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    The Big Island Reporter (

    Our Kona Coffee Growers Channel
    NIH Study: Coffee Really Does Make You Live Longer, After All
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    Mark Wood - Owner/Publisher.
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  • My then fiancé and I bought two Titanium engagement rings from a little kiosk on the main street in kona. I lost mine and just have to find another. Can you please give me their phone number...if they have one. This booth was manned by two local surfers, low key but great and not expensive Titanium rings. Please advise:
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The Big Island Reporter Hawaii's Web Portal

  1. 1. Strong Effective Leadership: Ed Case For U.S. Senate
  2. 2. Offering a Full Spectrum of Holistic Healing, rejuvenation and educational services tailored to your needs
  3. 3. Logic Living believes in electronic solutions that are customized to a clients personal needs.
  4. 4. Monte Smith Designs will create a set of house plans that will fit your lifestyle
  5. 5. For Luxury Real Estate Worldwide... Hurwitz James Co.
  6. 6. News From Governor Abercrombie
  7. 7. We specialize in funding businesses in the following industries; restaurants, services, real estate and retail. CLICK HERE
  8. 8. The Bellagio: The Way Hawaii Enjoys Las Vegas!
  9. 9. Why gold makes a smart investment.
  10. 10. Peter Butler: From Tee to Green…I’ve got the course covered
  11. 11. At Wyndham Grand Desert, we are constantly striving to make your stay as comfortable as possible!
  12. 12. Meet with The Star of The Movie 401K Magic & Learn!
  13. 13. Discover Napas Finest Real Estate: Click
  14. 14. VILLA DE MADRE ESTATE: Your Napa Dreams Await...
  15. 15. Pangaea, the Ultra-Lounge
  16. 16. Falcon Computers: Get The Help You Need Today... CLICK HERE
  17. 17. Rock Starz in Kona! Its Where Hawaii Rocks!
  18. 18. If your Macs acting Whack, See: Tropic Mac!
  19. 19. Weve Got Your IPad Right Here! Click
  20. 20. Ensuring my clients achieve their Real Estate dreams, goals and success is my only priority
  21. 21. Enjoy Big Island Fun @ Ride The Rim!
  22. 22. Search Los Angeles and Beverly Hills Luxury Real Estate
  23. 23. Market Snapshot Get This Weeks Local Market Conditions
  24. 24. "Your Transition To Paradise" CLICK!
  25. 25. The Most Beautiful Hawaii Property on the Market!
  26. 26. For The Best In Island Real Estate...
  27. 27. Luxury Real Estate:Rebecca Keliihoomalu
  28. 28. See "Kona Carla" Your Hawaii Realtor & Top Producer
  29. 29. Shipman House Bed & Breakfast, Hilos romantic luxuryinn and the only authentic historic Victorian B&B on Hawaii
  30. 30. There is Hope & There is Help, We Offer Both...
  31. 31. Freedom During and After Treatment... Click HERE to
  32. 32. The Holualoa Inn is a spectacular Hawaii bed and breakfast Kona Coffee estate!
  33. 33. INTRODUCE YOUR SENSE OF STYLE TO YOUR SENSE OF WONDER! Crystals is a magnificent gathering place.... CLICK HERE TO VISIT!
  34. 34. Welcome To LV Invest - Your Best Investment Time!
  35. 35. Explore, Sample and Order 100% Kona Grown Coffee
  36. 36. Organic 100% Kona Coffee - Kona RainForest,
  37. 37. Pau Hanas own Stimulus Package
  39. 39. Buddhas Cup: Estate Grown 100% Kona Coffee
  40. 40. HEAVENLY HAWAIIAN FARM - Award Winning 100% Kona Coffees!
  41. 41. Lehuula Farms is proud to present our fine line of Kona coffee products
  42. 42. Sugai Products, Inc., producers of Sugai gourmet Kona Coffee, has takenpride in our coffee from Kona, Hawaii . Click HERE to Visit!
  43. 43. "Patrick Adamek R (S)" Your "Go To BUYERS Agent In North Kohala"
  44. 44. See The Big Island Reporter for Real Estate!
  45. 45. West Hawaii Property Services, Inc -Welcome to the Kona Coast on the Big Island of Hawaii
  46. 46. Buy - Read - Enjoy: BEFORE The Movie!!!
  47. 47. Aloha Kona Kids: From Birth to Surf! Visit us by Clicking HERE
  48. 48. Join us at the 7th Annual Big Island Film Festival Thursday, May 24 - Monday, May 28, 2012
  49. 49. Your Maui Real Estate! Gregory Harbottle, Inc.
  50. 50. The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls - Luxury Bed & Breakfast Resort in beautiful Hilo, Hawaii
  51. 51. Ahead of The Curve Meets Ahead of The Curve: The FNN
  52. 52. Need an Electrician? JRC Electric!
  53. 53. Our Name Says It All - Click HERE To Visit!
  54. 54. Hawaii (Ali Blackmore) RealEstateRealtor, e-Pro at MacArthur & Co Sothebys International Realty : Click here to view her top Hawaii Listings
  55. 55.
  56. 56. Sawadee Builders: We Get The Job Done! Click HERE
  57. 57. Hawaii as it was meant to be enjoyed, in our serene and relaxing accommodations
  58. 58. Click HERE: its Time to get in The Pool!
  59. 59. Hawaii: Its Time to order Dominos Pizza!
  60. 60. The Big Island Reporter Daily
  61. 61. The Big Island Reporter International Edition
  63. 63. Hawaii: Discover The World of 76 Hawaii...
  64. 64. Welcome to Abundant Life Natural Foods
  65. 65. RDL Roofing: Unique and Then Some...
  66. 66. Never Can Say Good-Bye
  67. 67. "Nothing Tastes As Good as Skinny Feels"
  68. 68. Aloha and Welcome to Carlson Homes!
  69. 69. You know you gotta bring em something from Hawaii...
  70. 70. New Tropical Classics: Hawaiian Homes: Click
  71. 71. The Big Island Reporter Blog
  72. 72. Suite Possibilities offers professional and affordable office rental spaces in the Kailua Kona, HI area for the hour, day, week, or month.
  73. 73. The Big Island Reporter Magazine Blog
  74. 74. Take your Memories to The Next Level with Aloha Photo Booth
  75. 75. The Big Island Reporter Network Blog
  76. 76. Complete home maintenance for Kohala & Kona Coast Estates
  77. 77. Big Island of Hawaii Vacation Rentals and Accommodations
  78. 78. Welcome To Magnifier
  79. 79. At KVH: We Love Your Pet as Much as You Do...
  80. 80. Click HERE to View...
  81. 81. When The Stars come out to play!
  82. 82. The Big Island Reporter Aggregates The Best Movie Webs
  83. 83. Build your Business Online or build an Online Business
  84. 84. PSG Gold Buyers: "Worth Our Weight In Gold"
  85. 85. If you’re in need of a short sale, you’re in good hands.
  86. 86. More Than Just An Online Newspaper!View Mind Opening Documentaries...
  87. 87. The Big Island Reporter : Hawaiis Video Web Portal
  88. 88. Action, Drama & more in The BIRCinema!
  89. 89. The Big Island Reporter Presents: Google Books
  90. 90. The Big Island Reporters Live CNN Video Feed
  91. 91. Watch The Latest VodPod Video World Wide!
  92. 92. Kona Community Hospital: Taking Care of People...
  93. 93. Watch The Latest Video from Time Magazine
  94. 94.
  95. 95. The Big Island Reporter Presents Next Generation News Delivery
  96. 96. Video Rich in HTML5.0 Perfect for I- Pad!
  97. 97. Konas Best Bargain at The Ocean: Kona Islander Inn & Hotel
  98. 98. Watch Music, History, News and MoreOn The VodPod Players Here at:
  99. 99. Hawaiis Future: Abercrombie for Governor
  100. 100. Recycle Hawaii...
  101. 101. Health, Beauty, Fitness & LifestylePage
  102. 102. Review Current Big Island Reporter Advertisers
  103. 103. The Ultimate Hawaii Adventure! Click...
  104. 104. Bite Me Sport Fishing & Market Bar/Grill...
  105. 105. Lead News PagePage Navigation: Hawaii Volcano VideoClick a page number link to the right Media Page ABC News Video - Veoh Video Feed USA Today Video Feed - FanCast NCIS CBS Video Feed Twitter Hawaii Feed Hawaii Tsunami Video - Vod Pod Video Player Hilina Slump - Hawaiis 2012? Hawaii Real Estate Page 1 The Truth Channel Page 2 News Via Widgets Page 3 Movie Channel – Drama Advertiser: The Big Island Film Festival Page 4 Civil Defense Info (emergencies) Widget panel: Hawaii Fashion Incubator News – Hawaii Big Island calendar of Events - Kailua Kona, HI News –
  106. 106. See Hawaiis Beauty at World Botanical Gardens!
  107. 107. Enjoy Deep Sea Fishing on The Sea Wife
  108. 108. The Best Natural Foods Stores To Shop...
  109. 109. Visit Dragonfly Ranch! Hawaiis #1 B & B
  110. 110. Keep your Car Driving At Trans Tech!
  111. 111. Enjoy In Town Shopping: Click HERE
  112. 112. Buy a Home In Kona From Kelly Shaw!
  113. 113. Down To Earth Natural Foods: Love Life!
  114. 114. Lex Brodies Tires "Keeps You Moving!"
  115. 115. Golf @ The Ocean! Kona Country Club!
  116. 116. Hale Makamae Bed & Breakfast - 10 Year Anniversary Special!
  117. 117. See Great Undersea Adventure @ Neptune Charlies!
  118. 118. Your Guide To Island Tourist Activities
  119. 119. Catch The Big One! Hooked Up Sport Fishing...
  120. 120. Its Time for Fun and Adventure with Captain Zodiac!
  121. 121. Dolphin Swim Hawaii & Manta Ray!
  122. 122. The Big Island Reporter has the best Video-Centric Tours ofHawaiian Real Estate! Click
  123. 123. Concrete Design Beauty by Beaudet...
  124. 124. Keep up with YOUR Government on their Page Here
  125. 125. watch films produced by the National Film Board of Canada
  126. 126.
  127. 127. Enjoy your favorite News, Music, Full Length Movies right here onThe Big Island Reporter Online:
  128. 128. Enjoy an Endless Supply of The Latest Internet Video!
  129. 129. We Have The Best Variety in Movies!
  130. 130. The Big Island Reporter Presents our Hawaii and world wide viewers the most entertaining and eclectic Movies and TV shows covering history, drama, science and more... Click any link below to explore and discover pure entertainment! The Big Island Reporter Network is Already Internet TV Ready via Computer, Internet TV Set, PS3 or X-Box! Just Click any link to the right or left of this box.
  131. 131. Enjoy The Latest Viral Internet News Video with AOL-
  132. 132. BERRY REALTY GROUP, LLC. - "Selling a Maui Lifestyle"
  133. 133. Get on the Political/Financial Track Here!
  134. 134. Come Alive & Hear The Grateful Dead!
  135. 135. Check Todays Hawaii Satellite Photo!
  136. 136. Discover more about Electric Vehicles!
  137. 137. The World Is Thinking! See This Link.
  138. 138. Check the latest Big Island Weather! Click
  139. 139. See How "Hawaii" Became Hawaii ...
  140. 140. Explore The Entire Night Sky at Our Universe Page!
  141. 141. Adventurous Limousine Service:On The Big Island, We Take YouThere!
  142. 142. Hualalai VolcanoEruption...Preferred conceptual model for the development of themagmatic system at Hualālai Volcano. Stages include (a)the shield stage, (b) the transitional period and (c) thepost-shield stage. The shallow level tholeiitic magmachamber feeding shield stage volcanism is replaced by adeeper, larger chamber of differentiating transitionalbasalt that produced voluminous trachyte magma at ∼114 ka. Subsequent post-shield magma is dominantly alkalicbasalt, originating from depths ≥∼10 km. Monzodioriteand diorite xenoliths studied here are the products ofthe fortuitous interception of rising alkali basalt withpreviously crystallized differentiates. This model isbased on Wolfe et al. (1997), fig. 64.
  143. 143. National Jukebox: Historical Recordings from the Library of Congress
  144. 144. For Your Paradise Dream Home: The Land Office LLC
  145. 145. Enjoy "Real Reggae" 24/7 HERE!
  146. 146. Visit The Big Island Reporters Advertiser Pages Torres RoofingSea Coast Adventures · Affordable Hawaii Living ·Yellow Pages Entertainment & Rec.·Dragon Fly Ranch Bed & Breakfast Real EstateSee whos Twittering about Hawaii & What! Home Repair & ImprovementsEnjoy Deep Sea Fishing on The Sea Wife JRC Electric·Regency at Hualalai Retirement Center Restaurants & EntertainmentThe Witt Counseling ServiceReligion & The Meaning of Life...Health, Beauty, Fitness & LifestyleTransmission TechnologyThe Big Island Reporter Grateful Dead ChannelThe Big Island Reporter PersonalsThe Big Island Reporter Reggae Channel
  147. 147. Online Shopping? We Have It All!
  148. 148. Private Trade Winds: the villa vacation experts.
  149. 149. Addictions Therapist that specializes in Women’s issues.
  150. 150. CENTAUR UNIVERSITY is a private non-profit university offering the following world class Fast-Track education certification and counselor degree programs:
  151. 151. Welcome to Island Paradise Inn!
  152. 152. Maleko Built, Inc. is a privately owned generalcontracting firm specializing in commercial and
  154. 154. Konas Finest Ocean Front Dining: Huggos On The Rocks
  155. 155. Hawaiian Titanium Rings: The RealThing!
  156. 156. "Match The Inner YOU..." Click Here to Review...
  157. 157. Call Kailua Towing - Get Out of Trouble...
  158. 158. Regency At Hualalai - Retirement Hawaiian Style!
  159. 159. Catch up on the music scene: Rolling Stone Videos
  160. 160. Visit The Indich Collection HawaiianRugs.
  161. 161. Honey...Can You Do This, That And...
  162. 162. Kona Dolphin Adventure.... Lets Go And See!
  163. 163. Cruise On Body Glove Hawaii - Are You Ready?
  164. 164. South Kona Macadamia Nut Company:Produces the best macs you’ve ever tasted!
  165. 165. The Best Attorney For Legal Services
  166. 166. Mountain Gold Jewelers: 1 of a Kind!
  167. 167. Find the best Roofing Contractor at this link:Torres Roofing
  168. 168.
  169. 169. Big Island Motors: Drive The Best! Click HERE
  170. 170. World Class Properties Hawaii - Our Name Says It All...
  171. 171. See Brodie Callender for The Best in Hawaii Property!
  172. 172. "Utter the inevitable sound of the future of off-road motorcycle riding..."
  173. 173. Visit Hawaiis Ultimate Family Location!
  174. 174. Learn more on "The Safest Medicine"
  175. 175.
  176. 176. Affordable Hawaii Living!
  177. 177. I Own A Car from Aiona Car Sales: You Can Too!
  178. 178. Welcome to Hawaiian Food Online: We specialize in shipping frozen foods to your home.
  179. 179. Jahwaiian? Visit Conscious Riddims!
  180. 180. Get Off The Grid with Hawaiis Green Eco Pages at this LINK
  181. 181. Expert Guidance and Dependable Service
  182. 182. The Big Island Reporter Presents The Huff Post NewsGlide!
  183. 183. Watch The Latest Movies
  184. 184. The Big Island Reporter: Hawaiis Next Generation News Delivery
  185. 185. Stay On Top of The Business World: Bloomberg Radio
  186. 186. Kau Realty LLC - Your Kau Specialist
  187. 187. The Hawaii YOU Always Wanted: Sun And Sea Realty Inc.
  188. 188. Brandon Wood & Ed Rapoza: Your Guides To Resort Living!
  189. 189. Cloud 9 Emporium and Gifts: We Have It!
  190. 190. Read The New Google Magazine HERE!
  191. 191. Try The Big Island Reporters Google Reader Page!
  192. 192. Watch an Incredible One Time Acoustic Set By YES!
  193. 193. Re: Real Estate, "old Father" Knows Best
  194. 194. See Our New Vevo Video Launch Page!
  195. 195. See Realtor Kevin Lewis for your Hawaiian Dream Home!
  196. 196. See Hawaii The Way It Should Be Seen!
  197. 197. Dependable Hawaiian Express - The Name Says It All
  198. 198. Hendrix In Hawaii @ Rainbow Bridge, Maui 1970 - Get Ready For Rainbow Bridge II w/ Prince,Ziggy Marley, Lenny Kravitz, Living Colour along with Hawaii Reggae All-Stars! Details Click HERE
  199. 199. Ponchos Solar Service: over 30 years experience in Hawaii. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY...
  200. 200. Well Take Care of you! Big Island Toyota
  201. 201. Watch the Latest News Video fromthe Leading News Networks:Click to chooseFOX NEWS PBSMSNBC & NBC NewsCBS News CNET VIDEOFull ABC News VideoNetwork News & Weather Channel Video Video WallCNN Video News Feeds
  202. 202. Read Dr. Vachons latest Column! CLICK HERE
  203. 203. Top Area Realtor Kris Vaughn-Hazard
  204. 204. Your Paradise Real Estate Expert!
  205. 205. THIS is Golfing! Reserve and Review HERE
  206. 206.
  207. 207. Keep Up with Hollywood while in Hawaii
  208. 208. See 3-D TV @ Kona Home Theater!
  209. 209. Watch Current Weather Channel Video
  210. 210. Visit The Big Island Reporters AdvertiserPagesThe Big Island Reporter Google All News page· U.S. News Videos Safari Helicopters· World News Videos Kona MacNetPolitical News Videos Big Island Jewelers· Local News [Front Page] LuLus Night ClubKona Boys The MUM Clinic: Learn more on "The Safest Medicine"Adventurous Limousine Service Oahu News Kahoolawe NewsAbercrombie For Governor Page Public Notices Dolphin Swim Hawaii & Manta RayBig Island Toyota· Recent Headlines Maui News Lanai NewsUpcoming Events Queens Market Big Island Eco AdventuresBig Island Country Club Kauai NewsHPM - Building Supply Niihau News Big Island Harley RentalsHonsador Lumber SCV Pools Spas & MasonryIsland Naturals ( Natural Foods Markets ) Molokai News Todays Hawaii Satellite PhotoThe Commercial Group, LLCCourtney Heimowitz, Realtor
  211. 211. Click HERE to Visit The Big Islands Premiere Shopping Center!
  212. 212. We Report on what is Reported...
  213. 213. Reviews on Top & Local EntertainersPlaces to go and links to things to Do...
  214. 214. Page 5 Music & Talent Video, NightlifePage Navigation & More! Page 6 Movie Page, Local AdvertisersClick the Page Links on the Right... & Links Page 7 Editorial, News & The Economy Page 8 Local Photos & Movie / TV episode Page Page 9 Advertising rates and more local Island news. Page 10 National News, President Obama and more. Page 12 The Big Island Reporter Movie Channel
  215. 215. Links to info on All Hawaiian IslandsPage 13 O‘ahu NewsPage 14 Maui NewsPage 15 Kaua‘i NewsPage 16 Moloka‘i NewsPage 17 Kaho‘olawe NewsPage 18 Lana‘i NewsPage 19 Ni‘ihau NewsPage 20 The Big Island Reporter Movie Channel ( An ever changing collection ofinteresting movies! )Page 22 Education and SchoolsClick THIS LINK to review our Partnership & Investor Offer.
  216. 216. Visit The World Famous " Kona Boys!"
  217. 217. Click to more Big Island Reporter Ad Pages Real Estate For Sale See this sample of some of our Real Estate Advertisers: The Big Island Reporter ECO Pages http://thebigislandreporter. com/RebeccaKeliihoomalu.html The Writers Corner: Articles from Island http://thebigislandreporter. com/lacostarealty.html Writers http://thebigislandreporter. com/tcgkona.html http://thebigislandreporter. com/lanihaucenter.html TV Shows you can watch right here on http://thebigislandreporter. com/lavarockrealty.html http://thebigislandreporter. com/hiloshoppingcenter. The Big Island Reporter html http://thebigislandreporter. com/heimowitz.html Watch The Kailua-Kona Talent Show at http://thebigislandreporter. com/seacindy.html The Mixx Hosted by Poncho Man! http://thebigislandreporter. com/callgayle.html http://thebigislandreporter. com/asset.html Your Personal Injury Attorney http://thebigislandreporter. com/livingstonrealty.html http://thebigislandreporter. com/luluonmaui.html http://thebigislandreporter. com/alohakonarealty. Emergency & Public Info html http://thebigislandreporter. PHOTO GALLERY com/1sthawaiianmortgage.html
  218. 218. Building Your Dream Home? Click Here
  219. 219. The Big Island Reporter Personal Ads
  220. 220. Our current ad special is $250 for a 12 month adAnd we match your paid ad with 12 months FREE giving your ad 24 monthsof exposure with unlimited ad changes and no production charges.Your ad is linked back to your main website when clicked on by readers.
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  222. 222.
  223. 223. Hawaii Island Retreat is unique among Hawaii destination spas andboutique hotels! Click HERE to visit our page...
  224. 224. Keep Moving at Transmission Technology
  225. 225. Its Time For Adventure at Paani Ranch!
  226. 226. The Big Island Reporter Cover Girls!
  227. 227. Hawaiis Premiere Driving School! Its time to drive...
  228. 228. Theres always something new on The Big Island Reporter
  229. 229. Lava Ocean Adventures: The Ultimate Hawaii...
  230. 230. Visit Big Island Jewelers Here in Kona!
  231. 231. Watch Shows with Hawaii in the Starring Role!
  232. 232. Let Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Fly You Too!
  233. 233. Please Excuse My Little Shoes...
  235. 235. Let My knowledge Be Yours... Click HERE
  236. 236. Watch a Variety of TV Specials: Click Here!
  237. 237. Explore The Big Island Reporters Internet 3-D Portal!
  238. 238. Be there for the Fun, Variety &Sale @Oshima Surf &Skate!
  239. 239. Visit Hawaii Forest & Trail Adventures!
  240. 240. Big Island Air - The Ultimate Above Hawaii Experience!
  241. 241. Premium Properties in Hawaii... Livingston Realty
  242. 242. Plenty Pupule Adventure & Kayak: Make Waves!
  243. 243. See Lulu Williams for Maui Real Estate!
  244. 244. View & Purchase: The Stunning Work of..
  245. 245. See What All The Fuss is About - You Deserve To Know: Click HERE!
  246. 246. Watch Full Screen Fox News & PBSVideo
  247. 247. Hawaiis Leading Commercial RealEstate:
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  249. 249. Duke Aiona: Connecting & Growing Hawaii
  250. 250. Hawaiis Premiere Event Company...
  251. 251. Click HERE for moreDetails:X-1 ANNOUNCES FINAL FIGHTCARD FOR BIGGESTHAWAIIAN MMA CARD INYEARS AS THEY PRESENT“HEROES”Sept. 11card to feature Vitale-Hose fortitle, light heavyweight tourney“I am very excited about this incredible card.Having two great Island fighters like Nikoand Kolohe fight for the belt, along with thesecond round of the tournament, andthrowing in two other title matches…what acard!” exclaimed Mike Miller,Owner/Promoter of X-1World Events.“It’s going to be an amazing night of fights.”
  252. 252. Hilo Shopping Center: Everything You Need!
  253. 253. Info at your fingertips at The WidgetPages
  254. 254. See you atQueensMarketPlace
  255. 255. “Building Houses, Building Hope”August 26, 2010MEDIA RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact:Margo Takata(808)331-8010pr@habitatwesthawaii.orgOUR STORE NEEDS YOUR STUFF!Wrong Size? Wrong Color? Wrong Amount? or Just Tired of It . . . .Don’t throw it away,donate it to the Habitat for Humanity West Hawaii ReStore!We accept working appliances, furniture, doors, building materials, cabinets, lighting,home décor and sporting goods. And we pick up, too. To make sure your item will beaccepted, you can call the ReStore at 331-8010, ext 3.
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  257. 257. See Hawaii and the worlds top Top Indie Music Artists
  258. 258. See Hawaiis Luxury Real Estate Rentals & Sales!
  259. 259. Watch Full Screen CBS & CNET News
  260. 260. See Whos Twittering About Hawaii & What... (Click the Link ) See Whos Twittering Hawaii (click)
  261. 261. The Big Island Reporter Cinema Movies!
  262. 262. The Big Island Reporter features USA Network!
  263. 263. Honsador Lumber: Your Building Solution
  264. 264. See Courtney Heimowitz for Luxury RealEstate on Oahu and in Honolulu!
  265. 265. Fix It, Build It, Do It with HPM Hawaii...
  266. 266. View ALL ABC NEWS Video (Click ! )
  267. 267. Big Island Country Club! Best Island Golf!
  268. 268. Watch a Variety of Video Media
  269. 269. The Big IslandReporter Presents Real Estateto our Island & MainlandReaders...Your Best Ad Deal forRealtors.... Unlimited AdChanges over the course ofyour 1 yr ad run for only$150! We add 1 Yr. FREE!Giving you 2 years for $150...
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  271. 271. Watch Biker Classic "Chrome & Hot Leather" onThe Movie Page Starring Marvin Gaye!
  272. 272. Link to View
  273. 273. Attain Innate Health & Wisdom....
  274. 274. Everybody is a Star!See LOCALTALENTMusicians, Poets, Magicians, Comedians & MoreWelcomed. Sound System & Instruments Provided. TheMixx Bistro Wine & Bar. Next to the King KamehamehaHotel. 21 & Older w/ I.D. Bartendar: " Make It Rain" DavidPayneHosted By: PonchoMan
  275. 275. ATV Adventure & Horseback Rides by day - Evening Sunset BBQ Dinner by night!
  276. 276. Watch with Family, Discuss & Learn Why
  277. 277. The Best People to Build Your Pool...
  278. 278. Check Out The New Cars On Display!
  279. 279. Queens MarketPlace!Queens MarketPlaceFor The Best ofThe Big Island!Click HERE to visit!
  280. 280. Enjoy the BestRestaurants on TheBig Island At:QueensMarketplace!Shop.Dine.Indulge Your Mood!Click HERE to Visit.
  281. 281. The Writers Corner: Island Articles
  282. 282. See Upcoming Sporting Events!
  283. 283. Watch an Eclectic Variety of Movies HERE
  284. 284. Page 2Satellite View from NOAA photo ( daily ) Hulu Movie: WakingThe DeadInstant Messenger ( Instantly reach The Big Island Reporter Any Try Our PageTime! )Advertiser: Transmission Tech - Advertiser: Patricia-Ann Moore,RA, ePRO Guide Links:Vod Pod Player - PSA Ad: National Debt Ticker.Advertiser: Honey Doo ServiceJustin.TV Full Screen Video Feed Channel
  285. 285. Hawaiis Internet NewspaperTo enter and navigate our online edition Click HERE or use the arrows below
  286. 286. Watch Local Artists Live Video from Kona
  287. 287. Click This link to start with our Lead News Page
  288. 288. Get All Island News from Google News
  289. 289. Check And Post Local Events...
  290. 290. Choose From a Variety of NetworkNews Video Feeds
  291. 291. Business & Services: Classified AdsBuy - Sell - Hire:As well as:Do It Yourself Tutorials...Click the header at the topof this window to view!
  292. 292. Links to Civil Defense Information
  293. 293. Check Out The Page 20 TV Channel
  294. 294. See The BIR Illuminati Page: THINK!
  295. 295. If you want to know about Gold & Investments
  296. 296. Our Face Book Friends Contribute Also!
  297. 297. The Best in Education
  298. 298. Religion & The Meaning of Life
  299. 299. The Very Latest in Music Videos Page 5
  300. 300. The Beaches and The People...
  301. 301. Reviews Of Top Local Music Concerts
  302. 302. Family Events on the Islands!
  303. 303. Local Community Photos and Events
  304. 304. And Just Having Fun!!!
  305. 305. We ARE Hawaiis Internet NewsOnline. Click HERE To ENTER