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Demo Zone- Virtual Piggy


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Published in: Business
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Demo Zone- Virtual Piggy

  1. 1. SOCIAL E-COMMERCE PLATFORM To monetize a multi billion global youth market 1
  2. 2. Ecommerce for the Youth Market Virtual Piggy allows kids to safely spend, save and give online while under full parental control COPPA Compliant 2
  3. 3. Virtual Piggy Mobile Payments1) Simple and safe mobile shopping with Virtual Piggy• Paying with Virtual Piggy on a mobile device is simple, safe and quick• Username and password is all that is required to make a transaction• All fulfillment information such as shipping address and payment method is communicated between the Virtual Piggy family wallet and the merchant• No personally identifiable information is given by the youth to the merchant March   Piggy  2) Making payments in-store using Virtual Piggy Money  In:   $20   Money  Out:   $6.72  • In-store payments can be made using the Virtual Piggy wallet• We are working with partners to expand and enhance the online-offline experience for youth $13.28   Available:   PIN   Enter  you   - using Virtual Piggy mobile Log  In   SHOP   HERE   with   Check  in  to  unlock  specials,  explore  what’s   Home   Savings   Friends   Nearby   nearby,  and  pay  with  your  mobile!   @virtualpiggy   3
  4. 4. Mobile PaymentsExample Fathead Mobile• Merchant has a mobile optimized shopping experience• Virtual Piggy provides a safe and simple payment experience 4
  5. 5. In-Store with Virtual Piggy MobileTeens/Tweens can purchase items in-store using Virtual PiggySpend what you need from your weekly allowance – no need for cash or to buy a gift card upfront Spend  what  you  need  from   your  weekly  allowance  –  no   need  for  cash  or  to  buy  a  gi9   card  upfront   5
  6. 6. Keeping Parents in the Know Parent Notification If the parent elects to – they are notified when their child checks into a store, including pre-approved spending limits for the store and their child’s current allowance balance This helps minimize concerns that kids will run out, lose cash, or spend on unsuitable products and services 6
  7. 7. Merchant Network1 eCommerce Platforms 2 Payment Processors 125,000 100+ 250,000 20,000 350,000 5,000 $100 M 500,000 Merchants Large Merchants Merchants Merchants Merchants Merchants Transactions Merchants Monthly 60,000 100 Merchants Merchants 4 Gaming Platforms 1,000,000 Developers3 Direct Merchants 70,000 Developers 86 Signed Merchants 2,000,000 Users 26,000,000 Users 117 Merchants 5 Digital Gift Card Channel 100,000 Merchants 7