How Big Brands Use Social Media


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Social Media Council Presentation by ARF VP of Social Media.

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How Big Brands Use Social Media

  1. 1. How Big Brands Use Social Media #brandcampu October 8, 2010
  2. 2. Presented by Lynne d Johnson, SVP Social Media, The ARF Twitter: @lynneluvah email: Slideshare:
  3. 3. Big Brands
  4. 4. Social Media
  5. 5. Big Brands + Social Media #FAIL!"#$%& '()$% *%$& +, !-##(.. Source: Fast Company August 28, 2009
  6. 6. Big Brands + Social Media #FAIL!"#$%& '()$% *%$& "+ !,##(--
  7. 7. Big Brands + Social Media #FAIL »"Many  people  dream  of  success.  Success  can  only  be  achieved   through  repeated  failure  and  introspec:on.  Success  represents   the  one  percent  of  your  work  that  results  from  the  99  percent  that   is  called  failure.”  -Soichiro Honda
  8. 8. It’s Not Always Social Media #FAIL »Marke:ng »PR  (Brand  Awareness,  Buzz) »Customer  Service »Brand  Relaunches  (Crowdsourcing)
  9. 9. Big Brands + Social Media #Success
  10. 10. Big Brands + Social Media #Success flavor creator lab environment within the fan page
  11. 11. Big Brands + Social Media #Success !"#$%&'()"*+"(%,-,(#(%'"" .(/"-..")())$*%" '(%)"*+"'0*&)-%1)"*+"'*'-2"3*'()" 456"&%$7&("2-8(2"1()$,%(/)" black cherry-lime caffeine + 8 key nutrients made by fans, for fans on
  12. 12. »Authen:city »Transparency »Engagement »Making  Brands  More  Human »Bringing  The  Human  Voice  Into  the  Brand Big Brands + Social Media #Success
  13. 13. »HR »Consumer  Insights  &  Research  (Social  Listening) Big Brands Also Use Social Media For...
  14. 14. »“The study of naturally occurring conversations, behaviors, and signals, that may or may not be guided, that brings the voice of people’s lives in to the brand.” What Is Social Media Listening? ARF Listening Playbook The ARF Listening Playbook by Steve Rapport – Knowledge Solutions Director, The ARF
  15. 15. » discover new customers » develop new products » monitor the competition » give the consumer a voice » take brand pulse » understand shifts in consumer perspectives Brands can use listening to:
  16. 16. Why Brands Listen » Find Influencers and Let Them Engage New Customers For You » Listen, Respond, Engage » Don’t Just Sell
  17. 17. How Brands Listen
  18. 18. How Brands Listen Free Tools • Google Alerts • Hootsuite Social Media Dashboard • Tweetdeck • Social Mention • Cotweet PaidTools • Ripple 6 Social Insights • Radian 6 Dashboard • Conversition Evolisten • Netbase Consumerbase • Communispace • Scoutlabs • Motivequest • Nielsen Buzzmetrics • Meltwater Buzz
  19. 19. Social Listening Case Study Source:  ARF  Listening  Playbook
  20. 20. Social Listening Case Study Example: Hennessy Discovers New Customers The challenge Hennessy stumbled upon a new consumer by listening to linking behaviors. Consumers used Hennessy brand on BlackPlanet pages and linked back to site. The concept Hennessy developed a full research plan to learn more about the consumer and its values and connection with the brand. The result (or) insight Hennessy redeveloped its website to include this new customer into the brand’s messaging, also including recipes and wallpapers for downloading, as well as music integration. Source:  ARF  Listening  Playbook
  21. 21. The Future of Social Listening The Future Monitoring Complete Lifestreams Knowing Who People Really Are Using Social CRM Tools
  22. 22. The Future of Social Listening