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Biographe Business Plan 2011


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Published in: Lifestyle, Design, Business
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Biographe Business Plan 2011

  1. 1. ECONOMIC BIOGRAPHE INITITIVE + Employment + Scholarships + MicrofinanceEMOTIONALPARTNER ORGANIZATIONS + PHYSICAL TBP RESTORATIVE INITITIVES+ Rehabilitation + Medical Services+ Reintegration + Beauty Programs + Art Thearpy tbp 11
  2. 2. TARGETMARKET DEMOGRAPHICS 18- 34 35- 49 50-64 Female Male 18-34 Index 123 109 88 FEMALE Index 122 76 Pop 15MM 13MM 8MM Pop 26MM 15MM Single Married HS Associate Bachelor Post-Grad SINGLE Index 113 100 EDUCATED Index 93 117 109 103 Pop 12MM 23MM Pop 12MM 4MM 8MM 4MM $76K Average Household Income HHISOURCE: 2009 MRI tbp 14
  3. 3. TARGETMARKET ENGAGEMENT I want to be regularly updated with what the UPDATED Index 119 fashion brand is doing with the charity I want to be personally involved in helping with the charity associated INVOLVED Index 118 with the fashion brand beyond purchasing the itemSOURCE: 2009 McCann Erickson Omnibus Study tbp 16
  4. 4. TARGETMARKET MINDSET I often find myself in I like to learn about leadership positions foreign cultures BORN Index 111 SOCIALLY Index 122 LEADERS CONSCIOUS I consider my fashion I’m first among my friends style to be trendy to try new tech products FASHION Index 153 TECH Index 135 FORWARD SAVVYSOURCE: 2009 MRI tbp 15