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Reflexion rtc


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Published in: Technology
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Reflexion rtc

  2. 2. Key Features  Extraordinary email protection  No lost email during local server outage  Better organized emails  Control Panel informs and empowers you  No hardware and software on your side  Can work with any local email server
  3. 3. Blocks Unwanted Content Outside the Network  Protects your email against spam and viruses,  Distinctly reduces unwanted messages,  Is blind to any future spammer tricks,  Enables to block email in languages that you can’t speak or from countries outside your organization’s geographic area of operation
  4. 4. No lost email during local server outages  Incoming email is not bounced or lost when your local email server is down for any reason.  Delivery resumes as soon as the local email server returns to operation.
  5. 5. Avoids infrastructure upgrades that might otherwise be required  All threats are dealt outside your network  No hardware and software on your side
  6. 6. Brand protection and email assurance  Safeguards prevent users from inadvertently sending out spam and viruses  Avoids blacklisting of production static IP addresses
  7. 7. Better Control  Improvements in user control over inbox access,  Organize related emails,  User interface embedded at the bottom of each email message processed by Reflexion
  8. 8. Summary  New tools for the battle against spam  Strong business advantages  Simple in use