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Counter terrorism awareness


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Friday February 13th is a day that will go down in history but for all the right reasons. It was the day that we held our most successful forum event to date. Threats and Opportunities saw a host of fantastic speakers from the City of London Police, to Public Health England present their strategies and feedback on what Londoners should be thinking about with their Business Continuity Planning. We learnt lots from the way that the City would respond to a terror attack through the ground breaking news that Man Flu is scientifically proven to be a real illness – there is a genetic in male make up that makes them handle the flu less than us ladies.

We had over 70 people in attendance on the day and for £40 a ticket we were highly praised on the fantastic location, lunch and value for money.

Here at the London forum we are striving to ensure that we are bringing you the events and topics that matter to you so we are welcoming your requests and ideas which can be emailed to ahead of our next event we are planning for September time.

The forum committee meet once a month to plan these events and much more so we would encourage you to get in touch with any request big or small. We are also working closely with the BCI HQ on our marketing efforts – we are aware that many of you have offices across the UK and globe and therefore do not always get our London information if it is not your registered forum so watch this space and expect more from us as we progress on the best way to achieve this. We are also very excited to announce we have a brand new website coming soon – so keep an eye out on in the next couple of weeks for our brand new update.

The presentations are attached from the day for all to benefit from, if you have any queries about this or require any other information about the London Forum you can contact or Laura Meadows on 07501495954.

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Counter terrorism awareness

  1. 1. Counter Terrorism Awareness
  2. 2. THE THREAT 2 The threat level in the UK from international terrorism SEVERE The threat level in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) from Northern Ireland - related terrorism MODERATE The threat level in Northern Ireland from Northern Ireland-related terrorism SEVERE •Critical – An Attack is Expected Imminently •Severe – An Attack is Highly Likely •Substantial – An Attack is a Strong Possibility •Moderate – An Attack is Possible but not Likely •Low – An Attack is Unlikely
  3. 3. AQ Seven Phases • Phase 1 – ‘The awakening’ 2000 -2003 • Phase 2 – ‘Opening Eyes’ up to 2006 • Phase 3 – ‘Arising and Standing up’ 2007–2010 • Phase 4 – Collapse of the Arabic Governments 2010–2013 • Phase 5 – Caliphate declared 2013–2016 • Phase 6 – ‘Total Confrontation’ 2016 • Phase 7 – ‘Definitive Victory’ 2020
  4. 4. CONTEST UK Counter-Terrorism Strategy Pursue Prosecuting Terrorist Offenders Protect Target Hardening Prepare Supporting community and corporate resilience Prevent Safeguarding those vulnerable to radicalisation
  5. 5. Firearms & Weapons Attacks
  6. 6. RUN • Consider the safest option • Is there a safe route? RUN, if not HIDE • Can you get there without exposing yourself to greater danger? • Insist others leave with you • Leave belongings behind
  7. 7. HIDE • Find cover from GUNFIRE including – Substantial brickwork – Heavy/reinforced metal walls • If you can see the attacker, they may be able to see you • Cover from view does not mean you are SAFE. Rounds go through glass, brick, wood and metal • Be aware of your exits • Try not to get trapped • Be quiet, silence your phone • Lock/barricade yourself in • Move away from the door
  8. 8. TELL LOCATION where are you and suspects? DIRECTION Where did you last see the suspects? DESCRIPTION Features, clothing, weapons FURTHER INFORMATION Weapons, building etc Location of :– Entrances Exits Numbers involved Injuries Hostages STOP Others from entering the area CALL 999: What the police need to know:
  9. 9. FOLLOW Armed Police Response Officers may… 1. point guns at you 2. treat you firmly 3. question you 4. be unable to distinguish you from the attackers 5. You will be evacuated when it is safe to do so • Follow their instructions • Remain calm • Avoid sudden movements or any that may be considered a threat • Keep your hands in view
  10. 10. STAY SAFE • What are YOUR PLANS in an incident? • What plans do OTHERS have? • Think of staff or visitors who are less mobile, frail, vulnerable or visually or hearing impaired, build on personal emergency evacuation plans for fire evacuation and adapt for these circumstances. • What are your organisation’s PLANS? You must
  12. 12. QUESTIONS?