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  1. 1. When we think of Brazil, we think of Rio de Janeiro. But the capital of Brazil is not Rio de Janeiro. It is Brasilia. Brasilia is a new city in the center of Brazil. It is 600 mile from the Atlantic Ocean and far away from any other town.
  2. 2. For a long time, Brazilians wanted to have a capital in the center of the country. They wanted people to live in the center and not just by the ocean. In 1957, President Kubitschek decided to build the city. Workers came from all over the country. There were no roads or railroads to the center of the country. Everything came by plane. It took three years to build this city. In 1960, Brasilia became the capital. The city is in the shape of an airplane. The government buildings are in the center. People live in apartments in high-rise on both sides. There are wide boulevards and modern buildings. The main buildings and the cathedral are the work of Oscar Niemeyer. He is a famous architect. The cathedral is extraordinary.
  3. 3. Brasilia has problems as a city. The city was made for half a million people. Now about two million people live in Brasilia. The poor people live in slums outside the city, like in other Brazilian cities. It is hot in the center of Brazil, and there are few trees in the new city. There aren’t too many people outside in the streets. Some of the streets are very wide. There are really for cars. It is not easy for people to cross the streets. Brasilia is a very modern capital. It is a beautiful city. It has everything a city needs. But many people miss the exciting life in Rio de Janeiro and often go back there.