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A first important difference between leaders and laggards
is in the management of finding new idea...
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Innovation Monitor 2014


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Dit jaar is het onderwerp van de monitor: De rol van de manager bij innovatie

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Innovation Monitor 2014

  1. 1. INNOVATION MONITOR 2014 A first important difference between leaders and laggards is in the management of finding new ideas, discovering what to innovate on. Leaders have innovation deeper and broader embedded into their organization. Next to the questions on management and innovation, we asked respondents for their view on trends impacting the organization and requiring innovation. Many respondents, leaders and laggards, shared a common view on trends and the need or intention to act on the trends. The Bridge discovers, develops and delivers new business for companies. Considering different perspectives, The Bridge constructs surprising business concepts and bridges the gap between existing and new business. Professionals at The Bridge have proven their capability to turn goal oriented innovation & renewal into positive impact on the bottom-line, entrepreneurial culture, and the business ecosystem of the client. covering issues like green, decentral, different source, prosumers covering robotics, internet of things, decoupled manufacturing Coming up with the right ideas is of course much more facilitated if ‘everybody’ understands what innovation should contribute to the strategy. The third aspect is the capability of management itself. Managers should be able to steer the course also under organizational stress, and excellent managers make better choices with less data. When running business needs attention, innovation leaders are much better at keeping innovation on the management agenda. Leaders are much better in getting expert input from other departments. A second key finding concerns the conversion of ideas into actionable plans, from flip chart into Gantt chart. Innovation leaders seem to be able to make things work. As in previous years we make a distinction between innovation leaders and laggards. In the survey we define innovation leaders as: Management and innovation Trends in 2014 About our respondents About the Bridge Encouraging employees to come up with new ideas The contribution of innovation to our strategy is clear Two trends however stood out by innovation leaders Ability to make major project decisions under uncertainty Ability to keep innovation on management agenda Ability to go from idea to action plan Percentage of leaders vs laggards On a scale of 1-10 leaders / laggards score on management’s role in innovation Functions CEO/director General manager Marketing manager R&D manager Other Innovation manager / Business development manager Sector of our respondents, in this definition, are innovation leaders VS Definition of innovation leader laggardsleaders who consider themselves to be successful innovators compared to their competitors. 70% 59% laggards leaders 37% Managers at innovation leaders ensure that a much broader resource base is informed on and involved with discovering new ideas to work on. At innovation leaders, management is much more able, or enabled, to do what good managers should; make difficult decisions and keep focus. Leaders are better able to manage the internal ‘business development’ processes. Rethinking energy Smart technology 13 % Agriculture & food 20 % Construction & installation 4 % Financial services 9 % Energy & utilities 23 % Hightech & materials 3% Pharma & life sciences 28% Other Innovation success is strongly influenced by management! 37,8% companies that derive more than 5% of their turn- over from products and/or services which have been introduced within the last three years; and companies that derive more than 5% of their turnover from new (in comparison to three years ago) customer groups and/or market segments; and companies that regard themselves as more successful innovators than their competitors. 37,8% 62,2% leaders 8 laggards 6 Our main conclusions broader resource base better processes 82%46% laggards agree or completely agree agree or completely agree leaders keep focus 60% laggards agree or completely agree agree or completely agree leaders 37% 68% 58% laggards hard to keep it on the agenda keep it on the agenda leaders 53% laggards agree or completely agree agree or completely agree leaders 73% 19% 12% 10% 11% 18% 29% Stationsplein 1, Postbus 907, 3800 AX, Amersfoort 0031 33 4677470,, We help you grow and innovate your business It’s easy to get expert input from all departments 69% 44% 26% laggards can mobilize such broad support Says it’s difficult to get such support leaders laggards leaders