we only promote products based on the latest technology, backed by prompt technical support and best quality. We believe that in IT field the only viable choice is reliability and performance and we know that those two can be provided only by professionals. For this reason, Maguay team knowledge is maintained at the highest possible level. Thus, we offered practical solutions, efficient and sustainable. Maguay’s headquarter is located in Bucharest, and there are also branches offices in other 4 cities in Romania: Ploiesti, Targoviste and Constanta. The purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report is to clearly and openly present to the public our efforts, results, strategies, and objectives in the field of CSR. The CSR Report was published in August 2014, and includes our programs and performance data in the areas of environmental protection, corporate governance, and social participation for the period from January 1 2013, to December 31, 2013. The scope of this report includes our headquarter located in Bucharest, but also our subsidiaries from Constanta, Ploiesti and Targoviste. The structure of this report is based on the GRI/G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). that includes profile disclosure and performance indicators regarding economy, society and environment. 2
  3. 3. Maguay at a Glance • Maguay is the largest Romanian manufacturer of servers and PCs, according to IDC; • The e-learning portal developed by Maguay at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi has over 16,000 active and registered students and is the biggest e-learning portal in East and Eastern Europe; • Maguay’s portofolio of e-learning portals included portals on Microsoft and SAP technologies, two of the most important generators of software technologies in the world; • iTrack solution monitoring a number of 10.000 vehicles in Romania • Maguay equipments incorporate always the latest technology, can be configured, are tested, validated and certified by technology generators: Intel, Microsoft, VMware, Oracle, Nexenta, etc. • Maguay developed in 2012 the first Ultrabook ™ PC line produced in Romania - Ultrabook ™ MyWay; • One of the 16 places in Intel Board of Advisors on EMEA is owned by Maguay, represented by Eduard Pughin; • Maguay is present in 5 locations: Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Ploiesti, Targoviste and has a national distribution and support network. In order to save paper and help the environment, this report is available in electronic format on the company website. We welcome all suggestions, news, or inquiries regarding the report. Contact point for questions regarding the report or its contents. Pavel Pughin, General Manager,; +4 021-210.38.33 Letter from Pavel Pughin, CEO of Maguay On 21 years on the Romanian market, we have accumulated a rich experience in IT, with numerous accreditations and awards for our efforts concentrated in the development of advanced hardware and software solutions. Maguay ensures the highest production standards, consistent use of the latest, cutting edge tehnologies and a large spectrum of application areas for its customizable products. 3
  4. 4. With a deep commitment for the environment and community, we have strong focus on industrial quality and Green IT, but also on lowering the Total Cost of Ownership for our products: acquisition price plus operating costs for 3 years! Maguay’s business philosophy is to meet the technological needs of the present while preserving the environmental heritage and energy future of generations to come. Our strategy is based on our corporate values and Corporate Principles, and sets out guidelines for a sustainable business in six fields of activities: customers, products, employees, the company, society and the environment. In order to fulfill its mission, Maguay must be able to rely on great many highly specialized employees. The aim of its succession management plan is to preserve the required expertise in a changing environment. The company also counts on continuous employee training to maintain a qualified workforce. The company’s values Our customers are our partners and their satisfaction is the best reference for us. We understand their needs and we offer them fully customizable solutions, aiming at increasing their business performance by implementing cutting-edge IT solutions. The people from MAGUAY team are those who successfully present and transmit the values of MAGUAY company. We continuously invest in the development of our employees’ skills which help them pursue training courses, obtaining certifications from Intel, VMWare, Nexenta, Oracle and others. Excellence - we seek to be the best at what we do, carefully and passionately developing IT solutions. A proof is the thoroughness with which our systems are spliced inside, MAGUAY being the first domestic manufacturer that introduced this cable management technique on the Romanian market. Success is our goal in business. We love the competitive spirit, we know how to organize our resources and we seek to obtain the best results. Thus, we obtained various awards for our products and accreditations from technology leaders such as Intel, Microsoft. Innovation is our passion. Always up to date with trends in IT, we have developed complete and complex solutions based on the latest technologies. We are time efficient and we can guarantee a fast response to client’s needs. 4
  5. 5. Primary brands, product and services Romanian System Builder Maguay has built and certified its own trademarks of IT systems – mobile (MyWay), desktop PCs (OfficePower, GamePower, PowerStation), servers (eXpertServer, PowerServer) and storage (eXpertStor, PowerStor). Maguay is the oldest partners of Intel, in Romania – system builder with Intel Tehnology Provider Platinum L2 Certification. Server systems are the main focus of Maguay activity and our company has a rich experience in server architectures: • We delivered the first servers in 1998, some of them are still in operations; • Full range of delivered and managed server architecture; Maguay servers are established names on the Romanian market. According to IDC, MAGUAY is the largest Romanian server system builder. In the last 3 years, MAGUAY was on the 5th place in Top 5 Server vendors. The company is Intel Server Local Leader for Central and Eastern Europe since 2009 and Intel Board of Advisors member since 2013. As a system builder, Maguay has also developed its own PC lines brands, both for laptop and desktop. 5
  6. 6. The portable PCs line is called “MyWay” and each product can be configured accordingly with the client’s needs (processor, memory, hard drive, display, video, design and many more). This is how our line supports our clients’ professional and personal development, sustaining their activity up to the finest details (their way). The first Ultrabook™ PC developed in Eastern Europe was MyWay U1401i, the first Maguay Ultrabook™. Our desktop PCs can be addressed to both Business-to-Business and Business-to- Consumer, as their performance varies very much: offices are best equipped with OfficePower, architects will face the needed power with an ExpertStation, or a PowerStation and gamers will always choose one of the GamePower systems. Maguay systems provides reasonable fair price-performance ratio. Their already well known reliability is based on integrated configurations and original, certified components. Romanian Software Developer Maguay has the skills needed to develop software applications designed for efficient and proper administration of organizations, based on customers requirements. The most important are: • E-learning Solutions: Providing complete e-learning portals for both academic and corporate environment. The portalul include e-Learning ALRS Back Office and ALRS Quiz Master modules; • Collaboration solutions & portals; • Document Management Solutions; • Health Solutions; • iTrack – Advanced Fleet Management Solution. For our e-learning solutions, we are proud to mention the projects we implemented for The University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” from Iasi, e-Learning project at General Secretariat of the Government, e-Learning project at National Intelligence Academy “Mihai Viteazul” as well the business simulator we created for University Ovidius Constanta, in collaboration with the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. IT System Integrator 6
  7. 7. Turn-key solutions: hardware&software infrastructure and customized software applications Integration into a unified and coherent system hardware and software infrastructures with standard business applications or developed according to the beneficiary’s requirements: • Organization-optimization-consolidation of IT infrastructure, including data- center; • Virtualization - VDI Desktop Virtual, VDI, Data Center Virtual, Private Cloud; • Integrated security solutions; • Big Data infrastructure; • Professional solutions of collaborative platform for organizations; • Solution for document management and business flows; • The development and delivered of Enterprise Solutions, Unified collaboration and communications solutions based on Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Live Communication and Microsoft Active Directory. Maguay has been involved as IT integrator in many complex projects, providing both hardware and software solutions, but also implementation of information systems (ERP, CRM and complex e-Commerce platforms). Maguay solutions target both public institutions and private companies. These are reflected in our everyday lives: in our homes, in the Romanian education, in medical institutions, in research institutes, military units and privat companies. 7
  8. 8. Operational structure of the organization Our organizational model for corporate governance is divided into 2 levels, the board of directors, and head of departments. Our board of directors is responsible for ensuring that the company is operated in conformity to government regulations, including avoiding conflicts of interest and managing the overall operations of the company. This company possesses an operating team and board of directors that composed of experienced professional managers and the board of directors. 8
  9. 9. Head Quarter of MAGUAY-IMPEX S.R.L in in Bratului Street, No . 23, 2nd District, Bucharest, 20565, Romania Subsidiaries in: Targoviste: Mircea cel Batran Bd., Bl. X1C, tel.: 0245-21.21.81 Ploiesti: Gheorghe Doja Street, no. 31, Bl. 34C, tel.: 0244-54.28.06 Constanta: I.G. Duca Bd, no. 71, tel.: 0241-54.20.33 Maguay operates only in Romania, but is planning on extending its activity in other countries from the Central and Eastern Europe. S.C. Maguay Impex S.R.L is a private corporation, with two shareholders, Corvin Gabriel Pughin si Pavel Pughin. We tackle the specialized national market in two ways: though a direct presence and local partners. Maguay systems can be purchased on, and Domo stores, both online and retail. We want the name Maguay to resonate consistency and professionalism and we carefully follow this purpose. That is why we only offer products based on the newest available technologies, all accompanied by prompt technical support and best quality. We have national coverage and offer full support to our clients. • Number of employees: 45 • Net sales (for private sector organizations) or net revenues (for public sector organizations); Net Sales (RON) 2013 2012 2011 27.595.340 34.210.650 40.050.270 9
  10. 10. • Total capitalization broken down in terms of debt and equity (for private sector organizations); N/A • Quantity of products or services provided: IT Equipment production, sales and service/ Design, development and implementations of computer and data transmission network/ IT Project Management. Products provided (Quantities) 2013 2012 2011 PCs 2.713 4.721 10.220 Notebooks 1.444 4.424 2.060 Servers 182 139 273 Server quantities for 2013 are for the physical servers. Maguay provide also to his customers virtual servers, based on VMware and / or Microsoft platforms. In last years sales of physical servers decreased because of a growing demand for virtual servers. In 2013 sales of virtual servers were 150 units. According to IDC, MAGUAY is the largest Romanian server system builder. In the last 3 years, Maguay was on the 5th place in Top 5 Server vendors, with 2,2% market share in 2013. Award received in the reporting period 2013 • Diploma of Excellence for the 1st place on “Top of Companies” during 2008 - 2012 offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bucharest; • At the "National Top of Companies", MAGUAY IMPEX SRL came first in the "Manufacturing of computers and peripheral equipment"; • 1st place in National Top of Private Companies in Romania for the turnover at small companies category. The award was offered by the National Council of Private Small and Medium Enterprises in Romania; • Maguay MyWay B1503i – CHIP Test Winner 2013; 10
  11. 11. Report Scope and Boundary Maguay will attempt to respond to all core data requests. If core questions request data that we do not collect or cover issues outside our business, then explanations will be provided. We will attempt to answer additive, non-core questions. Maguay is using assessment tools for customer satisfaction since 2003, so we gather information periodically about our work and services. Also, the business partners are already involved or interested in responsible practice of our firm. Therefore, the indicators covers information that resulted from interaction with the related parties, such as customers and suppliers, informations that have made us paying attention to certain aspects of products and services quality, employee training. • Stakeholders likely to use the information included are: 1. Maguay’s customers and business partners 2. Maguay’s employees 3. Financial investment analysts 4. Nongovernmental organizations 5. Academic communities 6. Governments Reporting period for information provided: 2013 Reporting cycle: every year The report reffers to our headquarter located in Bucharest, but also our subsidiaries from Constanta, Ploiesti and Targoviste. There are cases in which financial and non-financial data is requested at local level for which Maguay does not collect that data or the information is considered proprietary and confidential. In those instances where data is not available it will be stated in the response. Information to answer GRI questions comes from multiple business units, functional areas and geography teams across Maguay. To the extent possible, the responses are complete and detailed. 11
  12. 12. Maguay’s results are achieved through subsidiaries, outsourced operations and other entries will be presented in the financial reports presented in this report. Governance, Commitments and Engagement Currently, the company has two shareholders, Pavel Pughin and Corvin Gabriel Pughin. They are directly envolved in the business, as Pavel Pughin is also the General Manager of the company and Corvin Gabriel Pughin is the Commercial Manger. The structure of the top management is: Title Name Gender Role General Manager Pavel Pughin M Overall corporate management Commercial Manger Corvin Gabriel Pughin M Management of the business operations Sales Manager Izabela Bota F Management Support, setting sales strategy Tehnical Manager Silviu Uta M Management Support, setting tehnical directions At Maguay, we believe that effective internal communication is vital to achieving our business objectives, and communication and consultation strengthen the relationship between management and employees. Every year, employee surveys are held, in order to measure their satisfaction. This allows employees to communicate their concerns to the business management. As for shareholders, there are regular meetings held between shareholders, were important issues are discussed, such as the company’s strategy for short term and long term. Maguay's stakeholders include: • Customers • Employees • Investors • Suppliers • Government agencies • Communities • Neighbors • Non-governmental organizations • Industry standard-setting organizations 12
  13. 13. These feedback mechanisms provide us with information to help improve our environmental, social and economic performance. We use their input to help guide our community programs, such as volunteerism and grants. Maguay engages with a wide range of stakeholders on issues that affect the company's operations. During business planning, we take into account external principles and guidelines. We also participate in industry and trade groups at local, regional, state and national levels to address emerging issues. We are committed to develop industry-wide approaches to environmental and social challenges, for which we cooperate with governments, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders on common concerns. Data on performance In the past three years, Maguay’s total revenues have encountered a decrease. Facing difficult times, while many local producers decided to close their doors, Maguay has managed to keep its steady peace and provide premium technologies to its customers. 2013 2012 2011 Total Revenues (RON) 27.595.340 34.210.650 40.050.267 As shown in the above table, revenues totaled 27.595.340 RON in 2013. This includes revenues as reported, as well as net gain on the sale of assets and equity investments, and interest and dividend income. As an active organization, we are well aware that the climate change is affecting the way our business takes place and influences directly the business decision making process. Facing the challenges of the economic crisis, Maguay revenues decreased. At Maguay, we believe that smaller steps, but more secure steps are usually better to undertake. This philosophy has been proven to be right as many of the local IT producers faded under the pressures of the economic crisis. Pension provision forms part of our total employment package, which is aligned to the needs of our employees and the markets in which we operate. Core Maguay did not receive financial governmant support during the reporting period. There is no difference in what concerns the entry level wages for the same working position, but the entry level wages can vary very much from one department to another, 13
  14. 14. based on their contribution to the economic activity of Maguay. This applies also for Bucharest and the other 3 workspaces that Maguay has in Romania. We pursue a long-term approach in dealings with our customers and stakeholders, thereby also we make a significant contribution towards their economic development. Our company understands the need of increasing technology usage among Romania, and especially in the country areas. This is why in March 2012, Maguay has joined the Digital Alliance for Romania, a movement that sustains the digital inclusion of inhabitants, as the Digital Agenda for Europe 2020 says and it is supported by public and private organizations. It is included in Maguay’s vision the need to support Romanians to achieve a better life by using technology. Maguay provides important impulses for the education industry through innovation and new products, which are sold and implemented among educational institution across Romania. As a socially responsible company, we want to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions to a sustainable level. The expectation of all of our stakeholders is that we continue to make progress in reducing discharges of climate change gases. Maguay is in progress for Ecolabel and EPEAT certification of the own systems and laptops on the new criteria. Given the complexity of our products, calculation of percentage of recycled content is not applicable, more significant are our efforts to design out materials that can be easily recycled. As we are affiliated to the ECOTIC Association, helps us to facilitate for our customers with safe recycling programs. ECOTIC has over 400 collection points across Romania, where inhabitants can deposit out of usage electric equipment. ECOTIC has had a rate of collecting IT equipment of 37.52%, a total of 8980 tones of WEEE. Since May 2007, when the association was launched, there have been collected more than 45.000 tones of WEEE. For 2012, ECOTIC has facilitated the collection of 37% of the EEE equipment that Maguay has issued on the market (4.12 tones), with a total of 80% recycling and reuse and 85.6 % of WEEE recovery. Over 30 projects, awareness and collection campaigns, were conducted by ECOTIC and its partners, some of which we remind: "I want a cleaner Romania", "Eco Education," "Be Our Hero", "Recycle with ECOTIC", "It is time to say goodbye to old equipment. " Maguay is a member of ECOLOGIC 3R for recuperating and recycling packaging material. Ecologic 3R is a national operator licensed with License no. 1 in January 2006 and relicense the license no. 3 in September 2013 by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change in order to take over the obligations regarding the achievement of annual targets for recovery and recycling of packaging waste has as main objective the development of an integrated waste management system for all types of packaging, 14
  15. 15. provided in HG899/2004 from the operators responsible, ensuring the efficiency of the collection, recovery, recycling, in order to meet annual targets for recovery and recycling. ECOLOGIC 3R manages the following types of waste packages: paper and carton box, plastic, glass, metal, wood. Our energy consumption varies from year to year, from month to month, depending on our activity work flows. As Figure no. 1 shows below, on July and August the lever of energy consumption has been the highest, due to increase demand in sales, but also because Romania’s climate is very warm during summer and the usage of air conditioning systems is necessary in order to maintain a good workplace. The peak of energy consumption has been reached in August 2012, with a total consumption rate of 12884 Kw and the lowest rate of consumption was reached in January 2011 (6031 Kw). The average monthly consumption rate in 2013 was of 8666 Kw, with a decrease of 0.75%, compared to 2012 (average consumption rate was of 8731 Kw). Table no. 1 Energy consumption for Maguay, 2011-2013 Jan. Febr. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. TOTAL 2013 9216 8428 8416 8716 8376 8520 10300 10380 7512 8532 7376 8220 103992 2012 8240 8100 7276 7700 7628 8556 10160 12884 7284 8328 8576 10040 104772 2011 6031 6185 7284 6324 8320 7560 9892 10544 8940 10004 8056 7560 96700 Figure No.1 The energy consumption for Maguay, 2011-2013 Since november 2006, Maguay moved in a new building, designed and constructed specially for our tip of business. For our new headquarter in Bucharest we tried to follow 15
  16. 16. rules for environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in the Design, Construction and Operation. Maguay building has received an energy performance certificate and was evalueted as a C grade efficiency as seen in the Figure no. 2. Figure no. 2. Energy performance certificate for the building As for the natural gas consumption, this source of energy is primary use for heating Maguay’s headquarter in Bucharest. In 2011 the average monthly consumption was of 1479 mc, in 2012 it decreased to 1337 mc. In 2013 it increase slowly, as it was registered an average value of 1402 mc. Still, the highest consumption rate was registered in 2011 December (5768 mc). As seen in the graph below, the biggest usage of natural gas is between October and March, during the cold season in Romania. In 2013 the usage of natural gas between July and September was 0. Table no. 2 Natural gas consumption for Maguay, 2011-2013 Jan. Febr. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. TOTAL 2013 3335 3335 3334 348 349 349 0 0 0 1925 1925 1925 16825 2012 3297 3297 3297 305 305 304 31 32 32 1716 1716 1716 16048 2011 2063 2066 2955 531 396 398 184 397 164 402 2428 5768 17752 16
  17. 17. Figure No.2 Natural gas consumption for Maguay, 2011-2013 Energy consumption oftside of the organization include gasoline and diesel consumption. Our cars work on gasoline and diesel fuel. For us, travelling to clients and delivering the products across Romania are two important aspects. Also, we need to supply stocks for our headquarters in Ploiesti, Constanta and Targoviste. For this, we use our company’s cars and external delivery services. Our diesel consumption varied in these 3 years as following: Table no. 3 Diesel consumption for Maguay, 2011-2013 Jan. Febr. March April. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. TOTAL 2013 2020,39 1759,81 2162,97 1931,03 2077,66 1828,86 2046,49 1684,46 2093,69 1811,61 1486,54 1466,35 22369,86 2012 1979 1902 2428 2586 2635 3036 2434 3016 2386 2538 2183 2135 29258 2011 1356 1310 2383 1760 1924 2125 2099 1537 1843 2163 1853 1996 22349 17
  18. 18. Figure no. 3 Diesel consumption, 2011-2013 The peak of consumption was reached in June 2012, 3036 liters. The average consumption rate vary from one year to another and in 2013 the consumption descrease with 23.54% comparative with 2012 (1862 liters in 2011, 2438 liters in 2012 and 1864 liters in 2013). Our gasoline consumption varied in these 3 years as following: Table no. 4 Gasoline consumption for Maguay, 2011-2013 Jan. Febr. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. TOTAL 2013 171,01 199,02 324,68 501,79 347 506,75 476,72 538,44 237,17 360,06 717,57 371,48 4751,69 2012 116 125 91 168 315 186 481 696 310 136 53 106 2783 2011 269 279 160 175 228 292 218 277 100 93 100 169 2360 18
  19. 19. Figure no. 4 Gasoline consumption, 2011-2013 The peak of gasoline consumption was reached in November 2013 717,57 liters. The average consumption rate does increase from one year to another (197 liters- in 2011, 231 liters- in 2012, 396 liters -in 2013). The average monthly resources consumption rate within and outside of the organization for 2011, 2012 and 2013 were: Table no. 5 Average of resources consumption between 2011-2013 2011 2012 2013 Electricity (Kw) 8058 8731 8666 Natural gas (mc) 1479 1337 1402 Diesel (l) 1862 2438 1864 Gasoline (l) 197 232 396 19
  20. 20. Figure no. 5 Average of resources consumption between 2011- 2013 As for total energy consumption, we have recorded the following: 2011 2012 2013 Electricity (Kw) 96700 104772 103992 Natural gas (mc) 17752 16048 16825 Diesel (l) 22349 29258 22370 Gasoline (l) 2360 2783 4752 Total energy consumption 139161 152861 147939 Table no. 6 Evolution of resources consumption between 2011-2013 20
  21. 21. Figure no. 6 Evolution of resources consumption between 2011-2013 The energy consumption reported above includes the operational sites of the Maguay Group in Bucharest, Romania. In 2013 compared to 2012, Maguay managed to reduce its energy consumption with 3,22%. In 2012 consumption grew with 9,84%. A major reason for the increse on consumption was the whether in summer with unusually long warm periods which added to the need for cooling in the operational premises. Our products are ENERGY STAR qualified products. ENERGY STAR products are independently certified to save energy without sacrificing features or functionality. Saving energy helps prevent climate change. ENERGY STAR is the trusted symbol for energy efficiency helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy-efficient products and practices. The ENERGY STAR label was established to: • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants caused by the inefficient use of energy; and • Make it easy for consumers to identify and purchase energy-efficient products that offer savings on energy bills without sacrificing performance, features, and comfort. We have a broad range of products with Energy Star label as seen in Figure no 7, an extract form Energy Star site at the present. As IT industry is a growing and changing industry we plan to obtain Energy Star label for products that will be in our portofolio. 21
  22. 22. 22
  23. 23. Figure no.7 ENERGY STAR qualified products 23
  24. 24. We are well-aware of the need to use efficiently current resources. A significant improvement of resources usage has been achieved in 2007, when our headquarter located in Bucharest was moved into a new building, designed properly for moderate water and energy consumption. Our policy encourages our employees to have a moderate use of water and energy. To impove water consumption we intent to equippe our hand washers, toillets ans showers with water sense products. Our primary source of water include water supplied by local authorities and partially treated industrial and domestic wastewater, also supplied by local authorities. Our headquarter located in Bucharest has followed the following consumption rate between 2011 to 2013: Table no. 8 Water consumption(mc) for Maguay, 2011-2013 Jan. Febr. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. TOTAL 2013 33 57 65 63 61 50 70 67 93 45 41 37 682 2012 33 55 39 44 55 57 69 62 58 47 46 33 598 2011 46 132 49 48 62 42 53 50 132 68 9 18 709 Figure no. 8 Water consumption (mc) for Maguay, 2011-2013 In 2011 the average monthly consumption was of 709 mc, in 2012 it decreased to 598 mc. In 2013 it increase slowly, as it was registered an average value of 682 mc. Still, the highest consumption rate was registered in 2011 February and September (132 mc) and the lowest consumpian rate was registered in 2011 November (9 mc). 24
  25. 25. Maguay is an active member of the ASSOCLIC program, developed by ECOTIC. This program facilitates access to 3400 computers fully equipped to people in need. This program aims to encourage the projects that have an important social and educational impact in their local community. Another initiative that we embraced was, an online platform on which owners of electric equipment can store them responsibility after using them. On this platform, both companies and end-users can fill in a request to solicit Ateliere Fara Frontiere to come and pick up their goods. We have a “Buy-back” program that allows current clients to come back to us with their old devices and offer them a discount on a new product. After collecting these devices, we will proceed to their disposal, together with the ECOTIC Association. Maguay’s business is of the type that normally does not generate significant fines or sanctions for for noncompliance with environmental laws and regulations . Our headquarter is in an accesible location by public transport such as: the subway, car and tram and we encourage our employee to use public transportation. Also, we have a guarded parking lot, so we offer to our employee space to keep their bikes safe. To deliver our products we have a contract with a courier company, so that outside Bucharest, in the rest of the country, we do not use our delivery van. 25
  26. 26. MAGUAY TEAM Employment Number of employees in 2013 was 45 people, women (37,77%) and men (62,23%) as shown in table no. 9. The average length of their employee contract is of 5 years and 3 months, which can denote that the work environment is favorable for our employees; they feel very committed to the company and help Maguay continue on its ascending path. Maguay’s most important ambassadors are its employees. They forge the company's image and 26
  27. 27. represent Maguay in their day-to-day contact with customers and many other stakeholders. This is why, we invest a lot of time in training them and making them aware of what our company stands for and what are its objectives. Rate of new employee hires in 2013 was 8.33%. Average age of Maguay team is 35. Management Gender Number of persons Age group Percentage Men 1 Over 50 years old 25% Men 2 30 – 50 years old 50% Women 1 30 – 50 years old 25% Sales department Gender Number of persons Age group Percentage Men 8 30 – 50 years old 57% Women 6 30 – 50 years old 43% Technical department Gender Number of persons Age group Percentage Men 2 Over 50 years old 14% Men 9 30 – 50 years old 65% Men 1 Under 30 years old 7% Woman 1 30 – 50 years old 7% Woman 1 Over 50 years old 7% Economic department (conta +import+export) Gender Number of persons Age group Percentage Men 1 Under 30 years old 20% Women 4 30 – 50 years old 80% Marketing department Gender Number of persons Age group Percentage Men 1 Under 30 years old 33% Women 2 30 – 50 years old 67% Administrative department Gender Number of persons Age group Percentage Men 3 30 – 50 years old 60% Women 2 30 – 50 years old 40% Tabel no. 9 employee category according to gender, age group Part-time and contract employees have similar access to health and retirement benefits as full-time employees, as well as access to public holidays and company’s teambuilding activities. Benefits to vacation are prorated for part-time employees. Core Type of benefit Health Care Yes Life Insurance No Disability Coverage Yes Employee Assistance Program Yes Pension Plan Yes 27
  28. 28. Maternity Leave Yes Paternity Leave Yes Sickness Leave Yes Deferred bonus and deferred pay Yes Long-term Incentives Yes Annual Incentives Yes Stock Ownership N/A The above benefits are standard for the majority of full-time employees and part-time employees. The emplyees have acces to a full coverage health services offered by "CDT Victor Babes" Medical Center. We have registered 6 maternity leaves, with a 100% return rate to work. We provide advance notice in accordance to our internal rules. All employees are informed by e-mail and regular meetings (on departments or regional meetings). Minimul notice periods for employees in case of operational changes are 30 days. Average hours of training per year per employee by gender, and by employee category. Average hours of training per employee Total hours of training for all employees 949.2 hours Employees receiving training (as percentage of group) 42 (67,74%) Average hours of training per employee 22.6 hours Training and further education are a central theme at the Company. In the year under review, employees attended internal and external education and further training events for around 22 hours on average. All new employees are well integrated in the existing teams and are provided with series of trainings that will help them understand our business climate. At Maguay, we promote learning and training at all levels of our organizations, with 67,74% of our employees receiving training during 2013. We offer a variety of training options including internal training courses delivered by our human resources department, funding for external training courses where relevant training cannot be provided internally, as well as funding and support for educational development. A number of our employees have completed part-time or distance learning degree programs relevant to their position or career development, both funded and supported by 28
  29. 29. Maguay. Our employees also attend regular courses held by our partners – Intel, VMware, Microsoft, Oracle, Nexenta, Fortinet and many more. Add All of our employees benefit from an annual evaluation process and career counseling. Our company’s policy includes sending our regular feedback requests to our employees. This is how we observe their perspective on different matters. Local Communities Core Maguay is a company focused on the future and on creating value. We serve Romania in a profitable partnership with our shareholder, our customers, our suppliers and society as a whole. In this spirit, we have developed a local community for gamers. We attend in September 2013 for the first time on Dreamhack, the biggest eSport event hosted in Bucharest, Romania. On Maguay booth we presented the newest gaming line products (PCs and notebooks). On Dreamhack 2013 attend over 10.000 visitors. Also, our objective for the next year (2014) is to develop our gaming enthusiasts community, by organizing competitions for the most popular games of the moment in partnership with Domo, the most dynamic retailer of household appliances and IT. In addition to supporting the gaming community, Maguay will launch a new brand of high- performance systems based on the latest technology. Other community developed by Maguay is called “Geeks Together”. Starting as a series of get together events, the community is now sustained on an online platform (, that integrates its own social network, a dedicated forum and a blog section in which Maguay’s representatives present the newest technologies and bring valuable information to the community. The principles set out in this community reflect our intent to be a dynamic enterprise, a leader in technology and a major force for change in our industry and society. The Geeks Toghether community of Facebook has 187 members. On the dedicated Facebook page ( there are 892 fans (July 2014), with a ratio of 38,9% female and 60.5% male. Our audience is mainly located in big cities from Romania, such as Bucharest, Galati, Constanta, Brasov, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca. 29
  30. 30. Also, Maguay supports „Ana and Children” Association”, an association that began to work in child protection and family since 2007 and currently provides services to 200 children and 100 families Bucharest, Calarasi, Giurgiu and Buzau. Association "Ana and Children" is a humanitarian, non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit with the mission family and school dropout prevention through education, social, medical and legal, leisure and socialization, information activities, actions and measures of social awareness and the establishment of social services and support for the community. Maguay has provided equipments for an IT laboratory, for childrens use. 30
  31. 31. We are a constant company that participate in schools programs like „To know more, to be better!". The program aims to develop the talents and skills of young people in extracurricular concerns as varied and interesting areas through non-formal learning activities adjusted to their needs. Maguay wants a transparent and fair market and has formulated a clear policy that prohibits our employees from accepting or offering bribery of any kind. To this mean, Maguay developed in 2013 an Internal Ethics Code. The work to maintain a high level of employee awareness about and respect for this policy and to support and further develop local anticorruption initiatives is an ongoing process at Maguay. Employees are accountable for the damage done to the company in case of illegal operations. All measures were included in the Internal Ethics Code. e PRODUCT RESPONSABILITY By launching our own line of portable systems, named MyWay, we encourage our customers, both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer, to choose the product (and configuration) that fits their needs the best. Technology should be a supporter of their current activities and passions, and our company understands this and tries to provide the best to its clients. Our sales support team always asks what their needs are and try to help them in the acquisition process. We take a special care of them, by providing useful information on how to use the equipment. Type of products: notebooks, desktop PCs, servers, Maguay own brands.he energy efficiency of our products through our website and publicatioooks, ns on our website. Add 31
  32. 32. We like to be in contact with our customers and for us, their buying experience is really important. To test the value of our services, we organize yearly surveys with our clients. On the last survey we organized on our customers, we had the following results: 32
  33. 33. As these graphs show, our clients have been very satisfied with the quality of the performed services and given attention. Our employees are well-trained and have successfully responded to their requests, providing them with both quality technical support during the acquisition process, but also with quality service support and maintenance. In 2013, there were no substantiated complaints against Maguay concerning breaches of employee or customer privacy or losses of personal data. Maguay’s business is of the type that normally does not generate significant fines or sanctions for violations of prevailing laws or ordinances. 0% 2% 11% 13% 73% NOT SATISFIED SATISFIED GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT Quality of Equipment 0% 0% 11% 18% 71% NOT SATISFIED SATISFIED GOOD VERY GOOD EXCELLENT Quality of Technical Support 33
  34. 34. INDEX Page  About our company 2 - 3  Letter from CEO 3 - 4  Primary brands, product and services 4 - 6  Operational structure of the organization  Location of organization's headquarters  Markets served  Awards received in the reporting period 7 - 9  Report Scope and Boundary  Reporting period 9  Governance, Commitments and Engagement 10  Data on performance 11 – 21  Maguay Team - Employment 22 – 24  Local Communities 24 – 26  Product Responsability 27 - 28