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Digital Creative Excellence


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At the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) 2011 annual re:think convention, a key issues forum presentation was held entitled DIGITAL CREATIVE EXCELLENCE. Panelist discussed creative best practices online. There was an emphasis of how to emotionally connect to consumers. Logo and product design was also discussed. The panelist included Jim Forrest,
SVP of Digital Strategy at Ipsos ASI/Ipsos OTX & Sebastian Fernandez, B2B Insights at Yahoo!. Rick Bruner, VP of Product Management at Marketing Evolution moderated the discussion.

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Digital Creative Excellence

  1. 1. DIGITAL CREATIVEEXCELLENCE Moderator Rick Bruner VP, Product Management Marketing Evolution
  2. 2. Creative Best Practices OnlineCPGJim Forrest Sebastian FernandezSVP, Digital Strategy B2B InsightsIpsos ASI/Ipsos OTX Yahoo!
  3. 3. ContentsResearch Objectives 4Background & Overview 5Creative Techniques for Driving Breakthrough & Persuasion 10Key Findings 39
  4. 4. Research ObjectivesWhat creative tactics are most successful indriving breakthrough & persuasion?• What’s the best way to showcase a product?• What product scenarios & messages are most effective?• What branding cues are most effective?• Can online ads emotionally connect with my audience?• Do new ad technologies translate into more effective ads?
  5. 5. Background & Overview• Data source – OTX (now part of Ipsos ASI) online ad testing system• Experimental design methodology – Test/control pre-tests – N= 484 campaigns for CPG products – CPG categories include • Home care • Health • Beverages • Pet products • Personal care • Beauty/cosmetics • Hair care products
  6. 6. Measuring What MattersIpsos ASI, the leading advertising pre-testingcompany globally, has established what makesfor effective advertising regardless of channel Reach Response Effective (Breakthrough) (Persuasion) Advertising The ad needs to get The ad needs tonoticed and the brand trigger a change in Drives Sales must get credit brand desire Builds Equity
  7. 7. The Key MeasuresBreakthrough (the “reach” measure)• Measures whether an ad has been processed at some level by consumers• To measure breakthrough, consumers must both recognize a debranded version of the ad AND attribute it to the correct brand
  8. 8. The Key MeasuresPersuasion (the “response” measure)• Measures a shift in consumer preference to choose the advertised product next time they purchase in the category• To measure persuasion, consumers are asked which product/ brand will they buy next time. We measure an ads effect on the specific product advertised or the overall brand preference effect (all products/line extensions for the advertised brand) Store Other Brand Brand None
  9. 9. Driving Breakthrough &PersuasionA review of different creative tactics and elementsthat help drive breakthrough and persuasion online
  10. 10. 40 Creative Tactics Were AnalyzedProduct Tactics Technology Tactics• Product Shown • Rich vs. Flash• Size of the product • Size expands to show more details• Single vs. Multi product • Sound/Music• % of time the product is shown in the ad • Time/frames to reveal• Product image location • Mouse over effect • LinksProduct Messages/Scenario Tactics Branding Tactics• Ad Focus • Type of product • Brand reveal • Celebrity spokesperson• Call to action information • Coupon • # of brand mentions• New product • # of messages • Logo location • % of time the logo is• Problem/solution • # of mentions • Character shown• Product comparison • Content • Size of the logo • % of time the brand is shown • Use of brand colors • Size of the brand name • Brand’s existing equity • Company spokesperson presence
  11. 11. Question 1What’s the best way to showcase a product? Answer Keep it simple, don’t let products interfere with your message
  12. 12. Showing Products in Advertising HelpsDrive Breakthrough… Breakthrough +10% lift 100 110 Product Not Shown Product Shown
  13. 13. To Drive Persuasion,Focus on Single Products Persuasion 67% lift 167 100 Multiple Products Single ProductPersuasion improves 67% when focusing single vs. multiple products
  14. 14. Show the Product Throughout the Ad Persuasion 250% lift 350 100 Under 75% Greater Than 75% Persuasion improves over 250% whenshowing the product throughout the ad
  15. 15. Don’t Let the Product Detract from YourMessage, Particularly with a Large Product Image Persuasion 21% lift 121 100 Larger product images can take up too much of the frame Large Product Image Small Product Image & detract from your message
  16. 16. Question 2How do I talk about my product?What scenarios are most effective indriving persuasion? Answer It depends on where your product is in its lifecycle
  17. 17. Ads Showcasing New Products Generatethe Strongest Lifts in Persuasion Persuasion 52% lift 152 100 Established Product New Product
  18. 18. While Product Comparisons Are AlsoEffective, Much More So When the… Effects of Product Comparison on Persuasion 33% lift 13% lift 133 100 113 No Comparison Comparison Explicit Comparison
  19. 19. Problem + Solution Scenarios Are Also Effective DrawingConsumers in, Generating Solid Lifts in Breakthroughand Persuasion Problem + Solution Message Problem + Solution MessageProblem Effect on Breakthrough Effect on Persuasion 13% lift 20% lift 113 100 120 100 Solution Other Problem + Other Problem + Solution Solution
  20. 20. “Feature” Copy Works Great for New Products, But Not for Established Ones Persuasion Features (New Products) When the ad talks about specific product details 149 (e.g. “with smooth ingredients”) Claim to Fame* When the product or brand claims being better 124 Messaging different (e.g. “4X better xxx”) product options is Options*When the ad messaging mentions different product options 117 preferable to (e.g. “Available in multiple flavors”) showing multiple Benefit 103 products in the ad When product benefits are discussed in the ad. (e.g. “Clean you can see”) Use When the ad messaging is about how to use the product 43 (e.g. Health ads) Features (Established Product) When the ads talks about specific product details 23 (e.g. “With smoothing ingredients”) 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Base: Use n=8; Feature n=73; Claim to Fame n=12; Options n=18; Benefit n=186 * Very Low Base
  21. 21. Simple Call-to-Action (CTA) Messages Are More CompellingThan Product Coupons in Generating Lifts in Persuasion Coupon Effect Call to Action Effect on Persuasion on Persuasion No Sig Lift 40% lift 100 107 140 100 No Coupon No Call Call Coupon to Action to Action
  22. 22. Question 3What branding cues are most effective?ShapeFontColor Answer Branding cues with existing equity (e.g. color, characters, etc.)
  23. 23. Consumer Affinity for a Brand Plays a BigRole in an Ads Ability to Breakthrough Ad Breakthrough 14% lift 114 100 105 Low Brand Affinity Medium Brand Affinity High Brand Affinity
  24. 24. Logos Drive Stronger BreakthroughWhen Used Correctly
  25. 25. When it Comes to Logos,Size Doesn’t Matter Logo Size Effect Logo Size Effect on Breakthrough on Persuasion No Sig Lift No Sig Lift 100 102 100 111 Small Logo Large Logo Small Logo Large Logo
  26. 26. It’s Location, Location, LocationThe location of the logo can have a strong effecton breakthrough The sweet spot is in the top center The weakest spot is at the bottom
  27. 27. Brand Cues, Such as Use of BrandColor, Impact Persuasion Use of Brand Color Effect on Persuasion 45% lift 145 100 Does Not Use of Uses Brand Colors Brand Colors
  28. 28. Celebrity Spokespeople Also DriveStronger Persuasion Use of Celebrity Spokesperson Effect on Persuasion 63% lift Insert Celebrity Face 163 100 No Celebrity Celebrity
  29. 29. But Use of a Celebrity Spokespeople May Also DivertAttention from the Brand and Negatively ImpactBreakthrough Use of Celebrity Spokesperson Effect on Breakthrough -10% lift 100 90 No Celebrity Celebrity
  30. 30. Question 4Can online ads be used to emotionallyconnect with my audience? Answer Yes!
  31. 31. In Addition to Breakthrough &Persuasion, All Pre-tested Advertising isMeasured for…Emotive Power™• Measures the strength of the consumer’s emotional response to the ad• To measure emotional response, consumers are asked to answer a series of questions about the ad that have been associated with emotional response to advertisingHeath, Brandt, & Nairn (2006). Brand Relationships: Strengthened by Emotion, Weakened by Attention.Journal of Advertising Research.
  32. 32. Emotional Connection with Your AudienceHas the Largest Impact on Persuasion Emotive Powers Effect On Persuasion 81% lift 31% lift 181 131 100 Emotive Power™ Low Average High Emotive Power™ Emotive Power™ Emotive Power™
  33. 33. Four Tactics That ImproveEmotional Response Emotive Power Indexed to Average1. Social Conscience Social Conscience* 167 (appeal to people’s desire to do the right thing) Emotive Imagery* 1512. Emotive Imagery Video* 131 (e.g. puppies and babies) Claim to Fame* 1243. Utilize Creative Formats (video/rich media) Rich Media* 113 Implicit Comparison* 844. Claim to Fame (e.g. differentiated identity) Humor* 73 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160Base sizes: Video n=14; Rich Media n=39; Humor n=8; Social Conscience n=7; Claim to fame n=7; Implicit Comparison n=8;Puppies/Babies/Kids n=9)* Very Low Base
  34. 34. Question 5Do new ad technologies translate intomore effective ads? Answer They can, but only when advertisers learn to use the new formats
  35. 35. As Advertisers Get More Sophisticated,Campaigns Are Getting More Persuasive Display Persuasiveness RMU Persuasiveness Across Time Across Time 92% lift 66% lift 80% lift 192 180 166 100 100 2005/6 2007/8 2009/10 2006-7 2008-10
  36. 36. Technology That Increases the Story-TellingPower Can Improve Effectiveness Format Driving Persuasion 29% lift 7% lift 129 100 107 Traditional Flash Any Rich Ad Rich Ads With Video
  37. 37. Other Features, Like Size Expands, Have aPositive Impact on Breakthrough as Well Size Expand Impact on Breakthrough 9% lift 100 109 Does not Expand Expands
  38. 38. Key Findings1. When showcasing your product, keep it simple• Focus on 1 product, no more• Don’t let the size of your product image get in the way of you message
  39. 39. Key Findings2. Different messages work at different stages of the product lifecycle• For new products, introduce new product features and make those features matter• As products mature, use advertising to differentiate your product, or to inform your audience about “new” product options
  40. 40. Key Findings3. Take advantage of existing brand cues to help drive breakthrough & persuasion• When showcasing your logo, size isn’t as important as location• Consistently using brand colors will allow equity built through past campaigns to carryover• Take advantage of other offline cues, like celebrities/ spokespeople, who are highly recognizable and can drive more persuasion for your product
  41. 41. Key Findings4. Don’t be afraid to use online to emotionally connect with your consumers• Emotional connection is the most persuasive when successful• New technology & formats improve your ability to emotionally connect with consumers, but allow for a learning curve
  42. 42. Key FindingsThese are guidelines, not a prescription• The best online ads break the rules, but so do the worst. Don’t be afraid to do something different, just test it before your campaign starts.