Measuring the Moving Screen: The Future of Tablet Measurement


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A presentation entitled Measuring the Moving Screen: The Future of Tablet Measurement, was given at the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) AM 6.0 conference held in 2011. A presentation was given on the profile tablet users as well as the findings regarding ad effectiveness on iPads vs iPhones and other devices. The presentation was given by Matt O’Grady- EVP, Media Audience Measurement at The Nielsen Company.

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Measuring the Moving Screen: The Future of Tablet Measurement

  1. 1. Matt O’Grady EVP, Media Audience Measurement The Nielsen Company Measuring the Moving Screen: The Future of Tablet Measurement Emerging Hot Topics Part I – #1
  2. 2. #ARFAM6 Appliances in a Household All are additive to one degree or another
  3. 3. #ARFAM6 Measurement of TV on iPad Could Be the Hottest Topic in the Industry…
  4. 4. #ARFAM6 The New Second Screen  Everyone wants an iPad…meter – Media companies, device manufacturers, & mobile operators  iPad success – 15 million globally – iPad 2 & its lower price point  Sample Characteristics – iPads  Collection process complex & layered, estimate we’re approximately 30% complete  577 iPads identified in 475 homes thus far  Representing a penetration of 2.3% (which we expect to grow) – Macs  Currently have 566 Macs metered  Expect first complete recruitment of the panel by end of summer
  5. 5. #ARFAM6 When Will Tablets Impact the Ratings?
  6. 6. #ARFAM6 Substitution Effect Stronger for Other Devices After Tablet Purchase 35% 32% 27% 25% Less often or not at all Q69: Below is the list of connected devices that you own. You indicated that you purchased a (primary device). Since purchasing your (primary device), how has your usage of your other connected devices changed? New Tablet Purchasers who also own a: eReader (n=348), Media Player (n=531), Smartphone (n=625) Netbook (277), Desktop (n=805), Laptop (n=792), Gaming Console (n=558), Portable Gaming Console (n=340), GPS (n=673), Internet-toTV (n=286), Internet Connected TV (255)
  7. 7. #ARFAM6 iPads owners spent 2.7 more time with content on their device than iPhone owners iPad owners skew younger and male 98% list the home as their primary location for use 56% connect their Tablet to the internet via Wi-Fi only 70% of Tablets are used when watching TV When at home 49% primarily use the device in the living room Profile of a Tablet Owner
  8. 8. #ARFAM6 Tablet Use Case Great  Companion screen  Universal remote Future  Phone calls  Family / Social viewing of TV  Productivity Insufficient  Personal Video  Personal casual gaming  Magazines  Books
  9. 9. #ARFAM6 12% 1% 1% 1% 1% 2% 2% 2% 3% 3% 4% 6% 6% 7% 10% 13% 23% 48% Don't Know Other Nokia Asus Archos Toshiba Panasonic Lenovo LG Acer Dell Streak Sony HP BlackBerry Motorola Samsung Galaxy Tab Apple iPad (Wi-Fi Only) Apple iPad (3G + Wi-Fi) Consumers Are Eager to Purchase Tablet Likely to Purchase in the Next 3 Months Tablet Intenders (n=1,423) Q20: You indicated that your household will likely purchase a Tablet in the next 3 months. Which of the following Tablet brands do you plan to purchase? 14% of Tablet Intenders already own one or more Tablets
  10. 10. #ARFAM6 29% 20% 15% 13% 24% 17% 29% 27% 55% 59% 54% 61% 51% 64% 56% 54% 8% 16% 24% 24% 17% 17% 9% 13% 8% 6% 8% 3% 8% 2% 5% 6% News TV Shows Movies Books Magazines Downloaded Music Streaming Radio Sports ` Q80: Here is a list of statements regarding the price of media content that you buy. Considering your purchase of each content type, please choose one statement that indicates your reaction to pricing of media content. App Users Show High Willingness to Pay for Media Content Attitudes Towards Media Content Pricing Bought Media Content: Accessed Media Content: Sports (n=279), Streaming Radio (n=261), Downloaded music (n=1,015), Magazines (n=340), Books (n=925), Movies (n=392),TV shows (n=307), News (n=449) Content is priced low Content is expensive but I buy it Content is priced appropriately Content is too expensive and I would not consider buying it again
  11. 11. #ARFAM6 42% 42% 35% 43% 28% 31% 26% 49% 27% 37% 40% 51% 30% 40% 26% 43% 30% 38% 30% 49% Advertising on this connected device is acceptable I don't mind ads on this device as long as it does not disrupt my data activities I am open to ads on this device if it lowers my monthly bill I do not like to see any ads at all on this connected device Tablet eReader Portable Media Player Smartphone Netbook ` Tablets Owners Are Receptive to Advertising Attitudes Toward Ads by Device Connected Device Owners who Recall Seeing Ads in the Past Year (n=6,128) Q93: Below is a list of statements that best describe how different people may feel about advertising on various connected devices. Please select which of your connected devices these statements are applicable to. You can choose one, all or none of these devices.
  12. 12. #ARFAM6 High Production Value Increases Ad Receptivity 37% 39% 40% 46% 49% 23% 20% 25% 26% 40% 19% 19% 25% 27% 39% I like to see what ads can do on a connected device Ads on my connected device are new and interesting I am more likely to click on ads that are simple text ads I enjoy ads that have interactive features I am more likely to look at ads if they have an interesting video All Connected Devices Applie iPhone Apple iPad
  13. 13. #ARFAM6 What’s Next in Measurement? Integrate Nielsen Audio Watermark Detection in TV Apps