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Research Impact


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At the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) 2011 annual re:think convention, a key issues forum presentation was held on the impact of research. The panelist discussed the Home Farming Movement of Triscut. How research was conducted and used to optimize the campaign was discussed and how to leverage insights to optimize communication. Panelist included, Heddy DeMaria Director, CIS of BiscuitKraft Foods, Inc. & Julie Kravetz Acct Planning, DirectorOf Euro RSCG & Jim Low Marketing Director of Kraft Foods, Inc. Mainak Mazumdar, SVP of Measurement Science &Product Marketing for The Nielsen Company moderated the discussion.

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Research Impact

  1. 1. RESEARCH IMPACT Moderator Mainak Mazumdar SVP, Measurement Science & Product Marketing The Nielsen Company
  2. 2. Triscuit: Unearthing What Matters Leveraging Insights to Optimize CommunicationHeddy DeMaria Julie Kravetz Jim LowDirector, CIS – Biscuit Acct Planning, Director Marketing DirectorKraft Foods, Inc. Euro RSCG Kraft Foods, Inc.
  3. 3. What We’ll Share with You Today• The consumer work we did to connect what we knew was true about Triscuit with what we suspected was true about our consumer• How we turned that into a program called the Home Farming Movement• The way we tested and optimized our program• The results!
  4. 4. Some of the Tools We Used• Data mining used to refine Triscuit’s Consumer definition• On-line blog/ethnographies• Copy testing with e-motion saccadic measurement• Online monadic graphic study
  5. 5. Our Challenge• Despite clear identity of the brand’s benefits, Triscuit was losing consumers and not achieving its growth targets• We needed to do a better job at understanding Triscuit’s Growth Consumer and how to better connect with her
  6. 6. A Gap Between Reality and PerceptionReality: Many Virtues Perception: Outdated Serious Plain and Cold and BoringSimple Ingredients Heritage Unique Texture Fibrous Old- Fashioned
  7. 7. We Went Digging with Simmons Data 94M women buy crackers Difference = 83 Million Women! 11M Women Buy Triscuit
  8. 8. Our Question Which of the 83 million are most “Triscuit positive”?
  9. 9. We Constructed a Values-Based Algorithm Triscuit strategy Identified which of the “simple, authentic, 83 million non-Triscuit goodness” and built cracker eaters shared a “mindset” that this “mindset” reflect it
  10. 10. And Found 21 Million Women!Introducing “Hannah”Predisposed to healthier snackingHad a preference for natural, real ingredientsOpenly engaged to a message around “Simple, Authentic, Goodness”• Nutritional value is the most important factor in what food I eat• Prefer to eat foods without artificial additives• I usually snack on healthy foods• When shopping for food I look for natural/organic• I like the trend towards healthier fast food• I usually look for the freshest ingredients when I cook• I make a conscious effort to recycle• I am worried about pollution caused by carsSource: Simmons 2010
  11. 11. Our Next Question By all measures she should be buying and loving Triscuit. So why wasn’t she?
  12. 12. We Turned to Blogs and EthnographiesWorking with NOW WHAT Research we ImmersedOurselves in the Lives of 21 Hannahs
  13. 13. A Special Stage of Life ● Fast ● Thoughtful ● Juggling ● Focused ● Whatever works ● What I enjoy ● Live for “Them” ● Live for “Me”Source: NOW WHAT Research
  14. 14. Discovering the Creative andSelf-ExpressiveSource: NOW WHAT Research @ 5ADVERTISING 7. RESEARCH "".,,,, FOU N DA T I O N
  15. 15. Connecting to What Really Matters Where my daughter and I talk Fireplace for family to gather aroundSource: NOW WHAT Research
  16. 16. Foods and Brands That Feed Her Soul Upfront Honest Transparent Creative and witty Modern and fun Unique Wholesome HealthierSource: NOW WHAT Research
  17. 17. And How Was Triscuit Seenin This New World?Source: NOW WHAT Research @ 5ADVERTISING 7. RESEARCH "".,,,, FOU N DA T I O N
  18. 18. The Core Insight Hannah is inspired by a sense of purpose, meaningful conversations, richerfriendships, deeper connections, joy and fulfillment and real foods that are delicious Snacks that nourish the body, the senses, the mindSource: NOW WHAT Research
  19. 19. We Used the Core Insight to Build a Connection Between Hannah and Triscuit Brand Product Consumer Culture A mission to Made from Craves simplicity, Post-recessionchampion simple, 3 simple honesty and to more back to basics authentic ingredients closely align her mentality: home, goodness values with her family and actions community “Unearth What Matters”
  20. 20. Home Farming… a Philosophy in Action• Engages Hannah in creative activities• Reinforces connection through her appreciation of – Real ingredients in food – Connecting with friends who share her passions – Enriching sense of time, place and pride of ownership
  21. 21. In Short, We Aimed to Do SomethingThat Matters! The Home Farming Mission • Help everyone, everywhere create their own home farm – Inspire – Equip – Inform – Support
  22. 22. How Do We Ensure aStrong Home Farming 2.0? We didn’t turn off the research… We put our two biggest vehicles under the microscope: TV and Packaging
  23. 23. Copy Testing Told Us We Had a Solid Spot• Strong Involvement: Zapping Below Norm• Clear Message Delivery – “Growing Vegetables at Home”• Great Brand Fit• Increases Triscuit’s Perception – Delicious way to eat healthy – Encourages consumers to join something meaningful – A brand that cares about the environment – More than just a snackSource: PreTesting Group
  24. 24. Strong Likeability… 2% 3% 12% 41% 42% Liked it very much Liked it somewhat Neither liked nor disliked it Disliked it somewhat Disliked it very muchLikeability: Q. Which statement best describes how much you either liked ordisliked the Triscuit commercial?Source: PreTesting Group
  25. 25. …with Strong Message Delivery! 10% 27% 11% 23% 29% Very likely Somewhat likely Neither likely nor unlikely Somewhat unlikely Very unlikelyIntent to visit website: Q. How likely would you be to visit the websiteto learn more about Home Farming?Source: PreTesting Group
  26. 26. Saccadic Eye Tracking Showed Engagement Levels Peaked During Consumer Close-Ups… Active Saccadic DataActive e-Motion Index 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Source: PreTesting Group
  27. 27. Leveraging Learning, We Put theMessage on 4 Million Packages… joion,., Home Farming Movement! Triscu t .. ORIGINAL , • ~ @ 5ADVERTISING 7. RESEARCH "".,,, , FOU N DA T I O N
  28. 28. And Consumers Said… “Not Bad”!Strengths• Broke through shelf clutter• Viewed as unique• Improves imagery: contemporary, energetic, cares about environment, shares my valuesOptimization Opportunities• Dial-up appetite appeal• Less motivatingSource: Market Tools, Graphic Evaluation
  29. 29. Home Farming Message Was Strong……but we needed to improve seed card communication Aided Recall of “Home Farming” Aided Recall of Seed Card Phrase on Triscuit Package (%) Information on Package (%) Cell 2: Triscuit Home Farming Cell 2: Triscuit Home Farming Total Total (N=157) (N=157) 8 Noticed Noticed 32 “Home Seed Card Farming” Information Phrase on Back of Package 92 68Q 31. Did you notice the “Home Farming” phrase on the package of Triscuit crackers you saw?Q 34A. Did you notice the seed card information on the back of the package?Base: Those who viewed Home Farming packageSource: Market Tools, Graphic Evaluation
  30. 30. New and Improved…and Now Hitting Shelves! Dials-Up • Home Farming communication • Connection with shopper • Appetite appeal – more real food presence • Clearer communication on back panel • Additional panel dedicated to seed instructions
  31. 31. It Must Have Been Good Enough for a 2.0… …but how good?
  32. 32. Our Efforts Spawned a Real Movement… • 500,000 + visitors • 4,000+ home farms • All 50 states • 12 countries!
  33. 33. Anchored by a Real Commitment… @ 5ADVERTISING 7. RESEARCH "".,,,, FOU N DA T I ON
  34. 34. Generating Real Buzz… Half a BILLION earned impressions!
  35. 35. Generating a Real Turnaround!Base velocity % change 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 -2 -4 -6 -8 -10 2009 2010
  36. 36. We’re Looking Forward to a Great 2011! Join us on TriscuitNational Home Farming Day Join us anytime April 12, 2011! at!