Understanding Brazil


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Using Cultural Insight as the foundation of their presentation, the Added Value team challenged their clients to rediscover the Brazil of today in order to develop a point of view on the Brazil of tomorrow and to find out whether or not Brazil is still the Eldorado for brands. To get the rest of this presentation or if you want to know how these winds of change impact your business, contact us at info@added-value.fr

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Understanding Brazil

  2. 2. Because Brazil is a big country, with bountiful natural resources, including plenty of oil and, because Brazil is the 6th richest country worldwide Source: Statistiques-Mondiales.com, 2013
  3. 3. Because Brazil makes ”19-millionaires-a-day.” Because it is a 7 billion dollar luxury market and, it will grow from 15 to 25% over the next 5 years
  4. 4. Because Brazil has switched from a dictatorial political system to a democracy in less than 30 years. Because in 12 years, 35 millions Brazilians have escaped from poverty and, because Brazil has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world!
  5. 5. Brazil is changing… fast!
  6. 6. So, how do we make sense of it?
  7. 7. Well, we can’t predict the future … But we can provide an understanding of how things are shifting in the present to help get an informed opinion on possible futures and opportunities
  8. 8. Today’s presentation CULTURAL INSIGHT is an approach that uses semiotic analysis, cultural theory and trend analysis to help brands stay in touch with culture
  9. 9. Our starting point: some marketing questions we have been frequently asked Who is the must-win population in Brazil? How should we talk to them? What are the upcoming challenges connected to the redefinition of gender roles? How is their attitude towards beauty and beauty brands going to develop in the future? Brazilian-ness or international-ness? How do Brazilians choose their brands and how can we gain their preference? Is Brazil going-green? Is it possible to leverage a certain sustainable sensitivity amongst Brazilians? What is the media landscape like and how can we implement powerful media strategies?
  10. 10. Today’s presentation To answer these questions, we have analyzed Brazil from cultural, economical and social angles to define macro trends that are durably impacting the Brazil of today and tomorrow We have identified 3 major drivers of change We have highlighted manifestations of change in people’s lives with supporting brand examples We revisited our starting questions, to provide hypotheses and guidance for brands and the starting point for a fruitful discussion together!
  11. 11. Brazilians are getting to a new stage: we are watching the awakening of a population. It’s the beginning of a new era of self consciousness, responsibility and empowerment. While becoming more educated, wealthier, more informed, Brazilians are also becoming more aware of their impact on their future and the future of their country.
  12. 12. Today’s winds of change are not a fleeting breeze. They will impact and, to some extent, shape the Brazil of tomorrow. Brazil is following its own path, which is fairly different from other emerging markets It is also quickly resembling developed markets in many dimensions, while maintaining its salient specificities.
  13. 13. We have identified 3 drivers of change in Brazil INDEPENDENT THINKING GROWING MIDDLE CLASS SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY
  14. 14. 1 INDEPENDENT THINKING People are feeling in charge of their most intimate decisions and are taking action. The Internet is operating as an aggregator for bringing people together across the country – it is an “accelerator of diversity”. Different religions, political, and other organizations are taking on social roles. Some taboos are disintegrating and diversity of beliefs is proudly being expressed.
  15. 15. 2 GROWING MIDDLE CLASS Brazil’s « C Class » is leading the future of the Brazilian economy. They now represents over 50% of the population and are expected to keep growing to reach over 60% in 2030 They are over 90M people imposing their value system on the country: family, comfort, stability. They are growing in wealth but not aspiring to acquire upper class consumption behaviors. The Emerging Middle Class is a must-win population
  16. 16. 3 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY A collective responsibility is emerging: new political reforms aim to decrease inequities and to take the population out of poverty and the civil society is organizing itself to ask for better investments for their future. Brazilians are growing a new awareness of their social role and impact. A lot of the structural reforms are weak, but major shifts are already underway in education and social welfare.
  17. 17. To get the rest of this presentation, or if you want to know how these winds of change impact your business, contact us : Marina Cozzika PUBLIC RELATIONS m.cozzika@added-value.fr
  18. 18. Disclaimer: This presentation is provided for the purpose of strategic planning by Added Value’s contracted client to whom it is presented in the jurisdiction to which the presentation relates. The images, film footage, quotes and other third party content in the presentation have been drawn from many sources. Added Value will only endeavour to obtain the minimum legal permissions for the use of third party content from the owners of the relevant intellectual property or the individuals identified, referred to or quoted within the content. In some instances it will not have been possible to obtain any permission for use of certain content. If you use, reproduce, distribute or make available all or part of this presentation or any information derived from it for purposes other than strategic planning internally within your company you will be solely responsible for any claims for damages, fines, compensation, costs, expenses or licence fees that arise from such use. Image credits: • Cécile Gorgeon, Added Value • Istock