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Horizon scan 2015 results


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In February 2015, the BCI launched its annual Horizon Scan report and this slide deck shows highlights some of the findings of that report.

The full report can be downloaded from the BCI website via this link

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Horizon scan 2015 results

  1. 1. BCI Horizon Scan 2015 Results Andrew Scott CBCI Business Continuity Institute
  2. 2. Identify near-term threats on the radar of BC practitioners worldwide Benchmark horizon scanning activity Look out for trends that may influence businesses in the medium- and long-term Today’s agenda
  3. 3. The headlines • Cyber attacks (82%), unplanned IT outages (81%) and data breach (74%) remain the top three threats facing businesses. • The use of the Internet for malicious attacks (81%), growing influence of social media (63%) and the emergence of a global pandemic (59%) are the top three trends. • Investment levels for BC are up for more organisations (23% from 18%) with more businesses using ISO 22301 as a framework for BCM implementation (52% from 44%).
  4. 4. About the BCI Horizon Scan 2015 Survey 760 72 organisations countries
  5. 5. Top threats to businesses worldwide • Cyber attack (82%) • Unplanned IT & telecom outages (81%) • Data breach (74%) • Interruption to utility supply (57%) • Supply chain disruption (48%) * Ranking was based on number of respondents answering ‘extremely concerned’ to a threat
  6. 6. Tracking threats • Cyber threats are now the top threat to businesses (82%) worldwide from third in 2013 (64%) to second last year (73%). • Supply chain disruption jumped 11 places to fifth (48%). • Security incidents move from seventh to sixth in this year’s survey.
  7. 7. Tracking threats • Acts of terrorism remain in the top 10 for the fourth year running. • Human illness (43%) moves into the top 10 for the first time since the survey began. • Health and safety incidents (8th to 11th) and new laws and regulations (10th to 13th) drop out of the top 10.
  8. 8. Top 5 trends
  9. 9. Conducting trend analysis 73% of organisations conduct trend analysis to better understand threats, slightly up from 71% last year.
  10. 10. Use of trend analysis in informing BCM This has fallen from 53% last year to 43%.
  11. 11. Level of BC investment Investment levels are up for a greater proportion of organisations this year from 18% to 24%.
  12. 12. Use of ISO 22301 in BCM implementation More organisations use ISO 22301 for BCM implementation from 44% (2014) to 52% (2015).
  13. 13. Key takeaways • Survey results affirm the mounting concern over cyber threats which negatively impact a firm’s revenues and reputation. • The data suggests a growing maturity of ISO 22301 as a framework for BCM implementation. Nonetheless, there are still challenges in the transition from alignment to certification. • BCM practitioners must participate more in strategic planning for organisational resilience at top level. Utilising horizon scanning and trend analysis results may provide opportunities to engage with top management.
  14. 14. 011 8947 8241 Andrew Scott CBCI