Sorbet Cake with Chocolate Glaze


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Cool fruit flavored sorbets, with chocolate cookie crust, and bittersweet chocolate glaze make this cake sweet, fruity and fresh!

Serves: 12
Prep Time: 2 hours (includes freezing time)

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  • Sorbet Cake with Chocolate Glaze

    1. 1. RECIPE Sorbet Cake With Chocolate Glaze!Cool sorbet with chocolatecookie crust and bittersweetchocolate glaze make thiscake sweet, fruity and fresh! RECIPE VIDEO
    2. 2. INGREDIENTSChocolate Cookie Crust Your Choice of Sorbet • A 9 oz. package chocolate • We chose Haagen-Dazs wafers (or Oreo Cookies) Raspberry sorbet (on crushed finely top) with Pineapple • ¼ cup unsalted butter Coconut (on bottom) • 2 tablespoons sugarChocolate Glaze • 8 ounces premium bittersweet chocolate This cake requires a Springform pan. Each layer needs • ½ cup unsalted butter to be completely frozen before the next layer is added. • 1 tablespoon corn syrup • 1 teaspoon raspberry extract
    3. 3. { STEP 1 }Prepare Cookie Crust
    4. 4. {STEP 1} Prepare Cookie Crust Crush cookies finely, add sugar, and melted butter – mix together. Put cookies into a Ziplock bag to crush them.
    5. 5. {STEP 2 }Layer Sorbet and Cookie Crust
    6. 6. {STEP 2} Layer Sorbets with Cookie CrustDivide cookie mixture in half and layerfirst half on bottom of lightly butteredSpringform pan.Spread 2 pints of softened sorbet overthe cookie crust evenly.Layer second half of cookie mixture ontop of sorbet, spread evenly and freeze.When bottom layer is completely frozen,add two more pints of softened sorbeton top, spread evenly, and freeze until alllayers are hard and completely frozen.
    7. 7. {STEP 3 }Prepare Glaze and “Frost” Cake
    8. 8. {STEP 3} Prepare Glaze and Spread Over TopWhile second layer of sorbet isfreezing, heat butter, chocolate andcorn syrup in a small saucepan overmedium heat.Stir until combined and glossy – thenadd raspberry extract. Cool slightly.Once the sorbet layers are completelyhardened, release the cake from theSpringform pan (keeping bottom of panin place) and move cake to a servingplate.Spread glaze over top and freeze for atleast 10 minutes before serving. Can bemade the night before. RECIPE VIDEO
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