The 10 Trends Shaping the Future of South African Brands in 2012


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Why track trends? Because, great brands are constantly evolving. They anticipate change. And the strongest indicator of change is culture. Our role is to help clients take a more future focussed approach to their brand strategy and positioning by tracking the evolution of culture. We use cultural insight to understand how the world is changing and pull out the patterns of change that are going to be important for a brand in the future.

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The 10 Trends Shaping the Future of South African Brands in 2012

  1. 1. Added Value Trends
  2. 2. Our approach to trends
  3. 3. Why Trends? PEOPLE’S LIVESBrandsCategories Typical Marketing Focus A deep understanding of trends provides a consumer context for the shifts happening in a category, and allows us to ride and shape these changes, rather than just react to them.2
  4. 4. Trends vs. Fads Understanding how trends work, enables us to differentiate between short term fads and trends with long term potential to impact consumer behaviour FASHION / FADS  Fast burn - peaks and disappears TRENDS  Driven by socio/cultural factors, but not necessarily aligned to  Long lived and evolving broader consumer need changes vs.  Rooted in identifiable  Tend to be more local / regional sets of cultural drivers vs. global  Can be tracked across continents  Typically have global reach3
  5. 5. CHAPTER TWO:Trend Overview
  6. 6. The 10 Mega Trends and 26 Micro Trends Freedom & More Global = Autonomy Recognition Belonging Discovery* More Local* Finding Myself Flaunt Spontaneity Human Touch That’s Us Status New In Charge Sense-perience Township Cool Spheres Communities Democratization At Play I deserve It of Creativity with the Past Think before you buy5
  7. 7. The 10 Mega Trends and 26 Micro Trends (02) Identity New Vitality Wired World Take a Stand* Blur* Consciousness* Comfort of Health Womanity Mobile Life Everyday Ethics Simplicity Experience Re- Masculation Mindfulness Better for Me Digital Universe Spirit of Uprising ID: Chameleonic Age Bend6
  8. 8. CHAPTER THREE:The Mega Trends
  9. 9. Mega Trend : Autonomy MEGA TREND: People are taking control of their life, individual choices are driving economic, socio-political and lifestyle trends KEY CONSUMER VALUES: authenticity, self-realisation, recognition TREND DRIVERS:  New values are emerging. Individuality is no longer just about being unique and different, it’s about taking control of life  Success is changing its focus from superiority to self realisation and defining yourself – finding and pursuing the things that really matter  Time management is key Finding Micro Trends: Myself In Charge8
  10. 10. Mega Trend : Recognition MEGA TREND: Recognition is about showing others that one possess discernment and has achieved. While material goods once signified one’s achievements and status they no longer do. The symbols of status have become more complex and multilayered KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Sophistication, pleasure, confidence, respect, power TREND DRIVERS:  The recession has taught people that life is not only about money. Frugality and even living without money have become niche yet emergent trends  Enjoyment is not extinct, but people place higher meaning on the little things in life, e.g. relationships, connecting with friends, family and with themselves  Moderation and balance have become key Micro Flaunt Status I deserve Think before and the same is expected from companies SpheresTrends: It you buy9
  11. 11. Mega Trend : Freedom & Discovery MEGA TREND: Consumers increasingly seek experiences rather than products and services; products and services are often simply a means (tools) to an end (experience). KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Discovery, challenge, curiosity, passion, adventure TREND DRIVERS:  Exploring physicality – Pushing the boundaries of physical representation and experience  Driven by the desire for new sensations, experiences and a search for things that challenge the way we think about the senses. Technology is enabling us to experience new things e.g. advances in Micro Spontaneity Sense- Democratization of biotech and augmented reality technology perienceTrends: Creativity10
  12. 12. Mega Trend : More Global = More Local MEGA TREND: While globalization is forging a homogenous global identity it has reached its tipping point. People are starting to resist global culture and look for the authenticity of the local and the familiar for inspiration KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Authenticity, pride, self-esteem TREND DRIVERS:  The rise of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) has started to challenge Western driven globalisation and South Africa is now one of them  People are more hopeful and look forward rather than backwards  This goes hand in hand with modern creative Micro That’s Us Township Backwards expressions and lifestyle inspired by SA culture and traditions Cool to the FutureTrends:11
  13. 13. Mega Trend : Belonging MEGA TREND: People form communities as a space of comfort and solidarity KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Belonging, connection, care, security, harmony TREND DRIVERS:  Hyper Connectivity – The growing need (and expectation) to be connected to others 24/7  Stress increasing worldwide. Most people expect the future to be less safe  Anxiety is on the rise: crime, terrorism, Human New pollution, overcrowding, water, food safety Micro Trends: Touch Communities12
  14. 14. Mega Trend : Identity Blur MEGA TREND: Gender and life-stages are beginning to blur. Identity is fluid, changing and layered. People alter their identity over time as situations change, and adopt many different expressions of identity simultaneously, making identity more complex than ever before KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Discovery, self-actualisation, challenge TREND DRIVERS:  As life becomes more complex and the established social structures break down, people have less strict boundaries and conventions to follow  Today, the concept of identity has changed into something we construct and invent, rather than something given by gender, age, race and class Micro Womanity Re- ID: Age Bend Masculation ChameleonicTrends:13
  15. 15. Mega Trend : New Consciousness MEGA TREND: Strong need for life to be made simpler, easier and less threatening KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Effortlessness, convenience, pragmatism, security, stability TREND DRIVERS:  Infinite choices and finite time. People try to do more in less time. More consumer choice than ever before, better access to info than ever before BUT  People suffer from sleep deprivation, burn out syndrome, constant multitasking and Comfort of Micro Trends: Mindfulness Simplicity over scheduling, even for kids14
  16. 16. Mega Trend : Vitality MEGA TREND: Proactive health management and extended definition of wellbeing KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Engagement, accountability, empowerment, respect TREND DRIVERS:  Medical breakthroughs, alternative medicine, and growing consumer knowledge of health are combining to redefine health, wellness, and aging  Explosion of scientific knowledge: Genetic engineering, biotech, nanotech  Expanding the boundaries of what it means to be human  Life expectancy about to increase dramatically Health Better Micro Trends: Experience for Me  Higher expectations from food, vitamins, supplements15
  17. 17. Mega Trend : Wired World MEGA TREND: New Technologies have entered all part of our life and allow us to manage our lives 24/7 KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Convenience, efficiency, connection, immediacy TREND DRIVERS:  There is nearly one cell phone for every South African The phone is not only for conversation but it is a way to access services and data. Mobile web use and social networking are growing fast  Over six million people have access to the Internet in SA; SA Facebook estimates that there are 3.35 million users  New developments in digital technologies e.g. Digital e-ink, near field communication, augmented Micro Trends: Mobile Life Universe reality, GPS, 3D, HD and explosion of ‘apps’16
  18. 18. Mega Trend : Take a Stand MEGA TREND: From cynicism and mistrust to a new found determination and drive for new solutions to past problems KEY CONSUMER VALUES: Transparency, respect, compassion, determination, challenge TREND DRIVERS:  Increasing knowledge of our impact as consumers; impact of technological innovations and of scarcity of natural resources  Recent natural disasters showed the impact of climate change on people’s lives e.g. Katrina, floods in Australia, landslides, the Tsunami, earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan  Economic uncertainty and political instability leading to the rise of high profile demonstrations (e.g. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya )  People are starting to fight for what they believe in, Everyday Spirit of Micro Trends: the return of protest and people power. They Ethics Uprising don’t just believe in it, they do it17
  19. 19. Thank YOU