Increase website traffic and boost sales


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Today’s tech savvy, smartphone-using consumers get their information from the Internet where they can simply type a couple of words into a search field and get what they are looking for with a click of a button.

Our high-quality products and services ensure that when local consumers go online they find your business before your competitors – sending your leads and sales skyrocketing!

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Increase website traffic and boost sales

  1. 1. It’s time to BOOMLaunch your business to new heights withThe Boom Works
  2. 2. At The Boom Works, we’re experts at helpingcompanies like yours break through barriers andachieve new levels of success! When you work withus it’ll be like strapping a rocket booster to yourprofits!START UTILIZING THE FULL POWER OF THE INTERNETTO BOOST BUSINESS!It’s BOOM time!Let us increase your website traffic andimprove sales
  3. 3. Get the Top Search Engine Rankings You Need toExplode Your Profits &Destroy the Competition!
  4. 4. Everyday thousands of people are searching on Google for businesses just likeyours – our SEO service makes sure they find your business instead of yourcompetitors!That’s right, we’ll help you own the first page of Google for your buyer keywords– so you can experience the tremendous boost in buyer traffic and sales that willaccompany that.And the truth is there has never been a better time to tap into the power of theInternet as more and more people are turning to it to find businesses as opposedto using more traditional advertising methods.All you have to do to get started is choose the Booster Packthat is right for your business! In all Booster Packs, you get:• Status report• Keyword analysis• Page optimization• Article writing and distribution• Press release writing and distribution• Blog posts• Blog commenting• Forum posts• Social bookmarking
  5. 5. Our Services
  6. 6. SEO• On PageOptimisation• Keyword Analysis• Website StatusReportONLINEADVERTISING• Article Writing andDistribution• Press ReleaseWriting &Distribution• Blog Posts• Blog CommentingSOCIAL MEDIA• Get a Blog• Get a Forum• Add Twitter• Forum Posts• Social Bookmarking
  7. 7. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONOn Page OptimizationIs your web page SEO-friendly? We’ll make sure everything is standards-compliant andtuned to your keywords. Good SEO gets you noticed!Keyword AnalysisWe’ll generate a list of related keywords to your business that canbe used to draw more people to your website. Proper keywordselection is the key to organic search engine traffic.Website Status ReportThink of our Status Report as your basic diagnostics check. We takea thorough top-to-bottom look at your site and identify any placeswhere it can be tweaked for better performance.
  8. 8. ONLINE ADVERTISINGBlog CommentingWant to reach out to other bloggers, but don’t know who? Let us do theresearch for you and make the first connection.Article Writing and DistributionNeed content? Our writers are ready to write any article you want withwhichever keyword you want. Plus, we’ll distribute it to articledirectories.Press Release Writing & DistributionGot a big announcement to make? Let us help you get intothe news.Blog PostsFresh out of content, or want to build a backlog of blog posts? Let ushelp you get ahead of your editorial schedule.
  9. 9. SOCIAL MEDIAGet a BlogBlogs are excellent for content marketing purposes. Want togive it a try? We can build you a branded one to yourspecifications.Get a ForumGot customers with a lot to say? Looking for a place to hashout opinions? Drive them to a forum and find out what’s ontheir mind.
  10. 10. Add TwitterTwitter is a customer support tool and marketing research powerhouse. Areyou taking full advantage of it?Forum PostsNeed to get in good with a forum? We’ll get your foot in thedoor.Social BookmarkingDon’t know where to curate all your content? Want to make it even easierfor people to share it? We’ll put social bookmarking to work for you.
  11. 11. Our experts will use Internet marketing strategies as well as thevery latest social media techniques to build your business andhelp you wipe out the competition.Website: else wants their business to goBOOM!