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  1. 1. This is a printed copy of my blog which Ihave transferred into KeynotePlease visit my blog at the address belowas it includes video’s, GIFs and muchmore.Creating a brandby Ben Clarke
  2. 2. NOTE FOR EXAMINERPlease go to my blog to viewlots more digital content.Start at the bottom of page 7and work your way!
  3. 3. Boiler room researchI wanted to look into the branding of the boiler room as I have brought some ofthere products in the past and have always had an interest in the company. I havetaken images of the clothing I own looking at how the logo is transferred.The Boiler Room is actually a club that streams live sessions across the internet,they have been the pioneers of making live dance music accessible online. Theyhave gathered more momentum as a brand because the dance scene as come onleaps and bounds over the last few years creating a bigger audience. I wanted to look into the Logo as I like how it is so transferable between products,learning about this will be very helpful for me as I want to create a logo that is easilytransferable between products. I believe the logo works because of the simplicity ofit, it is simply typography inside a circle this has means the typography is very clearand has also been designed so that it is bold, by using the simple design they haveallowed themselves the option of adjusting the logo slightly for different purposes,for instance the T-shirt image I uploaded is a lot more interesting than the originallogo but wouldn’t be very transferable as it may not work as say a poster due to the amount of design. When looking at the boiler room posters I always feel the logostands out very boldly due to the strong typeface I think this is something I will haveto consider when coming to designing my own logo.I also wanted to look at the boiler room branding as the type of people who buyinto the boiler room are the sort of people my brand will be intended for. I want bybrand to be aimed at 16-25 year old that are interested in wearing street wear thatholds close bonds to the music industry. I feel I will need to create clothing that isvery lively and surreal I also want the logo to be displayed very clearly like the Boilerroom have done with there T-shirt release.
  4. 4. Supreme researchSupreme is a Los Angles based company that was opened by Skateboarders and artists in 1994.When looking at the Supreme logo once again I noticed how simplistic it was proving how people willbuy clothing based on it being a brand. The logo is a block colour with very clear typography on top ofit, there is very little design that has gone into it yet the company does very well, this is also helped bythe celebrity endorsement as Kate Moss, Lady Gaga and even Kermit the frog have featured on thereclothing. The block colour also helps the logo be transferred between designs as the typography willalways be very clear due to its boarder.The clothing is designed for skate, Hip hop and punk culture although I believe its actually worn byeveryone and anyone now due to the celebrity endorsement  this shows me that my intended audienceis very broad for my company as really anyone could buy into my brand. Supreme has also worked withNike SB and Vans to name a few this has also helped the company gain momentum.
  5. 5. Generals clothing researchGenerals Clothing is a company run by my friendSam, I felt it would very useful to research hiscompany as I will be conducting an interview withSam to get an insight into his practice.Generals Clothing launched in 2011 and has sincegone on to expand its product range nowproducing T-shirts, Polo’s, Sweatshirts and Totebags. I wanted to look into the way Sam hadbranded the company before the interview, bylooking at his site you can see howhe has used the logo in his designsoften incorporating an image fora background this has meant the logois versatile and can be transferred on to numerousproducts. I really like how he has used images asbackgrounds for the logo as this means he canreally promote his brand as people will be wearingthe logo this will lead to more sales. Although thecompany is still in its early stages it is very clearthat the brand really has potential. the designs arevery current often linking to the music industry,film and television this has also helped because ofthe way he has used images of celebrities in hisdesigns, this has lead to people buying productsbecause of who is on it. I think this is a really goodidea although he has to be very careful aboutcopyright infringement.I hope my interview with Sam can help me learneven more about the company, I am particularlyinterested in his thought process of starting thebrand as this is something I will be doing shortly. Iwould also like to learn about hisprinting techniques as this will help when it comesto printing my designs. 
  6. 6. Interview questionsHow did you start the process of creating a logo?Who are your intended audience?Did you consider how transferable the Logo would be?How did you promote your brand?What do you use to print the T-shirts?Do you think its important to include a Logo when its possible to create brand awareness? Where do you see the company going in the future?Did you do all the design work?What do you think separates your clothing line from others? Did you consider how the logos colour could change?Do you think the use of celebrities in your work has helped sales?Have you always considered your use of colour to create separation between the logo and image?
  7. 7. How did you start the process of creating a logo?To be honest I just done a number of sketches, just playing around really on Photoshop using different fonts. Ithink its important to consider the composition so that you can see how you can manipulate and designs intothe logo.Who are your intended audience?I’d say 16-23 year olds as a lot of the designs are very current and young with the incorporation of celebritiesetc I wouldn’t say the clothing is aimed at a certain type of people l just wanted to create something verycurrent. Did you consider how transferable the Logo would be?Yeah defiantly  I really wanted the logo to allow me to manipulate designs inside and around it, so I decided tokeep the typography very clear I didn’t want to go over the top as simplicity works, take a look at apple etc.How did you promote your brand?Mainly on Facebook as its very easy to connect to everyone quickly, I also handed out flyers at gigs as I hopedthis would drum up some extra business outside of Norfolk.What do you use to print the T-shirts?I use a heat press as the designs don’t fade as quickly like this unlike transfer paper. It did cost a fare amountbut I think its the sort of thing you need to print with that or a laser printer but they are even more expensive.Do you think its important to include a Logo when its possible to create brand awareness? Yeah sure, I think its good to get the logo on as many designs as possible as when someone wears thegarment other people will ask ‘what company is that’ for instance. I also think it creates a brand identity whichis important as it helps separate my clothing from others as there are so many people out there designingthese days.Where do you see the company going in the future?I hope to expand it, its kind of going through a period of transition at the moment I have stopped designing sooften due to starting university but I will defiantly carry it on when I get more free time.Did you do all the design work?Pretty much i did get a friend to help with the logo design as he has a really good eye for that sort of stuffother than that all the designs are my own.What do you think separates your clothing line from others? Thats a tricky question as there are so many people doing the same thing as me, I’d probably say the comedyside of my pieces as the some of the designs are not very serious. Did you consider how the logos colour could change?Yep, I always wanted to keep the logo one colour so that it could be easily transferred onto different designs.Do you think the use of celebrities in your work has helped sales?For sure, I think a lot of people have purchased items based on who is on it as it almost advertises to othersthat you like the celebrity, they also have some comedy value so i think this may help.Interview with Sam(Generals clothing)
  8. 8. How the interview helpedI feel the interview has helped me a lot, it was a really good opportunity to have a relaxed chat aboutGenerals Clothing. I really like how he started designing the logo by doing sketches and littlePhotoshop edits, I think this is what I should do when i get to the stage as it will allow me to generatemore ideas.I really understood when he said that there is a specific type of people who buy his clothing, I believethis in generally true as many people don’t fit into a category so I don’t think I will categorize myintended audience. I also agree with how he wanted his logo to be very clear and not overworked assomething that has been over designed can be almost to much.From the conversation I have taken that it is really difficult to separate your brand from others as therereally is so much out there. so I believe I will try and create a brand without taking this intoconsideration.Harperwells is a company my lecturer showed me when starting this project, I looked at thecompany to gain a greater understanding of Logos as I felt the logo was very clever. They haveused a shape which is instantly recognizable as grapes this links to the company as they sellwines. I was also shown how the logo has be adapted for posters, for instance the second imageof this post shows how the logo could work when using bottle caps to create the circles. I feellooking at this company has given me a greater understanding of how you need to think abouthow the logo can be changed for different purposes.Morvelo is another company I was shown when talking about my project with my lecturer, I feel thiscompany has created clothing that really connects to the biking community and has also created designslike the V for Velo T-shirt which is very different from your advantage cycling jersey. They also use there logowherever they can often changing the typography for different items of clothing, this keeps the clothinglooking fresh and new because it isn’t just the same designs repeated.
  9. 9. Logo ResearchI took these images whilst walking around Norwich, I wanted tophotograph multiple logos so I could think of how I will construct myown. When looking at these images I notice that every logo is totallydifferant to the others, this shows just how important branding isbecause it helps you separate yourself from all the other companiesout there. When looking at the HMV logo’s I noticed how the type isvery separate from the imagery and the two are often not combinedthis has made me think about if I want the two to be separate as itmay leave myself more open to adjust the logo for different purposes.  
  10. 10. NotesThese are some notes I have taken, Iwanted to think of companies that hada really strong brand so i choose tocollate them together so I could choosewhich of these companies I would liketo research.Ideas for name of brandThese are my initial ideas for a namefor my brand, I actually found this areal hard process as it so hard to thinkof a name that doesn’t resemblesomething else. I really like the idea ofusing a lock for my logo as it is astrong shape which I believe I couldmanipulate in many ways. Now I willstart to draw locks from real life, I planto photograph and draw examples Ican fine.
  11. 11. These are just some basic sketches of possible logo’s, I stillcannot choose between the name lock and locked but I’m sure this will all comtogether soon when I produce the digital designs. I liked the idea of combining thelock into the typography as it would really give me the opportunity to producesmany different designs. I believe I now need to have a look at some Logo designersso I can research the practices and thought processes before creating a a logo.Drawings of potential logos
  12. 12. Observational DrawingsThese are some observational drawingsof different types of locks I have drawn from life. Iwanted to draw the locks from multiple angles sothat I could get an idea of I wan my logo to look. Ihave drawn 3D images and also flat images. Ireally like the idea of the 3D lock as I feel I couldwork imagery into it. I plan to keep drawing locksfor the next couple of weeks so I can collate mydesigns together and deicide on a final design.
  13. 13. How the logo can be adaptedThis is a page I created when brainstormingideas of how the logo could be adaptedfor different purposes. I am currently hoping todesign 3 logos that all link to each other thatcan be transferred onto products.
  14. 14. Castle visit part 1Coming up are a series of images that I havetaken during a visit to the castle museum inNorwich, I wanted to capture images of thelocks around the building I also felt that thedungeon section of the castle would supplyme with lots of old locks. Pt2These are a series of images of a fewprison posters in the castle museum ,when passing the sign I noticed the keyhole within the O this is something I hadbeen doing when creating mytypography. I believe seeing somethinglike this through my own eyes hashelped me rather than just looking atimages of locks on the internet. Findingthis showed me that I am really on theright track. I then noticed the use of keys, this issomething I havent looked intoor incorporated into my designs but Ifeel that the inclusion of the keys in mylogo may help as it will give it anotherdimension to the design, I may includekeys into my typography as it will makethe type look more interesting and alsogive it another element of design.I will create more logos with theinclusion of keys next I will also lookinto using chains in my designs as theyare very much linked to theprison environment.  
  15. 15. Whilst at the museum I noticed the variety of locks on doors so I choose to take images of them soI could look into using different types of locks. I also looked at key holes as this is going to besomething that will be included in many of my designs. I feel the trip to the castle was an unlikely success as I didn’t expect to find as much as I did whenattending the visit.Pt3Logo drawingsThese are a few pages I have been working on recently, I have experiment with numerous types of typographywhich I feel are really starting to come together I believe I will be able to edit  a few digitally and get good resultsthat will help give me more of an idea. I have also drawn two padlocks from life which I am extremely happy with, Ithink these drawings are exactly what I need to keep producing so that when it comes to selecting a final design Iwill have choice. I will now digitally adjust the locks digitally, I intend to include an image within the lock so that Ican include my photography skills in this project.
  16. 16. These are some digital designs I have created, I’m really happy with the start of thisprocess as I believe I have already created a design which has potential. I believe thefirst image is a lot more stronger and I can really see this sort of logo beingtransferable and also adapted for different purposes e.g. T-shirt  poster. I’m not veryhappy with the second image but its  a start I’m not very happy with the image I havechosen but I believe I could include an image that would work well. To create thesedesigns I selected only the drawn lines from my drawing, I then imported the imageinto adobe Photoshop where I have placed an image within the logo by using theopacity tool and also a selection tool.Photoshop editsAlex MertoEffin Typeface This is the work of New York based graphic designer AlexMerto, I randomly found this guy on a blog and thought hewould be very useful when it comes to designing mytypography. I found the typeface really amusing it remindedme of drawing people done at high school due to its childishnature. I feel the typeface is really interesting as there is astory behind every letter and they are all very different fromeach other. Alex uses Adobe Illustrator to create his designsthis is a program I plan on using to design my typography asit will allow me to personalize my typeface more in-depth than what I could achieve using Adobe Photoshop  There is a real cartoon nature to the designs due to thepersonality each letter has. I would really like to design atypeface which is a visually interesting as this.
  17. 17. Rob Clarke is a London based typographer who has worked with companies like Rowntrees, Tetleys,Currys and many more, his client list really is very impressive. I came across Rob when looking into logodesigners and I felt he would be a perfect person to research as he has worked for so many companiesthat are all ver different. The first thing I noticed about his work is that it’s extremely clinical, all curves areperfect and all the type is readable. When looking into his working practice I discovered he works verymuch like I am doing currently as he does lots of rough drawings that are later adapted using AdobeIllustrator, this made me feel confident that I am on the right track. He also does lots of research into thecompanies history before even picking up a pen, which I believe is a very good tactic as it allows him toshape his ideas around the companies history. When reading that he uses illustrator I thought it would be agood idea for me to do my designs on the program as this will be a lot more clinical than using Photoshoplike I have in the past. He states that his biggest inspiration is Eric Spiekermann who I will look into at alater date.Rob ClarkeI came across the design company Musa Work lab on Behance, I was particularly interested in the combination ofcolours as this is something I need to think about when creating my brand as I wouldn’t want the colours to clashbut instead compliment each other like they do in this piece, I like how patterns and shapes separate themselvesfrom one another and have a real design element. The patterns have made me start thinking about the inclusion ofpatterns in my work, for instance I would like to create patterns for my T-shirts and poster designs as I havealready decided to keep the my logo fairly minimalistic as I dont want it to look over worked although I couldinclude pattern inside the logo for other purposes. I find the typography really interesting also as much of itappear warped this is something I will look into when designing my type as I would like to create somethingoriginal.Musa Work Lab
  18. 18. Digital typography designThese are some digital designs that I have created from my drawings. I am really happywith the first 4 images as they look as if I can adjust them for different purposes bychanging the imagery, for these typefaces I have scanned the original drawing in thenplaced an image behind the text, then I have changed the opacity so the rest is moretransparent. The image I used was of multiple chains as I felt this would connect well tomy logo which will be a lock. I have then used different filter effects which have createdpatterns from the image. I feel the research i have undertaken has really helped shape myideas as I am now starting to design interesting typefaces which I dont think would beas successful without looking at people like Rob Clarke. I then moved onto another designI had done which I have change the colours and also included patterns into the piece I amnot as happy with the edits as I think the original is much stronger, I will now continuedrawing and then editing digitally as I feel its a really good way to generate work.                                          
  19. 19. The first image of this post are mynotes from a group discussion, wetalked about how the typography couldinclude things like chains and keyswhich I really liked the idea of. I alsoasked if they liked the name ‘lock or‘locked’ they chose that lock would bea better name as it is short and slick itwould also give be the opportunity tohave a real focus on each letter. Theposts below are scans of my drawingthat I created after the session, I reallylike the idea of including  a key ratherthan a lock in the typeface as I willalready have a lock as a logo so thekey would be fitting when presentedwith each other. I will continue to carryon drawing whilst producing digitaledits. Group session & Inspired typography
  20. 20. These are some digital designs I have created using Photoshop, I have used myown drawings as a template which I have adjusted using a varietyof techniques. For the first set of images I have used a pattern within the text as this wassomething I had talked about in a discusion with my peers and also had beeninspired to do when looking at the musa work lab designs, I believe theinclusion of the pattern gives the design a different dynamic but I’m unsure ofhow transferable the text would be as it wont necessarily work on certainproducts due to the use of 2 colours this has made me think about using ablock colour so that the text would be very clear regardless of its purpose.The next designs are once again from my own drawings, I really like this idea asI wouldn’t have to include a logo above due to the inclusion of the lock inthe typography  I think this is something to look at but I am fairly set on  designing a logo and typography that are connected with each other. I haveused a warp tool to achieve the different shapes and angles, this is something Iwill use again as it a really handy tool when trying to subtlety adjust images. The final set of designs are not my favorite but I did like the idea of using a largeL with the rest of the type included within the L shape. I like how the warp toolhas allowed me to warp the type, for instance the L in one of the edits looks likea elfs foot which wasn’t deliberate  I woud like to carry on with these types ofdigital designs as I feel my ideas are becoming more clear and I’m getting closerto the final Logo. I have now come to the conclusion I will defiantly be goingwith the name Lock rather than Locked as I just feel the logo will work better asthe text will not over shadow the lock design.1. 3.2.
  21. 21. This is an animated gif I have created, this is exactlythe sort of things I want to create to advertise mybrand as the use of bright bold  flashing colours  create something that is visually interesting. Creatingthis has made me think about creating a short promovideo for my brand if I get the time as I really likemaking videos which I haven’t been able to dorecently so I thinks its certainly something to lookinto.Go to my blog to view the gif inactionThese are some type faces I have downloaded from dafont which has a wide range of different typefaces, I wanted todownload the typefaces as I felt I may be able to adjust the typeface to include my own designs. I also felt that thetypefaces were very clinical, this is something I feel is very important as I want my logo to look profesional. I will nowadjust the text and see where it get me.TextTypography experiment
  22. 22. This is my favorite typography design as I think it wouldwork very well on clothing and would be verytransferable between products, I also think the typefacedoesnt over shadow the logo. I really like how the keyworks in the logo as I will connect to the lock, italso appears very clinical and the design is very boldand would become instantly recognizable. I think thetext works very well in black and I have came to theconclusion that black would be the best colour for mylogo as it will stand out against the majority of colours Iwill use for the background. I am going to continue  thekey as I really think it works. After looking at the designsof Rob Clarks Typography I was inspired to createsomething that is very clear but also clearly lookdesigned not just some font found from microsoft word Iwill now carry on with more experiments as I would liketo produce a lot of designs to choose from at a laterdate. I downloaded the font from Dafont which I lateredited the font is called ‘rainfall’.This is a design I have created as an experiment, I really like this piece of design I feel it could really work on a T-shirt because of the three dimensional shape. After creating this design I felt that the 3-d lock wont be easily transferablebetween products, i also think a flat image will connect to the typography I plan to use. But I am extremely happy withthis design and I will defiantly consider using it on a product my brand will produce. Although I do feel like the textdoesn’t connect to the logo I feel I will have to create a new design that will match the font as I have decided to use thefont used for this edit for my final.
  23. 23. This is another design similar to an earlier one,this time I have used a different typeface that Idownloaded from the internet. I also really likethis design as it looks interesting although Ithink it lacks the boldness of my last edit. I thinkI have really found something with the use of thekey thats been incorporated into the O, and Iam going to continue experimenting with thisidea until I have enough designs to choosefrom.These are some more designs I have created, for thefirst three images I have included the same keydesign as previously. I really like these designs  asthe typeface is very clear and I could see it workingwell as a logo. To create the designs I have alsoused a warp tool which allowed me to move certainparts of the logo around. For the 2nd and 3rd edits Icopied the first layer designed then pasted it againthis time placing it behind the text this created theeffect which I really like as the logo now looks as ifits casting a shadow. The forth edit comes from afont I downloaded called passion I really liked thistypeface as the letters are very thin, I also like theuse of curves. But I do not think this will work as alogo it isn’t bold enough although I think the designis nice I don’t feel like it would stand out enoughcompared to some of my previous edits. 
  24. 24. To start the screen printing process I printed out one of my typography designs to use as atemplate. I really think the design would work on a T-shirt or bag so I am now experimentingwith transferring these designs on to fabrics so I can get an idea of what the logo looks like onsomething physical.This is an image of the final template, it was tricker than I thought it would be to cut out the design due tothe amount of curves but I was really happy with this template as this was my first time ever doing screenprinting.This is an image of the template on my print screen  this gives you an idea of the materials I wasworking with. As you can see I am printing onto fabric, I brought myself 2 metres of calico so I could domany experiments over the next month. The next process was getting the final print this meant applyingpaint above the material I then pushed the paint into the gaps to achieve the prints.Screen Printing
  25. 25. This is my first outcome, I am really happy with this as it was my first go. I really think thelogo works on fabric and after achieving this print I decided I have found my finaltypography design as this design is my favorite design to date and I really think it willwork with the inclusion of the lock above.Here is an image of all the prints I got from my template I will scan my favorites in at alater date.This is another template that I have created, I have used the same process asbefore as it worked so well last time. This was my first outcome, I found this design a lot harder to print onto as I  couldnot get all the paint to fill the shape, everytime I pulled the fabric away from thetemplate I was losing colour which annoyed me as I wanted a block colouredshape.
  26. 26. his is a logo design I have created on Photoshop, Iwanted to create another logo as I wanted to makesomething very flat and contains only one blockcolour as previously I was working with a 3Ddesign. To create the lock I used a varietyof different shapes on Photoshop, I used the squaretool to create the box and part of the key hole andthen I used a circle tool to create the curve andcircle for the key hole. I’m really happy with thisdesign and I believe it will work when presentedwith the typography I have already designed.I created these experiments to showhow easy it would be to change thecolour of my logo for different purposes,as you can see the logo works in avariety of different colours. I believe thislogo is a lot more stronger than myprevious edits as it will be much easyto transfer between products and it justseems to work better as a logo.Logo design
  27. 27. This is a possible final design I have created for mylogo, I am extremely happy with this design as Ihave already seen what it looks like when printedonto fabric so I know it will work well on a varietyof different purposes.  I really like the strong linkbetween the lock and the text I think this has beentranslated through the use of the key, I also thinkthe simplicity works this has been proven withpopular brands such as Nike and I strongly believea logo needs to look minimalistic as an overworked piece of design can become confusing.I am extremely happy with this design and I feel likeI have already created something that looksprofessional and would really suit my brand I willmore than likely continue to design more logo’s foranother couple of weeks so that I have a lot of finaldesigns to choose from I will also be able to ask forpeoples opinions when I go back to college.Possible final logoMany brands use a screen print technique to transfer theredesigns onto fabric products, many companies usethis technique due to cost, it is very cheap to use the silkscreen when compared to a laser printer. There are many otherpro’s to this technique firstly it allows you to create limitededition T-shirts  this is something many people buy intobecause they believe they are getting something that is veryindividual this allows the seller to charge more as there hasbeen more of a design element  for instance the two image Ihave included are both created by using a screen print. Thefirst image is of a Boiler Room T-shirt designed by EmmaSheriden The T-shirt was on sale for 30£ which is a massiveincrease in money compared to some of there other productswhich are genuinely on sale for 15-20£ the company can justifydoing this by making the T-shirt limited for instance this T-shirtwas limited to 200. The second image I have included is of a T-shirt designed by Simeon Farrar this is another prime examplethe high price designers can sell screen printed garments, thistshirt was on sale for 50£ because of the print technique usedthis makes a buyer feel like there has effort and time put intothere T-shirt than say buying a Nike design which has beenprinted using a laser printer. There are some cons to using ascreen print, firstly its very hard to print a intricate design  asthe templates are tricky to make. Secondly  its very timeconsuming and doesn’t allow you to print 100’s of the samedesign due to the the templates eventually getting damaged .There is a lot more wastage compared to using a machine toprint the designs as a machine can create something moreclinical. Screen printing research
  28. 28. This is one of my screen prints, I was extremely happy with this design as the paint has filled the entire area. This is one of my design, this is what I believe could be my final typeface design I like the inclusionof the circle in the O, to create the circle I had to lay down the circle on the print screen so that inkwasn’t printed upon it.I am really happy with the combination of the lock and the typeface I think they fit each other very wellalthough I would when it comes to doing my final print I would include the circle within the O other than that Iwouldn’t change anything. This is my lock design, this was actually very tricky as the placement of the curved shape has to placedperfectly on the logo or the sides wouldn’t match. Scans
  29. 29. SCANNING EXPERIMENTSThese are some experiments I have done using my scanner, I felt it would be a good idea as I wasalready scanning the prints at the time, I was hoping to get some good results that really warped thetext, as I have been warping text digitally I felt it would be good to do something more physicaland unpredictable. I’m not very happy with the results although there is the odd letter which would benice to mess around with on Photoshop.
  30. 30. I’m looking at Michael as I i wanted to explore the workof an established Logo designer as this may be able tohelp me with my current logo designs as I want tocreate something that looks Professional.I started by looking into his work for Aus Music a recordlabel whom I have purchased music from in the past,Place has created the companies logo which I really likedue to its clever use of shape as the lettering isn’t toobvious but obvious enough to make out so it requiresthe viewer to examine the logo which he has designedusing Adobe Photoshop a program which I have beenusing to create my designs.I have also included imagery with the logo transferredonto products which Michael has taken himself, I reallylike that he has done to this effort for the company asthe image show of his logo in its best light as it looksgreat on a vinyl, this is something I need to take intoconsideration in my work as the logo needs to work onthe product in question, which in my case case will beclothing. On one of the close up images I have includedof a vinyl you can see how he has placed the barcodewithin the logo which is a really clever use of space.I also looked at his branding for Close, the logo designfor this is very simplistic, I really like the type of typefaceused as it is very sophisticated which work well for sucha Professional company like this. I have also included animage that Michael has taken for the advertisementcampaign he has used imagery which he has takenhimself of two woman hugging which links to thecompanies mane Close. I would like my designs toinvolve this amount of my own photography as I reallythink photography is a great asset for a designer tohave. I have also included another image of a vinyl cover thatPlace has designed, I really liked the amount of designwhich has gone into this piece and I admire this piece ofdesign as I aim to go into design work which is basedaround the music industry. As you can see the way theimagery on the vinyl’s inside cover links to the imageryused used on the the outer casing as when pulled outthis creates a psychedelic shape, I’m really interested inthese types of designs as it makes the vinyl feel moreworth buying because you know a lo of work has goneinto the designs.I hope to be able to incorporate what I have learnt fromPlace’ designs into my own brand as I like howhis approach to design incorporates element of hisphotography skills. I would also like to take what I havelearnt from his logo designs as I now know that I willneed to put my logo onto clothing and other products tosee how well it works.Michael C. Place
  31. 31. When looking into my target audience I looked at the sort of clothing I would buy thiswould help me know who would be buying my brand I would have gone into thestores and photographed examples but I did ask for permission of one of the storesmanagers but they kindly refused. I also looked it what interests me as I’m sure mybrand does reflect a certain sense of myself as the designs I produce have to be tomy taste. One of my main interests is music, I listen to a lot of house music whichhas always been a the type of music linked  with bright coloursand psychedelic imagery as it is dance music. So I decided I wanted to includeimagery and design that reflect this I have done this my using bright colours in mydesigns that have a euphoric feeling and I will continue to create bold designs thathave very bright colours and I plan to to create a advertisement video which willprobably show of my influences in more of a visual form as it is very hard to explainthrough words. I believe that I am aiming for 18-25 years old who wear street wear,even though this is very broad I believe my advertisement campaign will really reflectmy brand through the use of music and imagery used. I believe my promotionaldesigns e.g. posters will also reflect my brand as I am really influenced by a lot of gigposters as they are genuinely very bold.As I find it so hard to generalize a group of people I thought it would be a good ideato look at what sort of clothing stores would stock my clothing, I felt my clothing ibest suited to stores like Dogfish, Seven Wolves and Phillip Brown which is high endstreetwear wear fashion meaning it is fairly pricey but not over the top. The sort ofpeople that shop at these stores are 18- 30 year olds which i exactly the sort ofpeople I am aiming at. I think these companies are very suitable as they stockclothing very similar to mine for instance Shhh collective has very much the sametarget audience and has recently been stocked in Dogfish proving my clothing wouldfit in with there fashion lines. The Shhh collective also host club nights which issomething I would look into as my design are influenced mainly by music and Iregularly DJ in my free time.
  32. 32. I have decided to research Nike as I have been looking at them a lot whilst doing my research paper, Ireally wanted to look at Nike and there advertisement campaigns as Nike are second to none on thisfront due to there use of celebrity endorsements to name a few Lebron James, TigerWoods, Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo to name just a few. Although I cannot compete with the likesof Nike I wanted to look at how there advertisement campaign so strong I believe it is done througha combination of imagery and text, as slogans like ‘Just do it’ are combined with a powerful lookingimage of a sportsman, this is meant to make the buyer think that Nike are the best because the bestsportsman wear the it. I also wanted to look at the Nike logo as it is one of the most recognizable logos all around the world andis a mega brand that caters for all sorts of different purposes. What I find so good about nike is how thelogo is so transferable between products as it can be transferred between all clothing the brandproduces. I also like how nike adjust the ticks colour and pattern for different products as it keeps thebrand looking new whilst still keeping its classical shape. I am also interested in how the original logohad ‘nike’ written above the tick as this was later dropped as the swoosh tick became so recognizable this is something I am looking into with my own logo as I would be able to separate the text from thelock once the brand becomes well known.I will now try to create advertisement that is just as interesting as nikes without the cost, I will try to dothis through creating imagery that is vibrant   and clinical.
  33. 33. When combining colors it is always important for a designer to consider what colours complimenteach other as for instance with my logo I considered using a different colour for the text and logo sothat each color is complimented. It is also wise to think bout using a colour which is easilytransferable as for poster purposes there will need to be separation between the text and backingimage so tat information is very clear. I really wanted to look into the use of colour in more depth as Iwhen coming to create my designs I am constantly analyzing the colours I have used.  I feel it isalways important to consider what sort of tones you are using as to much vibrance may notcompliment another colour that is very dark. Whilst creating my new designs Iwill continue to analyse my use of colour throughout.Research into colourThis is an edit to show how the logo could bemanipulated for different purposes, I think this specificlogo could work on a T-shirt for instance. I have usedmy own photography in this piece, the photo is acolour infrared image taken with a film camera,I wanted to include my own photography in my workas I really like how Micheal C. Place used his ownimagery as it makes his designs more personal. Ireally like the colours in the image as they are verybold and compliment each other, there is also a widevariety of tone in the image. I have always thought theimage would work even when cropped which I think ithas. I am now seriously thinking of using this imageon something for my final show so I can show howadaptable my logo is.
  34. 34. These are some more experiments of the same font I havebeen using recently as I felt it would be good to see whatthe logo would look like when presented at different angleswhich is defiantly something to consider. I also think Icould use some of these edits for promotional purposes.  Ialso have included a variety of warped images, this wasmy final attempt at seeing if I could improve the originaldesign which I dont think I have but I do think I havecreated some other interesting designs that I am thinkingof using in my promotional video which I am currentlyconsidering creating for my final show.These are some final edits, I wanted to manipulated thelock part of my logo one more time just to see it thefinal design could be improved by adjusting its anglewhich i don’t think it has but I do believe some of theseedits are very interesting and could be used for otherpurposes very much like the last set of typefaces Idesigned. I have also created edits that have a texturalfeel to them which I really like as it gives my logo moreof a design element but I do believe this will make thelogo less transferable and adaptable as the shape willbe more complex than a flat logo. I believe these sortof designs would be perfect for video purposes so Ihave no decided I will create a short 30 second videoto advertise my brand which will include a wide varietyof my edits to show how the logo has gone throughthis design process. I also believe some of these editscould work for one off designs e.g. tshirts posters asthe brand identity will still be shown
  35. 35. I wanted to show how my logo can be transferred between products and have different designs withinthe logo as I believe this will keep the brand looking very fresh with every release as I don’t want tosimply use the same design over and over as that feels very lazy and unimaginative.As you can see I have transferred the logo onto a bag and T-shirt as these will eb the sort of products mybrand will release first due to the low cost of plain T-shirts and tote bags.  I am really happy about mylogo design now I have seen it on a product as it gives me some indication of what physical products willlook like. I think the logo will be very adjustable and this will be seen in the final show as I am really goingto show of the logo through posters, clothing and a video presentation. Although I will probably notactually print digital designs for the final show due to the cost, I do intend to do a number of screenprints of my logo onto T-shirts whilst also presenting the digital designs aside them.How my logo can be adjusted and transferred between productsWhilst at the transport museum I felt it would be important to look at the poster designs as therewas such a vast amount that spread over decades. The research will hopefully help me with myown poster designs as I will need to consider composition, colour and many more factors.Constant by Francesco Binaggia 2012I was interested in this design due to itsminimalistic nature, I liked this becausethere was no distraction from the point theposter is trying to make, this type of designwould work well to advertise my brand asmy logo would be the main vocal point ofthe piece so this is something to consider. London transport museum
  36. 36. Two centuries of Underground by Sushee Kim 2012I found this piece interesting due to the layering ofimages I felt this represented the chaotic nature of theunderground due to the amount going on. I like how thetext is separate from the image as the backgroundwouldn’t support the text this is something I will beconsidering as I feel the imagery used in the designneeds to highlight text rather than hide it.The tube of time by Zishi Han 2012I found this design very interesting due to theimagery used I like how through using layering thedesigner has created a visually engaging design,this piece has been created frommany different images as it displays different partsof the underground in a 360 display. I really like this  designs as the colour use create separation in thecircles, the design also translates the undergroundlogo to me through the use of circles. I think whencoming to create my design I will really have toconsider how colours compliment each other as mychoice of image and colour of my text will need tocontrast each other yet still keep a bond.Order amidst chaos by Thomas RadclyffeI think this design was one of my favorite posters fromthe day as I really liked how the drawings have beencropped to create shapes that have a kaleidoscope typeof effect on the image, I think the designs also match thetitle of the piece ‘Order Amidst Chaos’the chaotic nature of the design still seems premeditatedas you can tell the placement has been thought out asthe use of lines creates patterns and separation in theimage. I will look to create design that are just as visuallyengaging as this piece I may even experiment withcropping images and creating shapes for my poster but Iwill see how the process goes.
  37. 37. During my trip to the London transport museum I wantedto capture as many differant types of the underground logoso that I could see how it has been changed and adapted.I have always really liked the London underground logo asit is very clear due to the use of a rectangle within thecircle, also the type always stands out due to the use ofcolours used, this is obviously something thatwas really considered when creating the logo as peoplewill need to know what station they are on or going toquickly. I found I vast amount of designs that really varied,if you take a look at the the bottom 3 logos you can clearlytell they are old as they look very traditional due to thefonts used and subtle colour. There is clearly somecontrast between the modern designs as the newerdesigns will be a lot more open to change as Londonersnow have the underground logos structure burnt into therebrains, this allows the designers to be more creative withthere designs as they are so recognisable  this issomething I am really considering with my own designs asI don’t want to used the same logo forever as I want tokeep my designs looking fresh with every release yet stillhave a clear link to the original logo. I feel my logo isalready very adjustable I would be able to experiment withangles and different fonts as long as the designs still havea clear link. I think this trip has really helped me with  myown designs as seeing the logo so manytimes throughout the day really made me think about myown designs and how I will be able to adjust them in thefuture.Underground logo
  38. 38. These are some edits I have created to show how my logo couldbe transferred onto other products. When researching brands I noticed howmany were quick to tap in to giving away free stuff which advertises your brande.g. stickers, pens etc this is a really good way of keeping the buyer happy aseveryone like free stuff. Its also very good for getting your brand noticed aspeople will ask ‘where did you get that’ especially  when itssomething different like sweets or a mix-tape. So I have transferred my designs onto these types of products to get a clear ideaof how the logo could still work when positioned differently  I haveeven separated the text and logo for instance on my pen design. I believe this isthe strongest design I have created as it looks very professional and I would bevery happy with receiving this as an extra. I have also also transferred my logoonto envelops as I wanted to create packaging for my clothing which displaysmy brand, I do like this edit but I do think it would be good to create a really boldand colorful piece of packaging as I have never received something in an out ofthe ordinary style. I have also transferred the logo onto a book this is an exampleof how a catalog would look. I have also put my logo onto an image of sweets asI think sweets are one of the best things to receive for free. Logo on other products
  39. 39. After attending the London transport museum I was reallyinspired by  there logo so I have chosen to undertake someadditional research using the internet. When looking at thedesign I had seen at the exhibition I came across a bookmade up of artists takes on the London underground logowhich I now understand is named Roundel, London transportmuseum commissioned 100 artist, some well know, some upand coming to create there own designs. I really liked the ideaof this as these artist have created original design that havea humours side for instance I have included an image of aperson with a blue pen between there teeth, this image is verysimplistic yet very imaginative and I rather liked the design byHarold Offeh.The other designs that interested me was the toast image asit felt typically british which is exactly whatthe London underground is. Another image I came acrosswas of was a naked painting of a lady where her private areasare covered by the underground logo with the caption ‘we’vegot you covered’ this is another humours image which wasmy main attraction to the 100 designs as there isn’t a senseof seriousness of these designs. I think the exhibition has really helped me as I nowunderstand what makes a great logo that can stand the testof time. Additional London research
  40. 40. Research into free giveawaysI really wanted to look into the types of free products that get given away with certain items of clothing,firstly I came across the Cobra Shop whom I’ve purchased clothes from before, whichwere accompanied  by lots of stickers. Each sticker had the name of the company on it which is clearly agood idea as people will see the stickers and know where they have came from, stickers are always agood freebee as it usually makes me reminisce of getting stickers in comic books when i was younger.The second thing I came onto was Tote bags this is something I have receive free from forty ounceclothing, I think totes are a brilliant idea as you will be walking around showing off my brand so eventhough there is an obvious cost to this but it can result in more buyers. The 3rd thing I came onto wasmixtape this is something that I have only seen Forty Ounce clothing do and its actually a really creativeway of selling a scene to people rather than just clothing as the mix tape gives an insight into the type ofmusic people who are wearing my brand are listening to. I think a mixtape would be a good idea for meas I am really interested in music and I think my passion would be translated through the mix tape. Thelast thing I looked at was keychains another small gift people are happy to receive as many peoplecollect key chains, for instance these adidas boxing gloves used to be very popular and Nike alsointroduced a similar idea but with shoe key chains. I think I should really consider putting my logo onmore products like these at is a really good way to spread my brand around in a creative form.
  41. 41. Poster designThis is a poster design I have created using Adobe Photoshop, the purpose of this posteris advertisement so I wanted my logo to be centre of attention as I want to generate more brandawareness. I have took inspiration from my trip to the transport museum as I looked at many posterswhich were very visually engaging, I took my composition from one design that interested me impaticularwhich was Constant by Francesco Binaggia as the simplistic shape was placed in the centre and wasvery much the vocal point, so I have decided to make my logo stand out by placing it in the centre. Tocreate the background image I used one of my own photos which was of a a sunset but I have nowcropped the image to only contain the yellow sky. I have then used a line tool to create the wavedpattern, I have also used a colour to fill in certain gaps created by the lines. I am Really happy with thisbackground image and I think I could defiantly use it again perhaps with a better backing image, but asthis is only an experiment I wanted to continue with the process. I then placed my logo design in thecentre of the poster as I felt the logo is very centrally positioned, I also included a few keys within thecorners to add to the design even though I am unsure about these as they feel a little out of place. I havealso included a bit of additional information below the logo to inform people what the brand is selling. I’mnot particularly happy with this design as it isn’t very clinical I also dont think the pattern goes with thebackground image, but its a start I will now research into some poster designers to gain a little bit moreof information about placement of text and images.Recent tutorialDuring my tutorial me and my lecturer discussed the possibility of separating the text and the lockimage of my logo, this is something that if done will need to be done very well although currently I dothink the text has a very strong link to the logo so it could be recognizable. All of this reminded me ofwhen Nike dropped the text from there logo as the tick was so universally well known. I do feel thatwhen looking at the logo that the text is a little unnecessary and could ever be removed or madesmaller. We also thought that the use of the key in the o was a good idea but I felt I could experimentfurther with this so I will now be going back to refine my logo and hopefully I will have a final designsorted. 
  42. 42. These are four keys I have designed using AdobeIllustrator, I haven’t really used the program in thepast but I felt illustrator would be a better programfor intricate designs like these. I am actually reallyhappy that I chose to go back and refine my designsas I feel these designs are actually stronger than theprevious design. I was previously very focused onthe traditional looking key but I really wanted to usea modern day design as I felt the other typefacedesigns could be confused with other letters, forinstance my friend said he could see an E in myprevious designs although he could tell the wordwas lock something was being lost in translation. SoI have included 2 designs using a modern key Iprefer the design with the small circle as it looksvery professional and looks exactly like a key I willhave to see how these designs will lookwhen incorporated with other text to really make mydecision.These are two more designs I have createdI am not very pleased with these designs asthey look like a P or a q so I will notconsider them but I thought I would includethem as now I know that I will not use thistype of design again as the length of thekey is way to much and seems distant fromthe typeface.I have chosen to incorporate the key designsinto the typeface as I didn’t think I would havea clear idea which design to go for until I sawthem used as typography. I am really drawn tothe bottom design as it looks very clinical, Ialso believe it will not be confused with otherletters and connects well to the rest of thetypeface, I will now combine the typeface withthe lock part of my logo and will conduct asurvey between my peers to discuss whichtypeface I should use. Typeface design
  43. 43. These are some more key designs I created, I am not particularly happy with any of them asI think they look way to simplistic compared to my other designs but I felt I shouldinclude these designs as I can now see what I want to design clearly in my head.These designs are some further experiments I have played around with placement of text byplacing designs inside and around the lock. I have also looked at the size of my text as I feel it thatI need to make sure the typeface doesn’t overshadow the lock part of the logo. Through creatingthese experiments I can now say that I want the text to be placed underneath the lock as I feel thisis the best position. I am also becoming really fond of the typeface with the more modern key but Iam going to now make three final designs from the edits I have already created and conduct asurvey to see what peoples views are. More edits
  44. 44. These are my final 3 logo designs, I wanted to present them together so that I could geta clear idea of which one is the strongest.I conducted a survey to find out other people’s opinions on the logo as I really wantedto know if the typeface was clear and the logo and font used combine together. As youcan see by the results that the majority of my peers chose the middle image, this is verypromising as I personally had felt this design was the strongest. I then asked peoplethere reason for choosing the image, many of them said that the type of key usedworked well and was very clear and there was no confusion between the O and anotherletter. They also said that the key design looked more clinical than the others as theysaid they could see the typeface being separated from the lock image for certainpurposes, this was my favourite comment as I now know I can separate the two andthere will still be a sense of brand identity in the typeface alone. I then asked why theydidn’t choose the other designs, they said because the O had characteristics of a E or aq this is defiantly true even though they did say they all were clear, I believe looking atMichel C. Place has really helped me with creating  logo which is very clinical I am alsovery happy with the amount of design that has gone into the typeface as I have usedonly my own design like Place. I have now decided I will be using this logo, I will not goback and refine it any more as that would be uneeded. I think I will look into separatingthe typeface and lock for design purposes e.g. Clothing posters as the branding will stillbe very clear.Final 3 possible designs
  45. 45. These are some design I have created toshow how my logo can be transferablebetween products, I have alreadycreated similar edits with my previous logoswhich went very well and I believe they haveon this occasion also. This time I havechose to focus on some of the smallerthings that go into branding for example Ihave created the design for the tag whichwill contain the price of the item in questionon the other side. I actually really think thedesign works on the tag as it has a clearcontrast between the white tag and mylogo. I also created my design for a hanger Ihave this time separated the lock from thetypography as I felt the type was alittle unneeded due to the name being thesame as the image, I really like the ideaof separating the two where I can as this willallow me more freedom with my designs.I have once again put my logo onto a bookwhich will contain all clothing from thecurrent range, I have kept the cover veryminimal as I want the book to only displaymy brands logo. I have also used an imageof a hat which I have placed my logo uponthis gives you some indication into the typesof clothing I will stock, I haveagain separated the logo from the type as Ifelt the design worked better this way.
  46. 46. These are some more designs I have created using Adobe Photoshop, I wantedto continue with transferring my logo between different types of items as this will allow me to select myfinal designs that I will display so people can see how adjustable the logo is as that is the main point, Ihave learnt that I need to show how the logo is transferable and adaptable rather than create fantasticdesigns to feature on the clothing. The first design came from a previous edit I had created as I used the image before and really liked it so Ifelt it would be a good idea to incorporate it into the new one, I plan for this design to feature on a T-shirt as I believe it would be a very striking image.The second Image is of a design for a jumper, I was experimenting with the placement of my logo onclothing, although I am not very happy with the edit I think the designs would work if it was sewn ontothe garment rather than printed. The 3rd design is a design for a pen which would be a free giveaway, I think a pen is a really good giftto receive as it has a purpose rather than stickers, I also think this design is one of my favorites as I likehow I have separated the lock and typography and they still feel very linked.The fourth design is for a carrier bag, I felt it was important to look into bags as for instance peopleactually like to keep carrier bags that have a nice design as I have known people to keep bags fromDogfish, Harrods and Selfridges because of there designs.The fifth design is my favorite design of this series as I think it looks really professional and could easilybe sold. I really like using the typeface separate from the lock as I feel the lock is unneeded on a bag asit is much better to display the name of your brand as people will then know where you have got the itemfrom. After creating the design it made want to use it again perhaps on a T-shirt which I will morethan likely do in the future. 
  47. 47. The first design is of a edit I have created, I really like using my ownphotography with my designs as I think it gives the logo anotherelement of design. I will continue with more edits like this as I think theare visually engaging and could be transfered onto products easily.The second design is for a bag, I was mainly experimenting with theplacement of my logo on this occasion. I think the design would workperhaps sewn rather than printed. The 3rd design is for a hat is possibly one of my favorites so far as Ihave made the logo appear very subtly it isn’t to in your face like a lot oflogos that feature on hats. I plan to use this design in my final display asI think the edit reflects the sort of items my clothing line would beselling. The fourth design is another example of how the logo can be adapted,this time rather than just using an image inside the logo I added aborder around the logo this gave the logo a three dimensional look. Thisdesign has shown me I can adapt the logo more than I first thought as Ican now change certain parts of the design to keep it looking new. This is a design for a mixtape that would be a freegiveway, as my brandis really inspired my house music I felt I could create mixes as I wouldreally like my clothing to be very musically driven and the mixtapewill reflect this. To create the design I have used my own image of treethat I have used colourful lighting upon. I think this image is perfect for aCD case as there is a certain sense of euphoria about it. I have alsoused a a lot of colour of the logo so that it could stand out against thebackground. I am really happy with this design and I may even create aphysical copy for the final exhibition.
  48. 48. Poster designsThese are some of my poster designs I have createdon Adobe Photoshop, I have included a drawing ofmy flat plan which I have created  a rough layout forwhen it came to designing, I wanted my logo to becentral so that it is literally centre of attention this wasinspired by Constant by Francesco Binaggia forthe London transport museum as I thought the posterwas very clear and I felt that the shape was the centreof attention. I have tried make the logo stand out byplacing a rectangular shape behind it as the originalbacking photo clashed with the logo. I have includeda made up website at the bottom of the poster sopeople will know where to get our products from. Ihave also included the word ‘clothing’ underneath mylogo so that people know what the brand is selling. Iam really happy with both posters but I am unsure onwhich one to choose and I would still like to createsome more designs so that I have a variety to choosefrom.
  49. 49. These are a series of poster designs for the Boiler Room, I have always liked there designs as there use ofimagery is always very interesting as it usually has good colour qualities and often psychedelic imagery. Butwhat I am mainly interested for my research purposes is there layout. The placement of the boiler room logoto the left is a different approach as most poster designs are very central, The logo also feels separate fromthe background image due to its placement down the side, I like how placing the logo to the side allows theimagery to really shine through as it doesn’t have as much text upon it. What I also find good about theredesigns is that the text is very clear due to the use of a block shape behind it, this allows the viewer to readthe artist name much more easily than if the text was on top of the image. I would like to perhaps use thesame sort of layout in my poster designs as I think they may work better presented like this.Additional poster researchHow my logo can be separated and still keep brand identityI believe through creating the designs to show how my logo will be placed on certain items has provedjust how adjustable my logo can be as I have separated the text and the lock part of my logo onmany different ocaaions for practicality and design purposes. I believe both parts donot necessarily need each other for every piece of design due to the the name of the company beingshown through the imagery of a lock, So I am now adamant I have created the final branding as thedesign I am created look very professional  I now plan to create more designs that have more of adesign quality to them so I will add coloured stitching amongst other things to my design so that the T-shirts are not so plain, this also supports the fact that my clothing will be stocked in stores like Dogfishand Seven Wolves as there clothing has more of a design element than just printing. I will also look intousing the Key in some designs as this is another symbol I could us.
  50. 50. These are some designs I have created using thetypography from my logo designs, I really wanted to createmore edits using the typeface as I feel it looks great whenseparated from the lock part of the logo, so I have creatednumerous edits to translate how the logo will work.The first image is off a jumper I have created, I am unsureabout this design as I feel it is a little plain for a jumper, Iwould like to experiment more with imagery within thetypeface as I think this will result in a much more engagingdesign. I have used the lock part of the logo on the tagaround the neck this shows how the typeface and lock canbe separated but still connect to each other.The second design is for some socks, I felt it was necessaryto look into the more over looked products like socks. Iactually really like this design as it feels very subtle and icould see people wearing them if the cost was low or even ifthey were a free giveaway. Products like this will really helpshape the brand as it is important to look at branding theitems I produce as they will be noticed by the public.The 3rd image is a design I have created using adobephotoshop, after looking at my jumper design I felt it was toplain so I have tried to tackle this issue with this design. Ihave used my own photograph which was of a tree stumpwith moss growing from it. I think this design would workwell on some of my products so I will now apply it to agarment. The 4th image is of a T-shirt design, I have used the edit Icreated earlier which I think really works and looks a lotmore interesting than the jumper design. I have also colourcoordinated the design as I have used the same green fromthe moss in the tag which I think works nicely, I will defiantlyconsider this for one of my final designs as I couldpersonally see it on a shelf in dogfish or seven wolves. 
  51. 51. These are some designs I have created using the key from my logo designs, I have used my ownphotograph as I really liked the pattern I had captured. I wanted to use the key as I felt it wasimportant to look at more ways I could use the design elements of the logo design creatively. I believethese edits show how well the logo can be broken up for one off designs like this. I believe thebottom T-shirt works a lot better than the top as I don’t think the design works to well when blown upto that magnitude. I am really happy with these designs as they are proving that my logo has beenwell designed as I can take parts away from it, I will also look into using the key hole in some of myother designs. When looking at these more recent designs I can see a link between my designs andGenerals clothing’s as I have used imagery within my logo which is similar to Sam’s designs so I dofeel I am on the right track.These are some poster designs I have created, I have included the original image which I have takenwhich has been cropped. For this poster I wanted text to be kept to a minimum as I wanted the logo to becentre of attention this was inspired by my trip to the London transport museum where I saw a wide rangeof posters, I really liked the posters that were kept very minimal and clear as I felt nothing was over lookedso I have placed my design centrally and have tried my best at making it stand out through my use ofcolour, this is why I have included two designs with different colours used, I personally am more drawn tothe poster with the white logo as it creates a clear contrast with the background whilst the other designseems to fit with the imagery due to the use of pink, I will leave it till a later time to deicide on the finaldesign, I will ask for the opinions of my peers and lecturers in the mean time. In the design I have alsoincluded ‘clothing’ underneath as I felt it is important to show what we sell or people would have now ideawhat the brand is about. I have also included a made up webpage as this is the only bit of informationpeople really need as they will be able to see the products on there. I feel the trip to the transport museumhas really helped me with my layout as without this research I may not have come to the conclusion toplace the logo centrally.Poster designDesign
  52. 52. These are some more clothing designs I havecreated, these designs are very similar to someof my previous ones but I wanted to go back tothese designs so I created a final T-shirt orjumper. If I’m honest I am not very happy withthese designs I dont believe theyare interesting enough designs to be able to goon and sell except maybe the bottom Teewhich I am happy with as people do buy tshirtsjust because of a its logo rather thanits quality which I have learnt through doingresearch into brands like Nike. In a way Ibelieve these designs are a success as I amnow getting a clearer idea of what my designsneed to look like to be sold in stores such asDogfish, I am enjoying playing around withthe separation of my logo and its placement onthe garment as I now know the logo isvery adaptable and I have a lotof possibilities to play around in the future.More clothing designs
  53. 53. This is a quick sketch of my exhibition proposal, I hope to be able to use a laptop ordesktop to show a short video to show how my logo designs have changed throughoutthe project as this will show how I have got to my final designs. I also feel a video will bereally visually engaging as I will include music, so I will need some sort of speaker, everbuilt in or separate from the laptop or desktop. I will also have one of my postersdisplayed as I think this will be a good way to show off one of my designs, I will place theposter on the centre wall. I will also be including two other A3 poster which will show myproduct range, this will include my clothing designs and things like tags, free giveawaysthat will feature my logo to show how transferable the logo is. I will also need some formof light so that the area is bright. Exhibition plan
  54. 54. These are some designs I have created using the keyholefrom my logo design, I felt that the key hole could beused in some of my designs as it shows how versatile thebranding can be. Firstly I have applied the design to a T-shirt, I wanted tosee how the keyhole would look when used as the mainpiece of branding on the T-shirt, and I personally think itworks well as it clearly connects with my logo design. Ihave used the keyhole very subtly very much like howFred Perry place there logo on there polos. I have alsoincluded the typeface from my logo design in the tag sothat if people didn’t know what brand the tshirt is theywould be able to see by looking at the tag. This is a design for a tote bag which Iam extremely happy with as the use of the keyhole hasmade the tote bag look like a lock as it has avery similar shape, which I think is very clever eventhough it was not intended when I created the bag, onlywhen looking at the design again I noticed theresemblance. I have once again included the brand nameon a small tag on the corner of the bag. I will certainlyinclude this design in my final designs as even though itis simplistic it works extremely well.This is another T-shirt design but this time I have madethe keyhole much more larger and placed it in the centreof the T-shirt  The idea behind this piece was that you arelooking through the keyhole, which I really like. I haveused an image from the internet of a renaissance paintingI am again happy with the design but I am more happywith the way I can use the keyhole in my designs as it isvery adjustable, I will continue creating more designs withthis idea.The Keyhole
  55. 55. I wanted to research into Fred Perry as I think the reef isone of the best logos around as it is sufiticated and veryclinical. Firstly I looked at how the logo is often presentedwith text underneath for certain clothing andadvertisement, this is something that is a little unneededby now as most people assioated the reef with Fred Perryinstantly due to its immense popularity, I think this links tomy designs I have been creating as I have often chosenwhen to display the text together with the lock part of mylogo purely because I prefer the look. Even in early tshirtdesigns fred perry only displayed the reef as it looks a lotmore traditional without the typeface. Although they onlydisplay the reef in designs now they always include thefred perry name in the tags which is something I havebeen doing when separating parts of my logo. The reefhas been adapted for certain designs as it has often beenwidened and  also had more design put into, this keepsthe designs looking subtly different on release. Anotherthing I was interested about was the placement of thelogo on there clothing as it never really varies, it isgenerally placed on the left side of the body, this is clearlyone of the best places to place a logo as in the centre itcan irritate due to its weight and stitching. I will look totake what I have learnt from my research on Fred Perryinto my own designs as I plan to create some more subtaldesign as I believe simple is often best. Fred Perry research
  56. 56. These are some further designs I have created,Firstly I have applied the logo to a bag in thisedit I am trying to show how I can use thelogo subtly as people wont see the logo whilstits on someones back. I’m not to keen on theactual design but I feel the logo placementworks well. I have also designed a T-shirt which Ihave kept very plain, only using the Lock part ofmy logo on the outside of the garment, I reallylike presenting the logo without the type where Ican as sometimes the text is unessarcary due tothe word being the same as the imagery. I feelmy research into Fred Perry has helped me withthis design as Fred Perry tend to only use thereef on there clothing. The way I have used thelock mirrors fred perry and I feel the designs area little more sufisicated now.  I have alsodesigned a business card which hasall relevant information about the company, Ihave included our Facebook and Twitteraddress. I wanted this design to be very clear sothat everything was easily readable this is why Ihaven’t over designed the piece, Iam extremely happy with this design and I amconsidering using it in my final show.Subtle ways my logo canbe used on my productsHOLD UPI have just had my latest tutorial with my lecturer, I showed her my current designs which she thought were very welldesigned but still needed refining this is due to the amount that is going on in my logo. We looked at my typography Ihad been using and even though we were both really happy with the design she felt that the key was unnecessarydue to the amount of things already going on. Although I have already started creating what I thought would be myfinal designs I will now go back and refine my logo (hopefully for the last time) I don’t feel annoyed about going backand creating more designs as I understand logos can take year to get right and its nice to know with every step mylogo is improving so going back and refining the design will hopefully result in a better final logo. 
  57. 57. This is my final logo design, I had not anticipated creating anotherdesign as I was very happy with my previous logo but after a chatwith my tutor we decided there was far to much going on in theprevious design as the text felt like it could be a logo itself due tothe inclusion of the key in the typography. So myself and mytutor decided to keep the typeface much more simple, eventhough I could use the previous designs for one of T-shirts as thiswill keep my brands releases look original. Although I have beencreating what I thought would be my final designs, I am happy Ihave gone back to refine the logo as I do believe the logo is muchclearer and less complicated. I am very happy to carry on creatingmore designs even though this has caused a bit of a hold up, I willlook to replace the previous   logo design that featured on myposters with the new logo whilst keeping the same backgroundimage and layer.I have included the alphabet of my chosen typepace for my text,although I am not keen on some of the lettering I believe theletters I have used connects well to the logo and appear veryclinical, I also can’t recall a clothing brand with a similar lookingtypeface. I downloaded this typeface from Dafont which was avery handy site for downloading fonts.New logoThese are the same poster designs I designed earlier on but with my new updated logo, I believe when looking at thelogo it is now much clearer than the previous poster I believe this is down to the key being taken away, even though thekey was an interesting piece of design I do believe there was far to much going on meaning parts of the logo weredistracting you away from others. I will now choose from the 2 designs and will print one in A2 for my exhibition. Final poster designs
  58. 58. These are my first designs with the new logo, I felt usingimagery within my logo was working very well so Ihave decided to create a few edits. I have created a design using an image of cannabisleaves, I do relieve that cannabis is illegal but I really likedthe pattern the leafs create I also feel the design links tomy target audience as there is always a sense of rebellionin young adults clothing which often use imagery of drugs.I have applied the design to a T-shirt  I am extremelyhappy with this design and I can now see why my tutorasked me to refine the logo as it looks a lot less confusingon a garment as the key was kind of unneeded. I have alsocreated a design using my own imagery, I really like thisdesign as it is very bright and bold it also has apsychedelic feeling due to the bright colours I could seethis design featuring on a garment in the future. 
  59. 59. Video Research click link to watch the video!I wanted to research a video as I am planning on creating a short video which showcases my logodesign process, I have looked at a music video by Tyrone Lebon for Mount Kimbies song Before Imove off, I have always really liked this video as it displays someones travels in photographs, theslide transition matches the beat of the song which I really like as it creates a trance effect I amplanning on adopting this sort of approach for my own video as I would like to show my logodesigns one by one whilst in sync with the song. I am hoping I can emulate this video in my ownstyle as I plan on using a video to play in the background rather than images as that would take alot more longer to match up with the beat in editing.Go to my blog page to watch the video!I wanted to look into other websites layouts as I want to create a fake webpage to show how my products would bepresented on the online store. Firstly I looked at Norse Projects webpage, what I really liked about this page is how cleareverything is, this makes it very easy to navigate around. I also like how the clothing is portrayed on the site before yougo onto your chosen category this is something I am considering doing on my own webpage. I then looked at Fred Perryslayout for there T-shirts page once again everything is kept very separated and there is a clear divide betweenthe categories  The products are displayed in a large format this means you dont actually have to click on the image ofthe garment so you an see it clearly, I will defiantly do this as I think its import for people to be able to see the clotheswithout having to load another link. I now plan to create my own page in Adobe Photoshop I will look to take what I havelearnt from looking at these webpages into my own designs.Webpage research
  60. 60. To start the design process I started brainstorming layouts for my webpage on paperafter taking ideas from my webpage research, I was told by one of my lecturers thatthe webpage design process is usually done on paper first then created digitally so Ihave undertook the same method as it will be much easier and faster to construct alayout. Firstly I designed a homepage which has four main categories which you willbe able to hover over then the page will display the types of products included e.g.tshirts, jumpers etc. There will be an slideshow playing in the centre of the page whichwill display current products on a loop. The lock which is placed centrally  will appearin the same position on every page as I think that would make a nice touch.I have then gone onto design the tshirt category page as this will show how myproducts will be presented, the design is very similar to fred perrys design as I likedhow the tshirts were presented in a clear format, on my site you will be able to hoverover the product and a zoomed in image will appear as this will make navigating thesite faster as you won’t have to load up another page to view a larger image. The pricewill be placed underneath each product so you can see it before you click the tshirt.There will also be other mens products located down the sidebar. I have now created the designs digitally, I have kept colour to a minimum using onlyblack and white on all pages, I have mirrored my layout designs I created on paper as Ifound designing on paper very helpful and much easier than jumping straight  intodigital designs. I believe doing my webpage research really helped me with this task asI have managed to create some good drafts that show what to expect from mywebpage.Webpagedesigns
  61. 61. Benetton is a company I was recommended to look at by my lecturer, as sheexplained there logo has often been separated for promotional and clothingpurposes. This is very much like my logo as I have on many occasions split mylogo up by separating the lock from the type.  Benetton  is a global fashionretailer who have been known for for taking risky steps like during there 2011campaign ‘culture of hatred’ which pictured world leaders kissing each other andcaused quite a stir. I have looked at clothing they stock and onmany occasions they separate parts of the logo whilst also using elements ofthere old logo, this is exactly what I have been doing although there designs arenot as obvious. Looking at companies like Benetton has made me feel evenmore happy about my final logo as I can see how othercompanies separate there logo for design purposes.
  62. 62. These are some designs that have been inspired bymy research of Fred Perry, I wanted to take amore subtle approach to my designs very much likefred perry as there logo is never too full on. I feel Iwould drop a lot of the branding for certain designslike shirts as I want them to be more sophisticated.So I have created the designs for a hat, T-shirt andshirt. I wanted to use my new logo on a hat I had usedearlier on in the project as I was really happy with thatdesign and I wanted to use it in my final productdisplay. The T-shirt is also very minimal as I have onlyused the lock part of my logo on the outside of mygarment, when looking at this design it makes me veryhappy with the final logo as I think it looks very clinicaland would become instantly recognisable. I have alsoused my design upon a shirt this was really anexperiment to see where I could place text, I alsobelieve I could use the lock part of my logo as it wouldwork just as well as the type. 
  63. 63. My promo videoThis is my promotional video, at the beginning of the project I never set out to create this but I feel the videoshows off my logo design process as it takes you through to the final edit. In the beginning you see a lot ofearly designs which are hand drawn, which progresses onto my digital experiments, finally coming ontowhat I thought would be my final logo which I later adapted again. I am really happy with how this videoshows the journey I have taken in the design process, I’m also happy that I am now able to show some ofmy logo designs in a visually engaging way. I have used a track from Fet et moi - Paris is for lovers whichsamples Justin Timberlakes voice, I have matched the logos appearing with the beat of the song to create atrance effect very much like the video Mount Kimbie - Before I move off I researched. I have tried to use avariety of colour on my logo designs as I had to go back and select each design one by one which wasrather tedious. Overall I am very happy with the video, I feel if I had more time on it that it could have turnedout better and I may not have used the same video footage if I had the choice to do it again but overall I feelthis is one of the best ways to show how my logo designs progressed through the confirmatory stage.Go to my blog to view the video and muchmore digital content!These are some designs I have created, I wanted to show the sort ofdesigns that people could expect from the company in the future. Ihave looked at similar brands throughout the project and have usedimagery that reflect there designs. I wanted to create designs thatdrew upon natural patterns so I have used imageswith repetitive imagery. I am really proud of these designs as they arevery bold and interesting I could see all of the designsbeing transferred onto products in the future or perhaps usedfor advertisement purposes. I believe these designs also show offhow well designed the logo is as the design works very well with avariety of images used within it. 
  64. 64. More clothing designsThis is a T-shirt design I have created using one of my drawing from earlier on in the project, Ialways wanted to come back to this design as I felt it would work perfectly on a T-shirt  Ibelieve designs like this connect to my final brand as this design looks like an artists take onthe final design, these types of designs will make every release original as I don’t want toalways repeat the same design. I have included the typeface from the final logo in the tag sothat some form of branding is on the garment. 
  65. 65. These are some designs I have created for my final show, Ihave focused on a lot of the smaller things that have to comeinto consideration when creating a brand, things like tags,packaging and free giveaways. The first design I have created is for a carrier bag, this wouldbe used if I was to go onto open my own store, I havetaken inspiration from my tote bag design as I really like howthe use of the key hole as it makes the bag look like a lockwhich I think is a clever use of branding.The second thing I looked at was tags, I have more recentlycome to notice how important the tag is as I haven’t alwaysdisplayed my logo on items such as T-shirts so people willclearly need to look at the tag to make sure they are buyingsomething produced by Lock. So I have kept the tag verysimplistic as it only displays my logo.The 3rd edit is a billboard design, I know this is a drastic stepas my company is only just starting up but I wanted to showhow ready to go my brand is as I believe the billboard looksvery profesional. I like this design as it shows a step towardsthe future, as I could show an investor these types of designsand they will be able to see where the company is going.
  66. 66. The fourth image is for a mixtape design, I hadpreviously created a mixtape for my old logo whichwas very colourful, on this attempt I have tried tocreate a design which is a little bit more clinical I alsobelieve the simplicity of this design advertises mybrand a lot more as it is very noticeable. I wouldreally like to create these mixtapes as I think they are  really creative free givaway and sell a scene as wellas a brand.The fifth image I have created is for packaging.Packaging will be an integral part of online sales so Ifelt it would be a nice touch to display the brand onthe jiffy bag. This design is very similar to themixtape design as it is very simplistic but that is all itneeds to be as most companies dont even go to theeffort of designing there own packagingfor delivery purposes.The sixth image is a re-design of a previous designfor a pen. I was really happy with the old design I hadcreated so I felt I would transfer the new updatedlogo to the same image. I think a pen is a very goodfree giveaway as it has a purpose rather than saystickers.
  67. 67. This is another design I have created using AdobePhotoshop, I wanted to create another key holeimage but this time I wanted the design to look asif you were literally seeing through a key hole so Ifelt the image of the waterfall was appropriate as itlooks very peaceful and is almost aspirational aspeople would want to be there. I have then taken the design and applied it to a T-shirt as I thought the image would work well aftercreating a previous design that was similar. On thisdesign I have used all the elements of the logodesign as I have placed a small lock in the bottomcorner of the T-shirt. I will most defiantly use thisdesign due to the fact I have really gone all out onthe branding on this piece rather than creatingmore subtle designs.
  68. 68. This is a re design of a previous edit as Iwas really happy with this design so Ihave added the new updated type frommy logo. I will most defiantly use this as afinal design as I like the way the tote bagis shaped like a lock this is why I haventincluded my lock part of my logo as it isalready there but in a more creative form.This is a design I have created when using the shape tool on Adobe Photoshop, I wasn’t actuallysetting out to create anything specific but I ended up creating something that I thought wasvisually engaging so I decided to place my logo and webpage within it. I believe this design could beused as a poster or even a business card and I may end up using it in my presentation. I particularlylike this edit because I was only experimenting I had no clear vision of what I was designs but I feel Ihave created something I could use for advertisement in the future.Experiment
  69. 69. This is a design I have created for a poster for the companies launch party, to create thedesign I have used Adobe Photoshop, I was really pleased with my last experiment with theshape tool so I felt I would use it again but this time to create a poster. This poster has beeninspired by the Boiler rooms poster designs which I looked at a while ago, generally thereposters have a sense of separation between text and design so I have placedall relevant information on a clear background very much like they do. I am really happy withthis design as I really like my use of colour, I think this design also has been inspired bylooking into how to use a colour to eventuate another earlier on the project as I dont thinkany of the colours clash and there is a smooth transition between them.This is another gif I have created using a gif maker online, I was reallyhappy with the last gif I created so I wanted to create a new updatedversion. I think this gif would work in online advertisement as it couldbe used in my webpage or for online adverts on other sites. I willinclude this design in my final slideshow as I believe it is morevisually engaging than display the images one by one.Please go to my blog to view the gif
  70. 70. I have created a print copy of my blog, to create this I have had to copyand paste all items from my blog into keynote. I have tried to makeeverything very clear and well laid out, this is something which hastaken up approximately 5 hours of my time as it can be very difficult tomake a page work the same as the post has on the blog due to pagedimensions, I have also calculated that there is over 150 images in thisdocument so as you can imagine this has taken sometime to transferover. I have created the document on keynote as when printing it frommy blog many hyperlinks appeared and the layout did not work as manyposts were separated onto another page, I didn’t like this at all so I felt itwould be fitting to produce a clinical printed document which shows mywork in its best light. I will also insist that people go view my work on theblog as I have a lot of digital content which can’t be put onto paper, Ialso feel like my work is best viewed digitally as colours are muchbolder and striking I also think my blog layout works extremely well andshows the journey I’ve been on through the confirmatory stage in thebest light.Why I created a print document onkeynoteThis is an image of my exhibition space, I am extremely happy with it as thepresentation works extremely well as it is very engaging and shows my progressionthrough the project in a creative fashion.The one problem I had with thepresentation is that after my video had played the slide wouldn’t transition, I triednumerous techniques but it just wasn’t going to happen so I have included a mousewhich is mounted to the wall this will allow the public to click the mouse if the slidepauses. I think this is a really interactive feature as people will be drawn into clickingit hopefully. I have also included two posters, firstly I have printed and framed myfinal logo which I felt was fitting as this is the design that has such a large amount oftime put into it due to me going back and refining the logo on many occasions. Ihave also included a poster which is much larger than the other, this poster is forpromotional purposes and I have included it so that the public can see my logo onsomething physical rather than just digitally. I feel my exhibition looks interesting andI would be drawn in as a member of the public to this presentation to the amount ofimagery and also the music which accompanies the video should grab peoplesattention.My exhibition space